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Wonders of Welding Archive

  • Wonders of Welding

    Gateway Sculpture MGM National Harbor Resort and Casino By Charles McChesney Bob Dylan welds. Yes, that Bob Dylan — the one who in 2016 became the first musician to be honored with a Nobel Prize in literature. His work has been exhibited in a London gallery and a new piece, “Portal,” is now on permanent display [...]

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  • Wonders Of Welding

    Vikings’ U.S. Bank Stadium Throws Open Its Doors By Charles McChesney Bank Stadium, the new home of the U Minnesota Vikings, boasts a. number of new features – luxury boxes at field level, locally-sourced food, a roof that is mostly clear plastic, and a modern interpretation of a Viking ship in the plaza in front of the [...]

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  • WTC Transportation Hub: An Unusual Challenge for Welders, Engineers

    A casual observer easily can see that the new World Trade Center Transportation Hub in New York is eye-catchingly unusual. Its white “wings” stretch out. Its soaring interior dares visitors to not look skyward. Its ability to link 11 different subway lines impresses. Its $4 billion cost (double original estimates) amazes even jaded New Yorkers. Beyond [...]

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