Editorial Calendar

Welding & Gases Today is the official publication of the Gases and Welding Distributors Association. Published four times per year, it contains association and member news and articles of interest to association members.

Each issue features a cover story and several feature articles on topics related to industrial and medical gases, welding, compliance issues, consumables, technology, money matters and more.

Regular departments in each issue include association and member news, a member profile, industry news and new products & services.

1st Quarter (Winter) Issue – Publication Date: 01/15/16
Cover Story: Annual Business Forecast: Distributors and Suppliers Look at the Year Ahead

Text: 11/01/15
Advertising Space: 11/25/15
Advertising Material: 12/15/15

2nd Quarter (Spring) Issue – Publication Date: 03/25/16
Cover Story: Spring Management Conference

Text: 01/29/16
Advertising Space: 02/05/16
Advertising Material: 02/19/16

3rd Quarter (Summer) Issue – Publication Date: 07/7/16
Cover Story: Company Anniversaries

Text: 05/10/16
Advertising Space: 05/24/16
Advertising Material: 06/07/16

4th Quarter (Fall) Issue – Publication Date: 9/12/16
Cover Story: GAWDA’s Annual Convention Issue

Text: 07/15/16
Advertising Space: 07/29/16
Advertising Material: 08/12/16

2016 Membership Directory
– Publication Date: 5/27/16

Text: 03/15/16
Advertising Space: 03/25/16
Advertising Material: 04/15/16

2016 Buyers Guide
– Publication Date: 8/31/16

Text: 03/15/16
Advertising Space: 03/25/16
Advertising Material: 04/15/16

* Editorial coverage subject to change