Jan. 15th Supplier Connections

Supplier Connections

What’s ‘hot’? What have they got?

Check out these suggestions for new products and services that can help you get a leg up on business in the New Year.

What’s hot for 2018’s marketplace? What new things have suppliers and manufacturers got on hand to help gases and welding supplies distributors make money or save money in the new year? Why do they say their newest “hot stuff” is worth taking a look at? We asked – and they told us! So here are suppliers’ suggestions for new products and services they say can help your New Year – and your entire 2018 – be business-wise merry and bright.

Who: Computers Unlimited

David Schaer, president

What: A new line of smartphone mobile apps (assistant, delivery, warehouse) designed to boost productivity across the entire organization for the sales team, front counter customer service reps, drivers, and fill plant operators.

Why: The world has gone mobile and so has TIMS. Today, people need access to information and business process wherever they go using a smartphone or tablet. The new line of TIMS mobile apps delivers on that notion. TIMS Assistant is the perfect digital assistant for sales people to quickly access customer information, check price and availability and place orders. TIMS Delivery utilizes connected smartphones to streamline the entire delivery process and process mobile payments. TIMS Warehouse provides a connected experience for everyday fill plant activities. Go mobile, be mobile, with TIMS!

Who: Equigas

Rafael Arvelo, general manager

What: Packaged cryogenic/gas distribution solutions and technical training.

Why: Bringing packaged solutions to the industrial gas/LNG distributors and OEMs allows you to not buy piecemeal. Equigas is investing in inventory in efficient, technological driven warehouses, with products often shipped the same day of order. Equigas will reduce your inventory costs by packaging your orders for “just in time” delivery. The company’s high-end certified oxygen clean room allows oxygen cleaning in-house within 24 hours, rather than the typical one to two weeks. There is free technical training for distributors and heavy training for industrial gas customers. Equigas specializes in small distributors with top-notch expertise and technology training.

Who:   Gas Innovations

Ashley Madray and Don Bobyk

What: Helping distributors find high-margin ethane customers through emerging markets.

Why: Gas Innovations wants to help distributors identify ethane customers by leveraging our expertise of where to find them. We stay buckled on to distributors to help service and grow these customers and do not attempt to take any large accounts directly. Ethane comes in all sizes of packaging, from the small 5-pound low pressure cylinder, up to a bulk trailer of 11,000 gallons, allowing you to start a customer small to gain trust and then grow them to a large bulk account. Gas Innovations is a great partner to grow your ethane business, because we provide the institutional knowledge, proper equipment and employee training.

Who:   Global Calibration Gases, LLC

Raymond Borzio, founder and managing partner

What: EPA protocol gases and precision NIST traceable calibration gas standards.

Why: As a world class manufacturer of EPA protocol gases, we supply your requirements “on target, on time, the first time.” Our proprietary cylinder treatment process guarantees long-term stability of reactive gas mixtures certified to the maximum shelf life authorized by the current EPA protocol document. Our products are offered only through independent distributors at wholesale prices, allowing a competitive edge in your area.

Who: Hydrostat

Mike Lucas, sales

What: Cylinder recertification, refurbishing, and testing.

Why: Quality work with fast turnaround time within one to two weeks depending on location.  We have nearly 19 years of service to the gas and propane industry.

Who: Eleet Cryogenics

Doug Morton, vice president of sales

What: Taylor-Wharton micro-bulk units.

Why: Eleet Cryogenics offers Taylor-Wharton micro-bulk units that continue to evolve over time to satisfy the needs of customers. The tanks’ unique features include a 3x higher flow rate than historic models for the most demanding applications, a heavy-duty stand for the dual-fill adapter to protect the piping, backpressure economizer on the vent line to relieve pressure as needed and a high-quality, stainless steel skid that is durable and rust free for years of reliable service. Immediate shipment is available with a five-year vacuum warranty.

Who:   Rasco FR

Tarek Shahla, chief operating officer

What: (GBT464)- gray/black two-tone henley and (KNT465)- khaki/navy two-tone Henley.

Why: Our two-tone baseball tee henleys are stylish, comfortable, affordably priced and flame resistant. They are made of 7.1oz. pre-washed FR Flameshield cotton knit.

Who:   Responsive Respiratory

Thomas Bannon, president

What: Oxygen set-up kits.

Why: 1. Ideal for the physician, dental and assisted living markets, RRI offers a number of oxygen kits that include all of the oxygen supplies required for a simple patient set-up. 2. Systems include oxygen regulator or conserving devices, cylinders, wrenches, carry cases or lightweight patient carts. 3. Responsive Respiratory supports GAWDA members with eight kit options and same-day shipping with drop-shipping capabilities. Additional information is available in our full-color catalog and online, including specifications and product images.

Who: Cyl-Tec, Inc.

Tom Bennett, president

What: 1. More complete line of cryogenic bulk tanks up to 50 tons on the bulk CO2 and up to 6,000 gallons on the oxygen-nitrogen-argon, both of which are vacuum jacketed.  2. Expanded lines of Cyl-Connect’s remote monitoring products.  3. Popular cylinders and bulk tanks on hand, ready to ship.

Why: 1. Gives distributors another high-quality, best-value choice for large bulk tanks.  2. Cyl-Tec’s Cyl Connect offers distributors the opportunity to reduce their distribution costs. 3. Cyl-Tec maintains inventory on all popular cylinders and bulk tanks to offer fast turnaround time to more quickly satisfy customers requirements.

Who:   The M. K. Morse Company

Alan Peterson, product manager

What: “New!” Metal Devil Diamond Grit circular saw blades for steel cutting.

Why: Metal Devil Diamond Grit circular saw blades have permanently bonded diamond grit on the cutting edge, providing two-times faster cutting and outlasting traditional abrasive wheels 60 to one when cutting steel. The durable steel plate significantly reduces the amount of dust, since it does not wear like traditional bonded abrasive cut-off wheels. Metal Devil Diamond circular saw blades provide distribution an effective way to show extended performance and cost savings to users of traditional abrasive cut-off wheels in metal fabrication and construction.

Who:   Weldcoa

Hector Villarreal, president

What: Digital Lab Assistant (D.L.A.)

Why: The problem that every specialty gas supplier has is trying to compete in a lightning-fast, digitally automated marketplace with base manual equipment that is slow in process. The D.L.A. digitizes the current repetitive manual analytical process. With the D.L.A., your highly paid chemist instantly becomes more productive, i.e., safely making your lab more profitable.

Who: voestalpine Bohler Welding

Eric Moore, managing director- RSO, USA, and Canada

What: Diamondspark – it’s the ultimate range of seamless cored wires, from our seamless tubular to the brand-new laser sealed cored wires.

Why: No matter what challenges your customer is facing, we have the right cored wires, now united under one name: Diamondspark. Experience excellent weld quality and next-level productivity with a virtual absence of splatter and optimal protection against moisture. This is a savings you can pass on to customers and it is also well-suited for CTOD applications in offshore. We also are proud to share news of our expanding salesforce, providing better service and support to our distribution partners from coast to coast.

Check out other supplier offerings, as published in the January 1 GAWDA Connection, for more ideas on how to grow business in 2018.