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Educational Programs

Aims Community College-Welding The Welding Technology Program at Aims is designed to provide the skills necessary for the student to successfully enter the welding field.

The most common welding and cutting processes are covered in great detail as well as many other skills required of welders such as:

•Print reading
•Layout, estimating
•Weld inspection.

Austin Community College-Welding Technology
Our mission is to provide unsurpassed technical training and industry relevance toward a career for the student aspiring to become a certified welder, welding inspector, or respected metal artist.

Johnson County Community College-Metal Fabrication (Welding) Technology
JCCC provides well-equipped laboratories that enable students to receive instruction in: Oxyacetylene welding and cutting, Shielded metal arc welding (SMAW), Gas metal arc welding (GMAW), Basic machining, Metallurgy, and Allied processes.
The program is accredited as an American Welding Society Participating Organization in the Training and Testing of Entry Level Welders.

Ferris State University-Welding Engineering Technology
Established in 1984, Ferris State University’s nationally recognized Welding Engineering Technology program is the largest of its kind in the United States. Since its inception the program has had major revisions in response to constituent feedback. The program is designed to produce plant-level welding engineering technology graduates who are involved in the concept, design and engineering of weldments and implementation of welding processes. This overall knowledge of weldments and the ability to engineer welding and joining systems produces graduates who are in great demand and highly compensated.