Jan. 1 Supplier Connections

Supplier Connections

What’s ‘hot’? What have they got?

Check out these suggestions for new products and services that can help you get a leg up on business in the New Year.

What’s hot for 2018’s marketplace? What new things have suppliers and manufacturers got on hand to help gases and welding supplies distributors make money or save money in the new year? Why do they say their newest “hot stuff” is worth taking a look at? We asked – and they told us! So here are suppliers’ suggestions for new products and services they say can help your New Year – and your entire 2018 – be business-wise merry and bright.

Who: Abicor Binzel

John Kaylor, president USA and Canada

What: 1. Manual Welding Unit, a new fume extraction torch combined with a portable extraction. 2. Continued expansion of regional sales and key account managers. 3. Robotics and automation – Abirob cyclone torch with endless rotation, available to order.

Why: 1. With increasing regulations to fume and particulate exposure, fume guns reduce weld fume and particulates. This helps with welder retention because it makes for a healthier, cleaner working environment. Abicor Binzel strives to improve the health and safety of welders, which in turn can drive opportunities for distributors to keep the welding workforce intact for a stronger industry as a whole. 2. A growing sales force for better service and support of our distribution partners. 3. Drastically eliminates the torch cable portion for improved durability and potential reduced robot cycle time.

Who: Air Products

Marie Ffolkes, president, Industrial Gases‒Americas

What: Next-generation technologies / new industrial gas applications / alternative supply modes / capacity expansion

Why: In January 2017, Air Products completed the sale of its Performance Materials division and sharpened our focus on industrial gases. We now dedicate all of our resources to industrial gases, investing in R&D, technology development, distribution, and people. Our efforts to develop new and next-generation technologies, seek new industrial gas applications, add capacity and improve efficiency at existing plants, and expand our footprint to new geographies and supply modes (such as microbulk) will drive growth for our company and, through strong partnerships and collaboration, our independent distributors as well.

Who: AmWins Program Underwriters

Bill McCloy, managing director

What: Automobile Coverage

Why: In 2018, we are offering a complete suite of enhanced new features for auto insurance coverages, such as airbag coverage, automatic inclusion of lease gap and other enhancements to existing coverages. The stability of commercial automobile coverages continues to be a vital part of protecting a distributor’s business, particularly as they grow their fleets. AmWins will continue to be an advocate for distributors, knowing that automotive exposure of the fleet is one of your biggest business challenges.

Who: Blue Demon Welding (aka Welding Material Sales, Inc)

Brian DePaul, president

What: Blue Demon APEX flux core welding wire, AWS E71T-9C/9M. Available in .035” (.9mm), .045” (1.14mm) and 1/16” (1.6mm) diameters on 33lb (15kg) spools.

Why: Finally…a superior quality, low cost alternative flux core welding wire meeting the “9C/9M” Charpy impact requirements at -20°F. This new addition to our line will help customers compete against major brands with larger profits and savings for their customers. Available March 2018. Low spatter, great arc stability, easy slag removal, and awesome in the vertical up position.

Who: BTIC America Corporation

Bill Zheng, chief executive officer

What: All Cylinders – high pressure, steel, cryogenic, acetylene, composite, bulk tanks, firefighting cylinders

Why: BTIC America Corporation has over 23 years of industry experience selling all types of cylinders and is a one-stop-shop for all cylinder needs. Known for top-of-the- line quality, pricing is very competitive. With a warehouse here in the U.S., delivery turnaround is very fast. All cylinders are customizable, including neck rings, painting, valving and stamping.

Who: California Cylinder Corporation

Brittany Carrico, sales and purchasing manager

What: DOT-3AA Specification Cylinders – “STEEL” High Pressure Cylinders

Why: With our extensive inventory and supply of high pressure cylinders, both steel and aluminum, California Cylinder is able to provide immediate delivery to distributor partners across the country, in most cases. This allows our distributor partners the ability to respond quickly and efficiently to supply their customer’s requirements.

Who: Chesterfield Specialty Cylinders

Deborah Schultz, executive vice president

What: Specialty gas cylinders ASME, ISO specification, MILSPEC, pressure vessel cylinders and storage

Why: Strong reputation since 1897 with a great in-house engineering group for special projects able to customize tubes and gas storage applications. Great addition of Brian Mueller in 2017, who comes with over 20 years of experience with pressure vessels. We take great pride in quality workmanship with all products. ISO 9001: 2015 quality management system.

Who: Cougartron

Harry Edwards, business development

What: Stainless Steel Weld Cleaning and Passivating Machines

Why: Here is the opportunity to offer healthier options for your customers rather than using dust-producing abrasives or toxic chemicals to remove weld burns in the post-weld stage. Distributors can avoid stocking toxic chemicals in their shops helping them avoid storage regulations affiliated with harmful chemicals. This is an opportunity to educate customers about an innovative, more efficient and healthier solution – adding value by showing consideration for their health.

Who: Cryogenic Industries – Adam Strouse, East Coast Sales & Marketing Manager

What: Free Pump Training Classes at all four of our U.S.-based Service Centers (Spring and Fall sessions are held in Pittsburgh, Atlanta, Houston and Southern California.)

Why: The classes teach maintenance techniques to improve efficiencies, preventative maintenance and repair strategies for cryogenic pumps as well as full system and cryogenic liquid theory to insure your pumping systems are operating in the most effective manner possible. Those who take the class learn to identify problems based on operating systems. The trouble-shooting methods that we teach can save you money on service calls, repair bills and most importantly, plant down time.

Who: Cryolor

Danny Olvera, sales director

What: Vacuum insulated cryogenic storage vessels, 250 PSIG

Why: In stock and ready to ship from CTR Inc., the preferred partner of Cryolor here in the United States. The tanks can be customized to any customer’s requirements. Cryolor has over 50 years of experience in Europe, Asia and South America. Cryolor is now excited to offer world class cryogenic gas transport and storage in the Americas.

Who: CTR Inc.

Brian Holland, sales engineer

What: Our cylinder filling plant equipment, and cryogenic pump protection control panels

Why: We supply a variety of fill plant equipment to lessen cylinder handling to reduce labor costs and save on employee costs overall. Our sentinel pump protection control panels provide the best protection in the industry for your pumps, while still achieving optimum operating times. With a standard maintenance program, your pump repair costs will be at a minimum each year. All of us here at CTR strive to help your profits grow through our substantial investment each year in new product development, engineering and listening to our customers’ needs.

Who: Cyltex, LLC

David Sun, operations manager

What: 300 Cubic Foot Aluminum Cylinders – biggest in USA

Why: Reduces freight cost being able to move a 300-foot tanks rather than 150 or 265-foot tanks which are currently the industry standard. In turn you are able to pass the freight saving onto the customer because the customer will require less deliveries and will have to refill the cylinder less often. Cyltex also offers 6-pack and 12-pack cylinder carts to accommodate these new larger cylinders.

Who: DataOnline

Anna Clark, Director of Sales

What: New microbulk scheduler in addition to new low-cost unit originally designed for beverage carb industry

Why: New microbulk scheduler is the newest application for DOLV3 users. Pulling data from the powerful DOLV3 platform, it’s capable of route optimization using Google Maps. Planners can see the status of assets at a glance to plan routes for trucks and drivers. Drivers have access to a mobile app to see delivery routes at a glance for the next three days, and real-time updates allow for unplanned deliveries, while changes can be made on-the-fly. Data is shown in real time as soon as the driver updates the delivery on the app so status of an asset is known to the planner immediately. The system performs end-of-day reporting for billing and reporting analytics so planners can service your customers more effectively.

Who:    Dataweld, Inc.

Jim Broughton

What: EPS – Electronic payment system

Why: New for 2018, Electronic Payment System (EPS) enhances DataWeld’s software offerings for the gas distributor by dramatically reducing the time and effort required to process credit and debit card payments. EPS saves time by processing hundreds of card payments in minutes, instead of hours or even days. EPS also creates a highly secure environment for sensitive credit card data.

Who:    FasTest, Inc.

Matthew Nolting, sales manager/compressed gas products

What: Standard CGA Quick Connectors

Why: Plant managers and distributor owners love our CGA Quick Connectors because they provide a quick return on investment through faster connections and reduced repetitive-motion injuries.  These are available through our reseller partner channel, which includes wholesalers and integrators. All of FasTest’s products are designed and manufactured in the U.S.A.

Who: Flame Technologies

Steve Dodge, executive vice president of sales and marketing

What: Steel Industry Products (SIP) specialty torches for heavy-duty steel cutting

Why: These products can satisfy heavy-duty fabrication customers, foundries, scrap yards, steel mills, oil and gas shipyards and offshore rig builders. They are an opportunity to fill a void that major OEM’s have eliminated from their product lines.  Flame Tech’s safe tip-mix design increases operator safety and increases productivity. All products are made here in the U.S.A. with a manufacturing facility in Austin, Texas.

Who: Flange Wizard

Robert L (The Wizard) Doan, president

What: Flange Wizard Store Displays

Why: Move Flange Wizard’s products out the door with their multifunctional displays, increasing sales through hands-on product introduction. Displays are made out of old oxygen or gas bottles and include holders for Flange Wizard catalogs, shelf for pipe wraps, and a sign with a built-in monitor showing instructional videos. Check the store display on our website for pictures and ordering information.

Who: Flexovit USA

Jeff Hanna, national sales manager

What: Off The Grid-O.T.G. – abrasive products for cordless power tools

Why: With cordless power tools becoming so prevalent in our industry, accessories that extend battery life are important for welders, contractors and do-it-yourselfers. Downtime in changing batteries wastes time, costs money and slows production. Flexovit’s new line of Off The Grid – O.T.G – depressed center grinding wheels, thin angle grinder cut-off wheels and flap discs, produced with patent protected technology, offer an average of 50 percent increase in battery life and keep the production lines moving without costly stoppages.

Who: Hyperkinetics Corporation

Wade Holt, executive vice president

What: Hyperkinetics Corporation has introduced a new cap for propane cylinders equipped with OPD -style valves.

Why: The caps actually protect the inside of the valve, keeping insects and other debris out, while protecting the interior o-ring seal and threads. This is a great safety enhancement as insect nest and other contamination can prevent a leakproof seal. It is also as a tremendous time saver. Cylinders stored for long periods will not have their valves contaminated, requiring someone to have to clean the valve prior to refilling.

Who:    Lenox & Irwin Tools

Gerry Overstreet, senior channel marketing manager

What: Lenox HRX

Why: The newest addition to the family of bi-metal bandsaw products from Lenox, the new Lenox  HRX is designed for superior results when sawing large beams and heavy walled tubing.   Specially designed tooth forms result in longer blade life with straighter cuts and reduced blade pinching. LENOX distributors will now be able to offer a more robust set of saw blade options, increasing their ability to meet the needs of steel fabricators and service centers.

Who: Mathey Dearman, Inc.

Brandon Boyd, director of sales

What: Mathey Dearman + SBS Manufacturing = Value without Compromise

Why: Mathey Dearman has merged with SBS Industries.  Our combined resources will create higher quality standards, wider product offering and ultimately increased value to both our distributors and end users.

Who: MPT Industries

Michael Trueba

What: MPT oxygen-compatible thread sealants and lubricants

Why: The MPT Industries OC (registered trademark) line of oxygen compatible thread sealants and lubricants are ideal for providing leak tight seals for cylinder valves, regulators and fittings. The OC line of products can be used with a wide variety of flammable or aggressive liquids and gases with low, medium and high pressure in a wide range of temperatures (from cryogenic to 500 degrees F).

Who: Parenta & Sons Enterprises, Inc.

Joseph Parenta, president

What: Growing base of medical and hospital customers

Why: Joe Parenta, president of Parenta & Sons, has 57 years of industry experience specializing in specialty gas apparatus equipment repair. He sees a growing opportunity for him to help the distributors in 2018 with hospital customers by renting out equipment that he has on hand. This can be especially useful at times when hospitals experience an unexpected shutdown or when they need extra equipment temporarily.

Who:    Reelcraft

Rex Larkin, vice president of sales and marketing

What: Reelcraft’s interactive catalog and quick-ship program improves cash flow through exceptional searchability and availability. The new service includes easy product selection, quick and easy access to information and competitive fast processing and shipping.

Why: The internet is forcing manufacturers and distributors to continue to raise the bar and keep up with technological trends. A strong web presence with quick access to consumers’ needs is crucial. Reelcraft has over 190 top-selling models in stock ready to ship. Models listed with an icon can ship same or next day upon request when the order is received by 11:30 a.m. Eastern Time for quantities of 10 or fewer. Reelcraft’s goal is to be among the easiest companies to do business with.

Who: Select-Arc

Dale Stager, president

What: Next Generation Stainless

Why: Select-Arc’s next generation of SelectAlloy flux-cored stainless products give distributors an easy way to increase profits and satisfy customers with a product that is proudly made in America. These new products match and surpass the performance that offshore stainless products distributors may currently be offering – all at a competitive price. Customers will experience enhanced welder appeal, better bead geometry, improved bead appearance and cosmetics, as well as ease of operation in both the all position and flat/horizontal products.

Who: Solution Source

Ryan Britsch, chief operating partner

What: WGS for NetSuite

Why: We believe in the power of providing people with the right information, exactly when they need it.  By making easy-to-use, scalable ERP software specifically for gas and welding distributors, we give your business the tools it needs to thrive. WGS for NetSuite features integrated asset management through TrackAbout, real-time branch reporting, powerful pricing tools, a built-in customer portal, eCommerce support, and more – all designed to supplement your existing processes and save you time and money.

Who: Southwire

Tom Sperelakis, vice president, specialty distribution

What: Southwire Welding Cable available through wholesale networks

Why: With a strong fourth quarter due to the resurgence in oil prices, we expect the momentum to continue for the first half of 2018.  It is imperative that you have the products your customers need on hand due to the time-sensitive nature of the market. Equipment and worker downtime equals lost revenue for your customers. Availability of the products will set you apart.

Who: Sumner: A Southwire Company

Steve White, vice president of sales

What: Internal fit-up clamp alignment tool

Why: Sumner’s internal fit-up clamp alignment tool can be used on all standard weld neck flanges and works great with slip-on flanges. With one-piece construction, there is no fear of losing loose pieces. The internal fit-up clamp alignment tool offers a quick operation to get the job done quickly and accurately.

Who: Techniweld USA

Hunter Johnson, executive vice president

What: Interactive real-time web experience

Why: Techniweld USA’s new web portal is a state-of-the-art tool that allows anyone to access product information, typical certificates, warranty information, catalogs and training videos. It allows our distributors access to real-time inventory, pricing, tracking information, past order history, quick reorder functionality, actual certificates, account balances, and much more Our ease of use portal will lead to greater efficiencies for purchasers, less downtime, quicker responses and accurate real-time information for distributors at their fingertips.

Who: Tekno Valves North America

Justin Guitreau, business development officer

What: High pressure industrial medical and specialty gas valves

Why: Tekno Valves offers a full range of cylinder valves to satisfy both small and large company needs. Distributors buy directly from us, so are able to offer a great price with a great service for valves with the highest quality. Approval by the majors is a testament to the technical and commercial viability of the Tekno Valves product offering.

Who: TrackAbout

Tim Fusco, CEO

What: Integration with distribution software vendors Profit 21 and Netsuite

Why: We continue to give gas distributors more choices for distribution software. This lets each distributor find the right software for them and use that software to further improve customer service and drive operational efficiencies.

Who: WEH Technologies

Andreas Willfort, general manager

What: Quick connector

Why: The quick connectors will help a distributor’s fill plant operation to be faster, safer, and more

reliable. The main opportunity for cost savings is the preventative cost of healthcare to injured

employees who might develop conditions such as carpel tunnel and other injuries caused by the

manual labor of connecting and disconnecting cylinder connectors all day long. These are dangerous hidden cost that can be prevented.

Who: Western Sales and Testing of Amarillo Inc.

Steve Aderholt, president

What: Our retest business is projected to grow by 30-35 percent due to the July 2007 DOT requirement that tube trailers get re-tested and certified every 10 years.

Why: Our shop disassembles and repairs tube trailers and chassis to like-new condition. Our primary business goal for 2018 is to reduce our lead time to repair a trailer from 60 days to 45 days.  Because of the need to take trailers out of service for retest and certification, our lease business is projected to grow by 15 percent to help alleviate the shortage of inventory.  Trailer owners would be wise to schedule shop time for these mandatory recertifications early in the year to ensure availability of their trailers and to comply with this requirement.

Who: Wise Telemetry

Eric Wise, CEO

What: Microbulk telemetry

Why: Microbulk telemetry is a growing opportunity for distributors to monitor prominent or problematic customers to make sure they are taken care of efficiently. Beverage gas customers seem to be the biggest growing trend. At a competitive price, you can monitor your microbulk assets at a significantly lower price than traditional bulk monitoring. Additional cost-saving measures are on the horizon for 2018 that will drive down the price of hardware and monthly costs even further.

Who: Western Enterprises

Brooke Aldrich, associate product manager

What: KwikLok Quick Connects

Why: Western’s KwikLok Quick Connects offer a twist-locking feature that makes them OSHA compliant by preventing accidental disconnects. This is a huge feature for our customers, as the KwikLoks enable system flexibility without sacrificing safety or quality. This product can integrate seamlessly into customers’ current setups, allowing them to be compliant without overhauling their systems.

Who: Weldship Corporation

Jim Cielinski, general sales manager

What: Right-size your equipment

Why: Whether you need trailers to haul the maximum product allowable under US-DOT weight regulations, or require ASME ground storage equipment to fit tight spaces without paying premium prices, Weldship Corporation has engineered the products to meet your needs. We offer both short term and long term lease options that best fit the needs of every customer.

More supplier connections to come….