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Gases and Welding Distributors Association (GAWDA) April 15, 2014
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The Continuing Evolution of Industrial Source
Industrial Source

Oregon's largest independent welding equipment and gas supplier, Industrial Source, headquartered in Eugene, OR, is on a mission to be "a relationship-based company delivering exceptional customer service and value." According to their risk and distribution manager, Steve Baker, that mission is paying big dividends. It all started with their new fill plant and analytical lab at its location in Portland, OR. Read more...

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At GAWDA's Spring Management Conference, suppliers offered information on new products and programs and rolled up their sleeves in an effort to provide distributor attendees with the solutions that will meet their customers' needs. Here are some of the exhibitors who are ready, willing and able to provide you with their best!

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SMC Suppliers Open the Doors to Showcase Solutions

On Day 2 of the Spring Management Conference, Contact Booth Program Exhibitors rolled up their sleeves in an effort to provide distributor attendees with the solutions to meet their customers' needs. Below are some of the Exhibitors that were on hand...

Paul Pfingston, Director of Sales & Marketing, Abicor Binzel USA
"We're more selective in our distribution choices, and that higher degree of selectivity helps our distributor partners to differentiate themselves from their competitors. We're also providing better margins on the product category."

Brian Sontchi, Key Account Manager, Acme Cryogenics
"An expanded Ball Ground, Georgia, manufacturing plant is manufacturing both our hard, rigid and flexible vacuum-jacketed pipe, and we're manufacturing the bayonets for connecting the various lengths of both types of vacuum-jacketed pipe. We added 40,000 sq. ft."

Douglas Grunnett, President, ALM Materials Handling
"Our positioner and rotator products are made in the U.S. With protected territories in an agreed-upon market, our distributors' sales efforts are always protected."

David Day, American Standard Manufacturing
"Our HP Series cabinets enable the distributor's customer OSHA and NFPA compliance for cylinder storage. They are engineered for maximum space utilization and cost effectiveness, and an innovative and unique firewall option allows storage of both flammables and oxygen in the same cabinet."

Jack Walters III, President, American Torch Tip Company
"We're constantly improving our products. No one wins when the product is sold just on price. The goal is to always provide the product that works best for the distributor's customer."

Bill McCloy, Managing Director, AmWINS Program Underwriters
"AmWINS has been there for distributors for over 20 years, and we continue to be their partner in both good times and bad."

Frank Salvucci, President , Anthony Welded Products
"The patented four-wheel cart design of our Load N Roll product features two strategically placed heavy-duty locking front casters that allow the operator two ways to move the cylinder load. The cart can be pushed using all four wheels, or tilted back and moved the traditional way over rough and cluttered surfaces.

Mike Moore, Vice President of Sales, ArcOne
"Our new AirPlus system is a high-end, powered air purifying respirator, but it's at a more economical price. We also have a whole new line of accessories, including a modified, simpler Intelligent Darkening Filter (IDF), a new line of Carrera decals and some new lenses."

Beth Haupt, Sales Manager, Arcos Industries
"We are focusing on the core values of our company, which are service and quality. We're constantly performing internal improvements to our processing to make us more competitive and to enhance quality."

Rich Dippolito, Sales Manager, Carbide Industries
"We're operating the most efficient and one of the largest calcium carbide furnaces in the world. In addition to on-time delivery, we're providing distributors who purchase carbide for the generation of acetylene with safety training, technical support, and assistance with their by-product."

Jennifer Bloxom, Sales Associate, Catalina Cylinders
"It's all about service. As a one-stop shop for medical, industrial, carbon dioxide, scuba and all-aluminum cylinders, we're able to deliver the product in a timely fashion regardless of where the customer is located. Our west coast and east coast locations make the customer's location irrelevant."

Tom Biedebach, Area Sales Manager, Cavagna North America
"Our Viproxy 1 Touch is an all-in-one valve that requires a simple touch to operate. A digital readout makes it easier to read, especially when seen from a distance."

Rob Spencer, Mobile Products Sales Manager, Chart, Inc.
"Chart is expanding our line of distribution trailers, including our liquid tube trailer. We'll launch our 6,000-gallon oxygen trailer in June. In the 3rd quarter, we will launch an all-aluminum 7,800-gallon nitrogen trailer."

Kevin Shelly, East Coast Sales Manager, Cryogenic Industries
"We're helping distributors with more efficient pumping equipment like the P2K, which is a vertical piston design. It reduces maintenance costs and is more efficient than the older style pumps, providing high-flow and high-pressure capabilities."

Dave London, Director of Business Development, CryoVation
"We are launching several new products, such as the Fusion Gravimetric Spec Gas Blending Control Center. It has a 10-gas mix panel with dual manifold control for flammables and oxidizers."

John O'Neil, General Manager, Cyl-Sonic Systems, div. of Nordco
"This summer we will launch the Optimal Unit, which combines all of the best attributes of our micro and industrial units to inspect small and large cylinders. It is a one-size-fits-all type of thing. We're also launching a tube trailer inspection capability for ultrasonic testing."

Tom Bennett , Vice President, Cyl-Tec
"We're offering one-stop shopping for cylinders and valves, whether it is for a cryogenic, high-pressure, steel, aluminum or acetylene cylinder. And we stock the product for fast shipping."

Jim Broughton, President, DataWeld
"We're helping distributors increase their cylinder rental income by helping them to capture missing transactions. We're also proving that we can lower billing costs by eliminating labor, postage and paper costs."

David Abe, VP of Strategic Accounts & Market Development, ESAB Welding & Cutting Products
"We're promoting Bundle and Save, which combines our different product groups like gas apparatus, plasma and arc equipment. We are promoting the retail aspect of our business."

Tom Cregan, President Evergreen Midwest
"We have what the distributors' customers need, and we ship those products the same day, every time. Our inventory is huge. We're all about service. That's the only reason we're here."

Matthew Nolting, Sales Manager, FasTest
"Our CGA Quick Connectors for cylinder-filling plants are American-made and designed. Our advantage: We reduce repetitive motion for the cylinder operators, increase safety, and increase productivity."

Chris Finn, Sales Representative, FIBA Technologies
"Just the fact that we have seven facilities, utilized for re-testing, helps to save the distributor shipping costs."

David Eckert, Vice President, Forney Industries
"Forney is an 80-year-old company that is taking its first steps into the industrial distribution marketplace, bringing a focus on programs that are geared to help the distributor enhance incremental sales, have the right products for their customers at the right time, and manage those products with the distributor in mind."

Ashley Madray, Vice President, Gas Innovations/WWS
"Our job is to help the distributor provide his customer with solutions. As an example, a distributor's customer was moving to a location before the utility company had finished laying the natural gas pipeline. We were able to provide that customer with CNG within 24 hours. That distributor made a lot of money by solving his customer's problem."

Brandon Pleasant, Inside Sales Representative, Gullco International
"We stock good product, we do service, and we're usually able to deliver our product within a one to two week window."

Dave Nangle, President and CEO, The Harris Products Group
"Our two-pronged approach in 2014 includes a merchandising program for POP displays for distributors throughout the U.S., incorporating a very unique combination of gas equipment, welding consumables and accessories. Secondly, to support our distributors at the end-user level, we've deployed our first demo van to do demonstrations and to increase pull-through sales."

Tim Miller, President INOXCVA
"We are introducing a new high-pressure, stainless steel 1,500 to 3,000-liter cylinder with telemetry. It comes in a variety of sizes and frames.

Dean Kaplan, President, Kaplan Industries
"Our new facility in Ohio is open! We now have 120,000 sq. ft. under roof. We are also distributing Taylor-Wharton cryogenic liquid cans nationally."

Glenn Villemez, General Manager, Kobelco Welding of America
"Our new, LP-XR all-position, flux cored, stainless product can reduce hexavalent Cr emissions from welding fumes by 70-80% and facilitates OSHA compliance."

Jim Appledorn, U.S. Distributor Sales Manager, Lincoln Electric
"When we provide solutions, we are really providing more than filler metals and welding machines. We're doing more to leverage our marketing efforts regionally to the benefit of distributors. We involve regional distributors in our promotions surrounding NASCAR, IndyCar, the World of Outlaws and Professional Bull Riding."

Doug Hughes, President/CEO, Mathey Dearman
It's a problem when the end user is in the field and finds that a pipe was not cut or beveled correctly. Our clamps will actually reform the pipe, bending it until it is perfectly aligned and because they're portable the distributor's customer can use them while in the field.

Lenette Egan, Marketing Director, McDantim
We're providing onsite gas blending without electricity and without storage tanks. Low-flow accuracy, custom models are available within reasonable lead times.

Jim Wallick, President, Mercer Abrasives
We're making state-of-the-art flap disks with more flaps per square inch than just about anyone in the industry and they're at an incredibly competitive price. Our goal is to constantly enhance .distributor profit margins.

Jerry Cullivan, Sales Manager, MIJA Industries
Our Critical Alert product provides the end user with notification when that customer's cylinder is low on gas. Some applications can be very expensive when the customer runs out of gas. We're providing an economical way to better gas management.

Michael Muenzer, General Manager for Welding Business, ORS Nasco
Our whole company structure has changed. We have created a whole dedicated welding sales organization which includes inside sales, customer care and merchandising in order to better serve the welding supply distributor.

Joel Price, Director of Cryogenics, Precision Specialty Gas Products
We are saving people money by reducing downtime and time is money. We're providing more and more support for the service guys who visit our facility for increased training.

Mark Jenny, Product Manager for Compressed and Specialty Gases, Ray Murray, Inc.
We've been talking about an automatic changeover for the beverage industry. It will automatically switch, changeover from one cylinder to the other, allowing the end user to change out an empty cylinder for a new cylinder without shutting the system down.

Charles Hwang, Vice President of Sales, Revco Industries
The key is to always provide innovative products that will generate new sales for the distributor. Product innovations can result in increased comfort or an improved design. One of our new products has a wool lining which serves to provide more protection when grasping hot metal.

Bill Hald, Technical Sales/Key Account Manager, Rotarex North America
We are always introducing innovative products that help the individual distributor to compete in a highly competitive marketplace. We are able to introduce product that are not standard, run-of-the-mill products and because of innovative technology help the distributor to differentiate themselves from their competitors.

Charlie Walker, Vice President of Sales, Saf T Cart
We are launching several new products. A new liquid cart with a moving hook eliminates broken hands, fingers and arms. The EZ Load-4L-EMEH incorporates a battery-operated lift for hands-free deployment of liquid cylinders.

Kurt Johannes, National Accounts Manager, Saint-Gobain Abrasives
Carborundum and Norton both recently launched a Priority Stock Delivery program which means that select distributors will benefit from same day shipping for all stocked items that are ordered by noon EST.

Mike Tecklenburg, National Sales Manager, Select-Arc
We're talking with distributors about products that are being launched to replace more expensive nickel products. They include: a new Select 707-71T1 for general fabrication applications, the 7000 SR for stress release applications, and our 2594 Super Duplex.

Ron Auletta, President, Sherwood Valve
We're providing distributors with the flexibility of taking our products and bundling them with other products that they distribute, helping the distributor to create a value-added solution for their customers. Best of all: Our valves don't leak!

Amato Spagnoletti, President, Taylor-Wharton International
We've been meeting customer expectations since 1742. We just introduced a re-designed microbulk line. It comes in all the various sizes and configurations to meet the needs of the distributors' end user customer. We're also striving to do immediate shipment, because in some cases, speed is critical and our plan is to provide the product as soon as it is needed.

Tim Lyons, Regional Sales Leader, Thermacut
We're telling distributors to, "Take a look at us again…for the first time". We're offering new replacement product offerings for Powermax, HPR XD plasma torches, systems and laser consumables. Our biggest news: We have now expanded into laser consumables.

Dave Lorenc, Vice President, voestalpine Bohler Welding USA
We went from Bohler Welding to voestalpine Bohler Welding and we're going from five brands to three brands. The distributor will start seeing package changes in May. That's a major change for us.

Ken Tidwell, Senior Vice President, WDPG Insurance/The Horton Group
We lower claims costs by implementing control measures. And we're benchmarking distributors' pricing against the best in the industry.

Andreas Willfort, General Manager, WEH Technologies
No copy is as good as an original. Manufacturing products with safety, ease-of –operation and a well-executed design in mind, help to support the distributors' customers by assuring them of enhanced plant safety, reduced workplace injuries and reliable, long-lasting tools.

Don Renner, Sales Engineer Manager, Weldcoa
The ability to save distributor's labor costs and increase their efficiencies through automation is huge. We're able to support the distributors as they increase their profitability whether they focus on specialty gas, medical gas or any other product line.

Jim Cielinski, Global Sales Manager, Weldship Corporation
Weldship maintains a fleet of industrial gas equipment for distributors to call on when they have peak demands or when an opportunity arises to make a sales and they don't have the equipment necessary to do it.

Donna Conrad, Director of Sales, Western Enterprises
We have new very user-friendly regulators, designed with a preset flow selector that replaces the need for flow meters . We continue to expand our medical V.I.P.R product line which is capable of handling 3,000 PSI and we're the first to comply with FDA-recognized CGA E-18 V.I.P.R specifications.


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