March 1 Supplier Connections

Supplier Connections

What new products and services have GAWDA suppliers and manufacturers got to help gases and welding supplies distributors boost 2018 business levels?

Check out the new products and initiatives GAWDA suppliers and manufacturers have and read how their newest offerings can give distributors a leg up on revenues. It might be just the business booster you need to make 2018 great!

This is the last of several issues of listings that have been published. You can reference earlier listings and product and service offerings from the January 1January 15, February 1 and February 15 GAWDA Connection newsletters by clicking on their links.

Who: Catalina Cylinders

David Silva, vice president of sales and marketing

What: High-pressure, composite-wrapped industrial gas cylinders

Why: Catalina now has the capability to produce Type 2 and Type 3 composite-wrapped cylinders up to 6000 psi service pressure. This increase in service pressure enables distributors to transport and store more gas in each cylinder. Our high-pressure composite cylinders will help gas distributors boost profits in 2018 by lowering their logistics costs and reducing the frequency of their refills.

Who: Taylor Wharton

Luke Bradshaw, vice president of business development

What: New Taylor-Wharton MicroBulk design

Why: Taylor-Wharton’s new MicroBulk design delivers an immediate cost savings to gas distributors by providing an expanded offering of standard features while also reducing costs. These standard features now include stainless steel pallets, isolation and extended stem cryogenic valves, faster fill times and 3.5 times higher flow rates. Through their U.S. distribution partnership with Eleet Cryogenics, TW minimizes lead times for distributors with expanded stock inventory of all standard models (1000 – 5000LT).

Who:   Anthony Welded Products

Elsie Salvucci, CEO

Frank Salvucci, president

What: Prepaid freight on orders on $1,000 or more.

Why: Celebrating our 60th business anniversary (with four generations strong) of servicing the industry with our uniquely designed patented products. Anthony delivers an innovative product line to offer your customers solutions for safer cylinder handling and storage. Our patented Load-N-Roll series carts offer unmatched mobility with two heavy-duty, lockable casters to easily move cylinders in any direction.