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Gases and Welding Distributors Association (GAWDA) September 15, 2014
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Filling Quality and Accuracy Automation Keeps WestAir on Top of Biotech Market.

Recent years have seen U.S.-based WestAir Gases & Equipment invest mightily in new technology to fulfill its mission of providing quality products and exceptional service to their customers. Read more...

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There is no better place in 2014 to strengthen the bond between distributors and suppliers and to learn about new products that will help distributors stay relevant in changing times than at the Contact Booth Program at GAWDA's 70th Annual Convention in San Diego, California. Guide to Contact Booth Exhibitors...

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2014 Convention Connection

There are plenty of opportunities for Distributors and Suppliers to CONNECT at the Annual Convention. Be on hand to meet with these Exhibitors at the Contact Booth Program on Monday, September 22, from 7:30 am to 10:30 am.

Paul Pfingston, Director of Sales & Marketing, Abicor Binzel
"Beside the normal product and process training, we help our distributors with today's challenges with marketing assistance, business planning, opportunity identification and intelligence sharing. Close communication and cooperation allow both of us to understand and successfully compete in an ever-changing and complex industry."

Brian Sontchi, Key Account Manager, Acme Cryogenics
"By continuing to grow and expand our already diverse product offerings, Acme remains at the front of the pack supplying precisely what our customers need exactly when they need it. And we look forward to the unique challenges and opportunities that this industry continues to provide."

David Day, President, American Standard Manufacturing
"Our HP Series cabinets enable the distributor's customer OSHA and NFPA compliance for cylinder storage. They are engineered for maximum space utilization and cost effectiveness, and an innovative and unique firewall option allows storage of both flammables and oxygen in the same cabinet."

Jack Walters, President, American Torch Tip
"Celebrating our 75th anniversary in 2015, we're proud of our products, people and sustained growth. As a family-owned and operated USA enterprise, we have been able to build upon the vision of our prior generations. We continually strive to create a great experience for customers, users and employees."

Bill McCloy, Managing Director, AmWINS Program Underwriters
"AmWINS has been there for distributors for over 20 years, and we continue to be their partner in both good times and bad."

Frank Salvucci, President, Anthony Welded Products
"The patented four-wheel cart design of our Load N Roll product features two strategically placed heavy-duty locking front casters that allow the operator two ways to move the cylinder load. The cart can be pushed using all four wheels, or tilted back and moved the traditional way over rough and cluttered surfaces."

Tim Lowrey, VP of Sales & Marketing, Applied Cryo Technologies
"As with all of ACT's cryogenic equipment, customer feedback is an instrumental part of design and development resulting in superior products for our customers. Product versatility, innovative engineering, superior quality and un-matched customer service are what drive ACT's success. At ACT we understand who the boss is, the Customer."

Beth Haupt, Sales Manager, Arcos Industries
"We are focusing on the core values of our company, which are service and quality. We're constantly performing internal improvements to our processing to make us more competitive and to enhance quality."

Steve Fyffe, President, Astaras
"The US market is extremely consolidated. Distributors have limited supplier choices for equipment and associated spare parts. Astaras supplies private branded, OEM quality products and technically advanced products like E3 tungsten, modular kits and Anviloy. Our high quality and wide range of products offers options for the distributor and end-users."

Curtis Brown, President, California Cylinder Corp.
"At California Cylinder, we carry a large inventory to service our customers' needs. Our inventory includes high pressure steel, aluminum cylinders, liquid bulk cylinders, propane tanks, valves and regulators. As a family-owned and run business, we strive to provide excellent customer service and quick turnaround time of order completion and shipping."

Rich Dippolito, Sales Manager, Carbide Industries
"With continuous commitment to the acetylene gas market, Carbide Industries operates one of the world's most modern electric furnaces for the manufacturing of calcium carbide. Our goal to provide excellent customer service, on-time delivery and overall value remains at the forefront of our business strategy."

Joe Wolf, Sales Manager, Catalina Cylinders
"Catalina Cylinders produces the broadest range of seamless aluminum compressed gas cylinder products in the world today. With manufacturing facilities located in California and Virginia, Catalina is committed to providing exceptional delivery and support to its distributors, so they can provide the same exceptional service to their customers."

Tom Biedebach, Area Sales Manager, Cavagna North America
"Our Viproxy 1 Touch is an all-in-one valve that requires a simple touch to operate. A digital readout makes it easier to read, especially when seen from a distance."

Rob Spencer, Mobile Products Sales Manager, Chart, Inc.
"Chart has initiated a MicroBulk delivery repair program allowing distributors to rent a unit while upgrades to their existing equipment are being made at one of Chart's repair facilities around the country. The positive response to date has Chart adding additional units to the program."

Dave London, Director of Business Development, CryoVation
"The core of CryoVation's business is providing innovative solutions to our customer's unique needs. Specifically, our experience in piping, controls and service provides a resource department that is available to assist them with their in-house or end-user opportunities. Often this is merely providing ideas or pointing them in the right direction."

Tom Bennett, Vice President, Cyl-Tec
"We're offering one-stop shopping for cylinders and valves, whether it is for a cryogenic, high-pressure, steel, aluminum or acetylene cylinder. And we stock the product for fast shipping."

Jim Broughton, President, DataWeld
"We're helping distributors increase their cylinder rental income by helping them to capture missing transactions. We're also proving that we can lower billing costs by eliminating labor, postage and paper costs."

Ken Konopa, Senior VP of Marketing & Engineering, ESAB Welding & Cutting Products
"The ESAB product line portfolio has greatly expanded and is more dynamic than ever with the acquisition of Victor Technologies and the addition of a number of leading brands. This diverse line-up of welding and cutting products means a wider range of solutions for our distribution network."

Matthew Nolting, Sales Manager, FasTest
"FasTest helps independent welding distributors by increasing efficiency and reducing the potential of repetitive motion injuries in high-volume compressed gas fill plants with connectors designed and manufactured in the USA. These connectors focus on safety and efficiency."

Chris Finn, Sales Representative, FIBA Technologies
"Just the fact that we have seven facilities utilized for re-testing helps to save the distributor shipping costs."

Ashley Madray, Vice President, Gas Innovations/WWS
"Our job is to help the distributor provide his customer with solutions. As an example, a distributor's customer was moving to a location before the utility company had finished laying the natural gas pipeline. We were able to provide that customer with CNG within 24 hours. That distributor made a lot of money by solving his customer's problem."

Brandon Pleasant, Inside Sales Representative, Gullco International
"We stock good product, we do service, and we're usually able to deliver our product within a one- to two-week window."

Tim Miller, President, INOXCVA
"The INOXCVA Portacryo combines all the features needed for cost-effective micro bulk storage and distribution capabilities. We are providing distributors with company experts who will provide information needed to help the independent operator become more self-sufficient and profitable. We also provide attendees at the Annual Convention with discounts on all cryogenic and micro bulk storage equipment."

Dean Kaplan, President & CEO, Kaplan Industries
"The catch phrases commonly used to promote sales and service can mean very little if they don't ring true when put to the test. With three strategically located warehouses and eleven consignment warehouses, we invite distributors to put our promise to provide JIT delivery to the test every day."

Jim Appledorn, U.S. Distributor Sales Manager, Lincoln Electric
"When we provide solutions, we are really providing more than filler metals and welding machines. We're doing more to leverage our marketing efforts regionally to the benefit of distributors. We involve regional distributors in our promotions surrounding NASCAR, IndyCar, the World of Outlaws and Professional Bull Riding."

Lenette Egan, Marketing Director, McDantim
"We're providing onsite gas blending without electricity and without storage tanks. Low-flow accuracy, custom models are available within reasonable lead times."

Jim Wallick, President, Mercer Abrasives
"This fall we are extending our flap disc and fibre disc line with state-of-the-art ceramic grain. This new innovation competes favorably with competitive products in performance, while costing less and adding to our distributers' bottom line."

John O'Neil, General Manager, Nordco Cyl-Sonic Systems
"We help distributors to control their own destiny. Distributors can reduce operating costs and achieve greater productivity when in-house testing is performed. Distributors using Cyl-Sonic systems benefit from extended cylinder requalification periodicity and reduced cylinder turnaround time, resulting in greater inventory control and less asset capital expenditures."

Michael Muenzer, General Manager for Welding Business, ORS Nasco
"Our whole company structure has changed. We have created a whole dedicated welding sales organization which includes inside sales, customer care and merchandising in order to better serve the welding supply distributor."

Joel Price, Director of Cryogenics, Precision Specialty Gas Products
"We are saving people money by reducing downtime, and time is money. We're providing more and more support for the service guys who visit our facility for increased training."

Bill Hald, Technical Sales/Key Account Manager, Rotarex North America
"We are always introducing innovative products that help the individual distributor to compete in a highly competitive marketplace. We are able to introduce products that are not standard, run-of-the-mill products and because of innovative technology help the distributor to differentiate themselves from their competitors."

Charlie Walker, Vice President of Sales, Saf T Cart
"We're demonstrating tomorrow's innovations today with a new liquid cart that has a moving hook which eliminates broken hands, fingers and arms. The EZ Load-4L-EMEH incorporates a battery-operated lift for hands-free deployment of liquid cylinders."

Kurt Johannes, National Accounts Manager, Saint-Gobain Abrasives
"Carborundum and Norton both recently launched a Priority Stock Delivery program which means that select distributors will benefit from same-day shipping for all stocked items that are ordered by noon EST."

Mike Tecklenburg, National Sales Manager, Select-Arc
"We're talking with distributors about products that are being launched to replace more expensive nickel products. They include: a new Select 707-71T1 for general fabrication applications, the 7000 SR for stress release applications, and our 2594 Super Duplex."

Dave Peters, CEO/President, Sellstrom Manufacturing
"Our mission is to develop unique technologies to provide a safer and user-friendly work environment. Our DP4 Faceshield allows the user to perform multiple functions, including grinding, flame cutting and plasma cutting without having to switch protectors. Our Impulse MagSense Auto Darkening filter provides the user with uninterrupted welding protection."

Dino Sciullo, Vice President of Marketing, Sherwood Valve
"We are supporting distributors by providing new and innovative products that provide new value added solutions in our ever-changing market. We are providing increased local technical support, improved lead-times and access to local inventory to help distributors increase efficiency when servicing their customer."

Bob Ranc, Vice President of Sales, Americas, Superior Products
"We focus on our distributors and their customers for mutual success in partnerships. We offer quality products and services our customers can trust, and develop new technology that advances our industry."

Andy Pazahanick, Vice President, Taylor-Wharton Cryogenics
"We do what we say we're going to do: We are meeting promised delivery dates and delivering products that perform as they are expected to. We are demonstrating that we are listening to our distributor partners."

Thomas McCormack, Regional Sales Manager, Uniweld Products
"We are featuring the hottest products in our sales line-up this year. We want to talk with distributors and share how our 65 years in business have successfully mirrored our growth following the history of the American Welding Society's 95-year milestone."

Dave Lorenc, Vice President, voestalpine Böhler Welding USA
"We went from Böhler Welding to voestalpine Böhler Welding, and we're going from five brands to three brands."

Ken Tidwell, Senior Vice President, WDPG Insurance/The Horton Group
"We lower claims costs by implementing control measures. And we're benchmarking distributors' pricing against the best in the industry."

Andreas Willfort, CEO/General Manager, WEH Technologies
"WEH Technologies was the first in the U.S., four years ago, to provide German-quality manufactured products directly serviced and supported from our Katy, Texas, location. Pioneers in the industry, we enhance safety and ease-of-operation, while increasing efficiencies and reducing workplace injuries. We provide durable tools for harsh industrial use."

Don Renner, Sales Engineer Manager, Weldcoa
"The ability to save distributor's labor costs and increase their efficiencies through automation is huge. We're able to support the distributors as they increase their profitability whether they focus on specialty gas, medical gas or any other product line."

Mike Arcieri, President, Weldship Corporation
"We manufacture a complete line of tube trailers, CO2 transports, MEGCs (ISO containers) and ground storage assemblies. We also maintain a fleet of industrial gas equipment for distributors to utilize when they have peak demands, or when there is an opportunity to make a sale but don't have equipment available."

Steve Aderholt, President, The Western Group/Western Sales & Testing
"It's an honor to support gas distributors through our multiple plant locations for trailer testing, manufacturing and refurbishment; flexible leases for trailers and MEGCs; valve and manifold parts stock; and quick turnarounds on all our services."

Dave Burks, Director, Industrial Products, Worthington Cylinders
"We are looking forward to sharing some of our innovative new product offerings, including a complete line of liquid cryogenic cylinders for industrial applications. Worthington's liquid cryogenic cylinders offer several new and exciting features specifically designed to simplify use and reduce refurbishment costs."

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An Insider's Look at GAWDA's Convention City • The staff at San Diego-based WestAir Gases and Equipment share their favorite spots in GAWDA's convention city. In addition to the obvious (San Diego Zoo, Gas Lamp District, Balboa Park, USS Midway, La Jolla), don't miss these local favorites: Torrey Pines Beach ("the gliding is incredible"), Stone Brewery at Livery Station, La Jolla Cove, visiting the Hotel Del Coronado ("Hotel Del" to locals) PetCo Park (Padres are in town vs. the Giants and Rockies), riding the water taxi from outside the convention hotel to Shelter Island or Coronado past tall ships and aircraft carriers, biking around Coronado island, having a hamburger at Hodad's ("best burger ever"), eating at Searsucker for a fancy meal.
– Thank you to WestAir's Larry Bowman, Steve Byers, Chris Castiglione, Cindy Delvecchio, Suzanne Douthitt, Sam Olivarria and Kathy Pavao…best tour guides ever!

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