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Gases and Welding Distributors Association (GAWDA) July 1, 2014
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The call to our industry is simple: If you're not meaningfully unique, you're going to be extinct. Read "Value-Added" Overused, Under Delivered by Brad Armstrong of General Air Service and Supply Company.

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Featured Articles
From the Convention

Put America's Best To Work For You • According to data from the US Department of Labor, about 9 percent of military veterans who served post 9/11 are unemployed. As members of the Army, Navy, Marine Corps, Air Force and Coast Guard, they form one of the most highly trained, highly motivated military forces in our nation's history. When these men and women return home and become civilian employees, they bring the same traits to the civilian work force: a willingness to work, an ability to get along with all kinds of people, and a sense of discipline. At the 2013 Annual Convention in Orlando, Lt. Col (ret.) Oliver North challenged the audience to provide opportunities for military veterans. He said, "The fact that these men and women have doubled the unemployment rate after they complete their service ought to be unacceptable to all of us. These are people who know commitment, dedication, responsibility, accountability…the things that matter to an employer." As we approach July 4, GAWDA salutes our military veterans. Take a moment to read Put America's Best To Work For You, a story of GAWDA's military heroes, On The Homefront, about GAWDA employers who do more than add a yellow ribbon, and an interview with Lt. Col (ret.) Oliver North.

The State of Independents • July Fourth brings to mind the hard-won battle for our nation's independence. Independent businesses are battling, too, as they face major challenges from large regional and national corporations. Distributors who have chosen to remain an independent company face major challenges from large regional and national corporations. In conversations with the editors of Welding & Gases Today, independent distributors talked about the challenges and the strengths they bring to market, and what they do to level the playing field. Read more

Safety & Compliance

FMCSA Issues Policy Statement on Handling Challenged Violations under DATAQ • The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration issued an interpretive rule and statement of policy on how the agency's Motor Carrier Management Information System (MCMIS) handles adjudication results from DataQ showing that a citation was dismissed or resulted in a finding of not guilty; resulted in a conviction of a different or lesser charge; or resulted in conviction of the original charge. 79 Fed. Reg. 32491 (June 5, 2014). Under this change, motor carriers or drivers may submit the results of an adjudicated citation through the DataQ's system. After confirming the adequacy of the documentation submitted in a Request for Data Review, the State will submit the adjudication results into the new field created to record this information. Adjudication results recorded in MCMIS will potentially impact other FMCSA data systems, such as the agency's Safety Measurement System (SMS) and the Pre-employment Screening Program (PSP). The change goes into effect for inspections occurring on or after August 23, 2014. But the driver or carrier must still submit the request to the state through DataQ, and there is still no requirement that the state agency remove or revise a withdrawn or lessened conviction upon request. The state retains discretion to keep the violation in the state records even without a conviction. There are two federal court cases challenging this practice on due process grounds.

Homeland Security Releases Report on Chemical Facilities Security • The Department of Homeland Security has released a report entitled Actions to Improve Chemical Facility Safety and Security – A Shared Commitment. The report is in response to President Obama's Executive Order 13650, Improving Chemical Facility Safety and Security, issued August 1, 2013. The EO tasked a number of federal agencies to improve the safety and security of chemical facilities and reduce the risks of hazardous chemicals to facility workers and operators, communities and responders. The report discusses the initial steps taken by the federal government, including DHS, EPA and OSHA, to address the presidential directive.

Member News

CWS Moves Olympia Branch to New Location


Air Products Names Seifi Ghasemi Chairman, President and CEO

O.E. Meyer Co. Named Top Distributor


Airgas Acquires Technical Alloy & Industrial Gas

Vern Lewis Welding Supply Moves Phoenix Location


Congressman Visits Southern Gas & Supply

ALM Sponsors Endurance Racing Series


Praxair Opens Fill Plant in North Dakota

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In Sympathy

GAWDA Mourns Loss in Family

Jamie RobertsJamie Roberts, the youngest daughter of Bob and Eveline Roberts of Roberts Oxygen Company, Inc., teamed up with the fundraiser 4K for Cancer to bicycle across the United States raising money for the Ulman Cancer Fund for Young Adults in Baltimore, MD. On June 1, four teams of approximately 30 riders each left Baltimore and began a 70-day, 4,000+ mile journey across the country to San Diego, San Francisco, Portland and Seattle. As Jamie's Portland team approached Lexington, KY on June 13, Jamie was hit and killed instantly by a pick-up truck.

With the Roberts' family encouragement and blessing, the Portland Team is continuing their ride in honor of Jamie, as well as the cancer survivors and victims to whom they originally dedicated their ride. While this is a great shock to all, the Roberts family asks us to honor Jamie's memory by providing community service with a big smile, just like Jamie's well-known smile.

After graduation from St. Mary's College of Maryland, Jamie became an assistant coach of Catholic University's women's basketball team and the assistant director of sports information for the university.

Many GAWDA members may remember Jamie when she attended GAWDA conventions with her family. In lieu of flowers, the family asks that donations may be made to the Ulman Cancer Fund for Young Adults online at Jamie's personal ride page or by mailing checks to the Ulman Cancer Fund 4K for Cancer, 921 E Fort Ave., Ste. 325, Baltimore, MD 21230.

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