Feb. 1 Supplier Connections

Supplier Connections

What’s ‘hot’? What have they got?

Check out these suggestions for new products and services that can help you get a leg up on business in the New Year.

What’s hot for 2018’s marketplace? What new things have suppliers and manufacturers got on hand to help gases and welding supplies distributors make money or save money in the new year? Why do they say their newest “hot stuff” is worth taking a look at? We asked – and they told us! So here are suppliers’ suggestions for new products and services they say can help your New Year – and your entire 2018 – be business-wise merry and bright.

Who: Wire Wizard Welding Products

Brian Cooper, vice president

What: Powerball semi-automatic MIG gun, Powerball submerged arc equipment, Powerball power/grounding cables.

Why: Leveraging new patented technology, we’ve been able to increase the efficiency and
performance of the semi-auto and submerged arc markets to new levels of performance. Using all
copper to transfer current, we have decreased the resistance of current transfer, lowering the amount of
heat, thus resulting in better weld quality along with pro-longing torch and consumable life. Also
available are replacement Powerball consumables compatible with most guns on the market. Tip life
often lasts up to three to five times longer, while our new patented fusion consolidated Powerball power
and ground cables are three times more efficient at transferring current than industry standard crimped
These are great opportunities to offer your customers never-before-seen performance levels. Wire
Wizard offers regional distributor training to help your sales team become total solution providers to
your customers building your competitive advantage over online retail outlets.

Who: Kaplan Industries

Jim Johnston, senior vice president

What: Hydrocarbons (butane mixes).

Why: The movement within the nation to legalize cannabis thus far has affected 38 states and counting. Each state has some level of legality for medical and/or recreational use. Kaplan Industries is looking to capitalize on this opportunity by partnering with independent distributors to be the facilitators to the end users of butane. Butane is one of the most efficient ways to extract the cannabis oil from a marijuana plant. This opportunity is growing quickly due to medical benefits reportedly affiliated with this surging market. Call us to find out what the next step is.

Who: Industrial Pro (division of Forney Industries)

David Eckert, vice president industrial markets

What: Industrial Pro continues to demonstrate to independent welding distributors that it is a real alternative source for margin producing, industrial-grade welding machines, plus everyday wholesale supplies that have proven to be on-par with national brand competitors.

Why: Our Forney green welding machine offering is designed to meet our welding engineering specifications for value and performance in an industrial-grade product. Our commitment to independent distributors is to provide a profitable product that is a true alternative to the big brands with solid margins built-in to every sale. As a wholesaler, we are bringing new independent distributors on daily who are in search of consistent service and support, competitive pricing and effective programs that permit the distributor regardless of size to compete with the national brands. Our Industrial Pro offering addresses everyday requirements without tying up working capital just to get the right price. Call us at 1-888-889-1889 and we be glad to discuss how Industrial Pro is more than just a wholesaler.

Who: Mercer Industries

Gayla Brainerd, sales director

What: Z Speed .045 cut-off and grinding wheels.

Why: Mercer has had substantial growth in the welding industry over the last few years due, in large part, to the shared corporate culture between Mercer and independent welding distributors. Family owned and operated for more than 50 years, Mercer’s philosophy remains the same: personal service and quality products when you need them. This year, Mercer has added their next generation Zirconia: Z Speed .045 Cut-Off and Grinding Wheels, providing an extremely high performing wheel with self-sharpening zirconia grain at a very competitive price, adding to the bottom line.

Who: Prism Visual Software

Andrew Kuneth, vice president

What: Software that extends beyond the office and is integrated with back office.

Why: Software that is customer focused to support self-service on the web will continue to grow. Web systems integrated with Map Systems and back office will support customer specific pricing, scheduling when a distributor services that area, tracking delivery trucks and more. Customers want to buy, pay and get help electronically and that will drive the distributors bottom line up. Customers are doing it in their personal life and want technology integrated in their business livelihood.

Who: Postle Industries

John Postle, president

What: Hardfacing wires and electrodes.

Why: When the current hardfacing solution is not living up to your customers’ expectations or when there are constant supply issues, Postle can help restore the confidence your customers place in you. Postle will educate distributors on the benefits of hardfacing, so they will be able to help solve customers’ problems. In an effort to secure new business, we also will participate in joint calls with distributors to provide technical assistance in determining the proper product for the customer and to make sure the product is being applied correctly.

Who: Gas Equipment Company

Roy Nichols, product manager

What: Maximizing Gas Equipment Company’s customer satisfaction through technology.

Why: We plan to maximize the technological skills and affinity for connectivity of our new account managers, Cody Patrick and Cole Bishop, to increase our customer’s satisfaction. The millennial generation’s strong desire for connectivity can greatly benefit the overall customer experience. Equipping young professionals with smart devices allows them to manage customer inquiries, such as customer specific pricing and inventory levels, anywhere, at any time.

Who: Gullco International

Dave Hudson, president

What: New KAT 300 series welding and cutting automation carriage.

Why: The Gullco 300 Series KAT is the next model in the long history of Gullco welding automation carriages. The KAT has been used throughout the world and the 300 series has been engineered to improve upon this already popular design. The KAT is small and light and built for fast tool-less setup, adjustment and operation.

Who: The Horton Group

Tony Hopkins, shareholder and vice president

What: Insurance, risk advisory and employee benefits specifically tailored to the welding and gases industry (distributors and suppliers).

Why: Identifying and prioritizing risk in an ever-changing world. It’s Horton’s job to help you navigate the insurable, but even more importantly, the uninsurable risk facing your business. What are the biggest risks facing the industry? Stay tuned to find out what everyone is telling us. With the largest client list of any broker in the industry, our benchmarking capabilities have helped many “rightsize” their insurance spend by finding a balance between not having too much or too little coverage. We also are having a lot of conversations around managing cryotherapy customers, negotiating major gas supplier contracts, preventing cybercrime, enhancing safety and wellness cultures and a plethora of others topics. Is it time to find an agent that understands you and your business?

Who: Saf-T-Cart

Jim Herring, vice president

What: Carolina Piping acquisition.

Why: Acquiring Carolina Piping complements our business model by vertical integration. This adds to our current product line of microbulk plumbing, medical gas final line assemblies, CPS high pressure manifolds, certified oxygen cleaning station, stainless steel passivation and steel bead blast/pickle and oil. Saf-T-Cart is one single source for highly specialized manifolded items, from fabrication of the structure to the complete piping of the finished product.

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