Second Quarter 2013

Welding & Gases Today Second Quarter 2013 Cover

Big Ideas Big Results
From new technology to a new product and a request from the government to help out, distributors share one big idea that made a mark on their bottom line and, in some cases, changed the course of their company’s direction.

Think Big! 2013 Spring Management Conference – Schedule of Events
Things will be bigger in San Antonio, Texas, on April 15 – April 17

Guide To The Contact Booth Exhibitors
Think Big while previewing this year’s Exhibitors.

Airweld, Inc.
With locations throughout Metropolitan New York City and Long Island, Airweld, Inc. remains fiercely independent and committed to growth through satisfying customers, controlling its assets, and acquiring when the time is right.


What You Can’t See Can Sink You
Conference speaker uncovers the hidden waste in your organization.
By Bob Werner and Jonda Vance

Seven Indicators To Watch
Conference speaker shares insight on marketplace indicators.
By Brian Beaulieu


President’s Perspective – On The Road To Independence
By Craig Wood

Director’s Desk – Get Ready For The San Antonio SMC
By John Ospina

Editor’s Notes – New Ideas, Big Ideas
By Carole Jesiolowski

  • Read how four visionary men with $100 and a passion for business and the industry spent the summer of 1945 creating what is now known as GAWDA.
  • The leadership of GAWDA is storied and strong, and Presidents made their mark in many ways. Read about the legends of our association who continue to drive the growth.
  • This year’s annual convention in Orlando will mark the 69th time that association members have gathered together. Take a look at some of those memories.
  • Read about Earlbeck’s Big Idea

Food Gases
By Thomas L. Badstubner

DOT Training Requirements
By Michael Dodd

Montana Welder Files Suit Claiming Cancer Caused By Welding Fumes
By Michael Degan


Congress Struggles With Helium Shortage
A look at the Federal Helium Reserve and what Congress is doing about it.
By Rick Schweitzer

Distributors React To Helium Supply Shortage
A survey conducted of GAWDA Members in the First Quarter 2013 indicates surprising results.Helium

Helium Shortage Puts GAWDA Members In The Spotlight
The media turns to local experts to explain the problem.

An Insider Look At The Numbers
A January 2013 report from the federal government on helium prices, supplies and use.


Mergers And Acquisitions Are Not Just For The Big Boys
A guide for small companies wanting to get a piece of the action.
By Bart Basi, Ph.D. and Marcus Renwick

GAWDA Members Weigh In On The Effects of Consolidation
Distributors and Suppliers dish on what they really think about the changing landscape of the industry.

Which Distributor’s “Exclusive” Contract Should Be Supported?
The acquisition of local companies impacts the exclusive agreement suppliers have with their distributors.
Douglas Grunnet

Time To Re-Think Your Specialty Gas Strategy
The respect independent distributors have for each other’s territories disappears after an acquisition.
By Ray Borzio

What It Takes To Have A Successful Buy Or Profitable Sale
The acquisition of local companies impacts the exclusive agreement suppliers have with their distributors.
By Ray Borzio

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