Noble Gas "18 Pack" Solutions

A cost-effective and safe alternative to micro bulk.

For more than 70 years, Noble Gas Solutions has delivered gases as well as hardgoods to customers throughout upstate New York's Tech Valley region and into southern Vermont and western Massachusetts. It does so from its original location in Albany, NY, founded in 1940, and from a branch location in Kingston, NY, opened in 1996.

A Terrific Alternative
"When we acquired the branch location," explains Noble's President/CEO Dave Mahoney, "we purchased a tractor trailer to service the branch using the Weldcoa pallet system. We then learned that Weldcoa manufactured 18-cylinder pallet manifolds. We recognized these manifolds as a terrific alternative to costly micro bulk delivery vehicles for safely delivering higher volumes of gas."

Noble Gas has converted their delivery fleet to the palletized system, and they now have more than 200 Weldcoa pallet manifolds in service for specialty gas and industrial gas applications. The gases packaged in the pallets include argon, carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, ethane, helium, hydrogen, nitrogen and oxygen. Industrial process applications include pipeline purging, blanketing and inerting, cold-storage applications, cold-shrink processes and combustion applications.

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