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GAWDA Connection
Gases and Welding Distributors Association (GAWDA) November 15, 2015
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A Semi-Monthly Newsletter for Gases and Welding Distributors Association Members
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News From GAWDA
Worthington Industries Expands Cyrogenic Offerings
Worthingoton Industries

Worthington Industries is expanding its cryogenic technology offering in North America with several new products: beverage carbonation cylinders and bulk storage for LIN, LOX, LAR. Read more...

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If you dispense food and beverage gases, you are no longer an industrial gas producer. You are a food processing plant. And there are consequences if you don't know the rules. Bob Yeoman offers a primer on Food Safety. GAWDA Consultant Tom Badstubner answers questions from GAWDA members about food and beverage grade gases.

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Featured Articles

The Road From Dayton Starts Right Here

On November 13, 1945, thirteen distributors met for the first gathering of what was then known as the National Welding Supply Association. These men had a mission: to protect and grow their businesses. Seventy years later, our association, now known as GAWDA, is strong. It is proud. It is independent. It is made up of very strong men and women who are passionate about their businesses, their industry, their ability to provide jobs and livelihoods to tens of thousands of individuals. GAWDA's story and the story of its members are detailed in "The Road From Dayton." Each member company will receive a copy of this limited edition book. Extra copies will be available for sale. Join us as we celebrate 70 years of service.

Renew your Membership Today and Save 15%

Only 45 days left to renew your GAWDA membership and get 15% off your dues amount. Any membership renewals processed after December 31, 2015 will not qualify for the 15% discount. Don't delay, renew today. To renew, go to the members-only portal at If you have any questions, please call Bruce Ellenbogen at 877-382-6440 x 230.

Safety & Compliance

Food Safety Plan Schedule
On September 17, 2015, the FDA published the final rules for developing Food Safety Plans and Hazard Analysis and Risk Prevention Plans (HARPC). The food compliance checklist, new Food Safety Plan and HARPC will be completed in January 2016. The documents and templates will facilitate ready implementation by GAWDA members and will be introduced at the Food Safety Conference, January 19 and 20, 2016. Contact for further information.

FDA Drug Listings
The FDA regulations require a review of the Drug Product Listings in June and December and whenever a change is needed. You can review your FDA Drug Listing by searching their online database. Review the image of your label and be sure the most recent copy (GHS-compliant) is listed with the FDA. Check the package sizes to be sure they are accurate. Verify that the medical gas is assigned to the proper locations.

Be sure the medical gas has the proper Marketing Status. It will be either: Unapproved Medical Gas or New Drug Application. Your marketing status should be “New Drug Application.” If your marketing status is still “Unapproved Medical Gas,” contact your registration agency to have this changed.

Two Sentenced for Role in CDL Testing Scheme
Two New York State Department of Motor Vehicles security guards were sentenced for their involvement in a Commercial Driver’s License test-taking fraud scheme. After the DOT’s investigation, it was discovered that fraudulent test-taking activities occurred at 5 DMV test centers in the New York City area. Surveillance operations, including the use of remote observation posts and pole-cameras, identified 11 participants in the fraud scheme. Conspiring CDL applicants paid facilitators between $1,800 and $2,500 in return for exam answers and escort assistance through DMV processes. Schemes included the use of pencils with miniaturized test answers, the use of a Bluetooth headset to relay test answers and the use of an external test-taker.

Budget Deal Allows OSHA to Dramatically Increase Fines
Penalties for OSHA violations are about to get steeper. By August 1, 2016, the maximum penalty amount OSHA gives could increase by as much as 80 percent. This is due to a provision buried in a two-year congressional budget agreement that allows OSHA to make a “catch-up adjustment” to increase its maximum penalty amounts to account for inflation over the past 25 years. Read more here.

Member News

nexAir Acquires HICO of Jackson dba National Balloon & Banner

Osborn Names Territory Sales Manager for Tennessee, Mississippi, Alabama

Miller Acquires IMPACT Engineering

Erica Jones Joins IWDC

Air Products Spin-Off Company Gets Name

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