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Contact Booth Exhibitors

Come One, Come All … to the “Greatest Show” of GAWDA!

GAWDA’s Contact Booth Program Goal: 100 Percent Distributor Engagement

It’s time once again for the GAWDA Contact Booth Program. It’s a great show! It’s three and a half hours that’s a highlight of the year for suppliers and distributors alike. It’s a concentrated event meant for distributors to be face-to-face with manufacturer’s reps and supplier-company executives.

GAWDA’s Contact Booth Program Committee aims to obtain 100 percent distributor attendance and engagement at this year’s Contact Booth events. It’s an important goal, 2016-2017 President Mark Raimy has said, because “that kind of participation and interest is what makes this program successful for supplier members,” and hosting a Contact Booth Program exhibit represents a major investment.

This is where it’s happening; where you might get a big bite of some new business!

So distributors: Meet your suppliers. Ask questions, get demos, learn about new processes, pick out some new products for your store or operation. Get what you need to make some new business inroads. Here is when and where you can get it straight from the supplier source.

And suppliers: Pitch your distributors. It’s your chance to exchange information face-to-face, get to know more of the people you’d like on your order sheet, and show them what your company and your products have that can make their businesses grow more profitable.

Tuesday, October 3

ACME Image

Acme Cryogenics Final Line Manifolds

Allentown, Pennsylvania — Acme Cryogenics is a leading designer and manufacturer of final line pressure control manifolds. Their time-proven brazing, cleaning and testing procedures provide superior results that cannot be matched by any other manufacturer’s process. Let Acme show you the difference!

AmWins Image

Amwins Has Delivered For Over 25 Years

Charlotte, North Carolina — Distributors have entrusted their insurance investment to AmWINS Program Underwriters for over 25 years. With specialized coverages, competitive pricing, loss control, strong claims management, and now cyber liability. You cannot afford not to ask your agent about AmWINS. Contact us today to learn how your business can benefit from AmWINS ProgramUnderwriters.

American Cap Comp

American Cap Company Provides Customers With High Quality

Wheatland, Pennsylvania — American Cap Company provides customers with high quality cylinder caps, valve guards, neck rings, and other cylinder related components. Our products are designed to meet CGA, CSA, DOT, ISO and EN standards. ACC is API-5CT, API-Q1 and ISO 9001:2008 certified.

Anthony Welded

Anthony Welded Products Now Offers Pre-Paid Freight

Simi Valley, California — Celebrating 60 years in the business, Anthony Products is excited to announce their new “Pre-Paid Freight Policy” on all orders of $1000 or more. Four generations strong, and getting better with age.

Arcos Image

Arcos Showcases Line

Mt. Carmel, Pennsylvania — Arcos Industries, LLC manufactures a comprehensive line of superior quality bare wire, covered and tubular welding electrode products. Our wide range of consumables includes high alloy, stainless steel and nickel alloy electrodes. Arcos electrodes meet or exceed demanding military and nuclear application specifications such as: ASME Nuclear Certificate #QSC448; ISO 9001: Certified; Mil-I 45208A Inspection; and Navy QPL.

American Standard Manufacturing

ASM – American Standard Manufacturing – Providing Over 27 Years of Excellence

Central Bridge, New York — ASM has provided over 27 years of excellent customer service and outstanding product quality. They continue to manufacture high-pressure and propane cylinder storage and merchandising cabinets for both industrial and commercial use, along with a variety of ergonomic cylinder-handling devices.

BTIC America Offering Industrial And Beverage Cryogenic Cylinders

Houston, Texas — BTIC America Corporation (BAC) is a subsidiary of Beijing Tianhai Industry Co., Ltd., which is one of the best and largest cylinder manufacturers in the world. BAC provides cylinder sales and services. Products include high pressure gas cylinders (DOT/TC and UNISO), acetylene cylinders, cryogenic cylinders, fire-fighting cylinders and SCBA cylinders.

California Cylinder

California Cylinder Can Satisfy All Your Cylinder Needs

Upland, California — California Cylinder offers a full – line of high pressure cylinders and cryogenic liquid cylinders to our industry. Product line includes high pressure steel, aluminum, acetylene & propane cylinders. California Cylinder also offers cylinder requalification services with our affiliate: West Coast Hydro Test & Maintenance.

Cavagna Image1

Cavagna Offers Al-In-One Product Valve

Somerset, New Jersey — Cavagna Group’s I-VIPR is an integrated valve and residual pressure valve. Its ergonomic design provides the user with easy access to all primary functions from one side of the cylinder. IVPR is suitable for various welding gases, including oxygen, acetylene and AR/C02 mixtures.

Chart Image

New Chart Perma-Max™ Microbulk C02 Storage Systems

Garfield Heights, Ohio — Chart introduces a new line of MicroBulk C02 storage with the Perma-Max™ Storage Systems. The Perma-Max series is designed with fast fill plumbing and is turnkey-ready for any C02 application. Other new design features include all stainless steel ball valves, larger internal pressure builder and vaporizer coils for faster pressure recovery and increased gas flow rates. Now offering a higher capacity of 12,000 lbs gross storage (12,000 VHP model). The unique design of the 1400 XHP model allows for the delivery of high pressure liquid C02 at pressures up to 800 psig MAWP. Model sizes also available in 2200 HP, 3300 HP, 4400 HP and 6000 HP.


CYL-TEC Is Your One Resource For The Compressed Gas Industry

Aurora, Illinois — One resource. Zero headaches. Cyl-Tec is the one-stop solution for compressed gas cylinders, liquid cylinders, small bulk, bulk, and accessories. Stop by our booth to learn how we can assist your business through our extensive inventory of in-stock items.

Eleet - FEG2017

Eleet Offering New Lines Of Taylor-Wharton Tanks

Bolivar, OHIO — Eleet has been providing high-quality rehab bulk tanks and industrial and medical final-line assemblies for 20+ years. Now we’re offering new Taylor-Wharton bulk and micro-bulk tanks. With Eleet’s piping and testing, these new bulk tanks have been excellent performers in the field. CO2 tanks have inner stainless steel and recondensing coil as standard; a new micro-bulk tank offers exceptional versatility.


Victor® EDGE™ 2.O Gas Regulator Offers Intuitive Operation

Buffalo, New York — The Victor EDGE™ 2.0 regulator features a larger 2 ½-in. diameter delivery gauge, a smaller, offset cylinder pressure gauge and uses high-contrast, color-coded gauge faces. Even from a distance, operators can tell if they have sufficient cylinder contents and if delivery pressure is within safe and acceptable ranges.


FIBA Executives To Highlight Product Line

Littleton, Massachusetts — FIBA serves industrial and specialty gas distributors and manufacturers. FIBA manufactures and repairs transport, storage and filling equipment, including DOT, ISO and ASME pressure vessels, tube trailers, ISO modules, ASME and DOT receivers, bulk transporters and tanks, oil field equipment, and vaporizers. FIBA provides ultrasonic, acoustic emission and hydrostatic requalification of pressure vessels.


Flexovit Usa, Inc. Features High Productivity Abrasives For Power Tools

Angola, NY —Flexovit USA, Inc. is a USA based manufacturer of high productivity abrasives for portable power tools. Flexovit operates a 100,000 sq. ft. ISO certified factory, four sales and distribution centers, and deploys a team of technical sales representatives to provide support to abrasive users through a selective network of authorized distributors in USA, Canada, and Mexico.

Gas Innovations Expands

La Porte, Texas — Gas Innovations purchases adjacent property and expands operations, including carbon monoxide and cryogenic ethane. Cryogenic ethane will replace compressed ethane as the only available mode of supply. The “Welcome to Gas Innovations” video features the company overview showcasing Gas Innovations competencies, innovative technologies and our high-purity hydrocarbons and refrigerants.


Gentec Provides The Total Solution

Chino, California — Genstar Technologies Company provides high-quality pressure regulators, fittings, valves, welding apparatus, gas control and gas handling devices. UL-approved high quality products, competitive pricing and continual technological innovation have fueled Genstar’s steady growth since 1984. Their R&D department works continuously to improve existing product lines, developing innovative product designs.

Gullco Image

Gullco International’s Oscillator Improves Weld Quality

Cleveland, Ohio — The portable, compact, modular design of this heavy-duty remote control oscillator makes it easy to handle and set up, increases productivity and improves weld quality by providing precise automation of welding applications. Mounted on a KAT travel carriage, the oscillator imparts pendulum, tangential or step motion to the welding gun.


Hypertherm Reshapes Plasma Versatility

Hanover, New Hampshire — With seven highly portable, professional grade air plasma systems and more specialty torches and consumables, Hypertherm Powermax systems provide the versatility your customers need to get the job done.

Lincoln Electric

Lincoln Electric Co. Will Network With Distributor Partners

Cleveland, Ohio — With more than 200 technical representatives and field sales support personnel, Lincoln Electric strives to assist distributor partners as they meet end-user needs with application expertise, quality products and outstanding customer service.


Kaplan Industries Provides Total Solutions

Harrison, Ohio — More than just an industrial cylinder supplier, Kaplan Industries offers a wide portfolio of services. Executives will discuss all our cylinder products and services including our new N-Butane offering for the medical cannabis industry, cradle manifold systems, liquid and propane offerings, medical and beverage options including cylinder reconditioning and both hydro and UT testing. No one inventories a more complete line of cylinders and valves for compressed gases, offering both new and refurbished cylinders.


Mcdantim Showcases The Trumix®

Helena, Montana — McDantim Trumix® gas blending systems are a unique approach to accurate gas blends. Using laminar gas flow properties, they maintain industry standard blend accuracies over a wide range of flow rates without buffer tanks or electricity. Two or three-component blends at flow rates ranging from 1scfh to over 4,000 scfh are available.


Mercer Industries — Solutions. Start To Finish

Ronkonkoma, New York — Mercer Industries supplies a full line of technologically advanced, superior quality, long-lasting bonded and coated abrasives and diamond blades as well as industrial files. The Mercer commitment to serving its customers and providing quality products spans over 50 years. Quality, performance, delivery, service, and value are the focal points for this third-generation family business.

Metal Man Work Gear Co. Introduces Innovative Welding Cabinet/Cart

Appleton, Wisconsin — Well known for innovative ideas for welding accessories, Metal Man Work Gear Co. has recently introduced a new welding cabinet/cart. The Metal Man TTWC3 Welding Cart/Cabinet is designed to accept most brands of small light industrial welders. It has an on-board cylinder rack designed to hold shielding gas cylinders up to 7-1/2” in diameter. It incorporates a locking cabinet door to help secure valuable accessories, such as an auto darkening welding helmet.

Metal Man


ORS Nasco: Experience The Value Of Wholesale

Muskogee, Oklahoma — ORS Nasco is a single source provider of more than 200,000 products of premium brands from over 600 manufacturers in the industrial, welding, oilfield, safety, electrical, construction, HVAC, MRO, plumbing, janitorial and rental markets.


Prism Visual Software Serving Gas Distribution For Over 20 Years

Port Washington, New York — Prism Visual Software sells back office, CRM, mobile Android delivery and customer web shopping software to support a welding supply distributor’s end-to-end technology needs. Prism Route Management Dispatch Suite sells with a fully integrated Accounting ERP or integrates with QuickBooks, Microsoft Dynamics and SAGE. Supports cylinder exchange and replenishment workflow with scanning, rental billing, mobile invoice for delivery and equipment service, electronic surveys and DOTs, track gas lots and more.

Phoenix International

Phoenix International Showcases New Product From Their Safetube Product Line

Milwaukee, Wisconsin — Phoenix International is best known for its durable Dryrod ovens. Current products include electrode ovens, flux ovens and Safetubes. The Milwaukee-based company is marking its 125th anniversary in 2017. They are proud to announce a new product in their Safetube product line. This new rack will hold three 14” or 18” Safetubes.


Ray Murray Inc. Offers Protection For C02 Cylinders

Lee, Massachusetts — Ray Murray has introduced a new flanged pressure retention valve for aluminum cylinders. It minimizes potential of cylinder contamination by preventing backflow of impurities by retaining approximately 50psi pressure, maintaining the integrity of the cylinder contents against contaminants, even if the valve is left open.

Ratermann Image

Ratermann Manufacturing Teams Up With Taylor Wharton

Livermore, California — Ratermann Manufacturing is excited to announce new stocked inventory of TW Bev-carb tanks, nitrogen generators, TW industrial liquid cylinders and our Arctic Fox cryogenic tanks 1500L-6000L. Ultimately, Ratermann Manufacturing believes that we are 100 percent accountable for each customer order. Because of that commitment, we care for and manage every order, from beginning to end.

Rotarex Q2 Image

Rotarex Gas Handling Process

Hackettstown, New Jersey — Serving the industry since 1922, manufacturer of valves, fittings, and regulators for compressed gases. Source-to-process solutions for the handling of gas including specialty, semiconductor, corrosive, industrial, and medical. Innovator for cylinder valves, line valves, integrated valve-regulators, regulators, and fittings in materials such as brass, ASB stainless steel, nickel, and Hastelloy.


SafTCart Execs Discuss Latest Offerings

Clarksdale, Mississippi — SafTCart, a “Made In The USA” manufacturer will discuss their latest innovations including the Aluminomics Trailer for efficient cylinder delivery. They will further be on hand to discuss the warehouse friendly box cart line and employee friendly cylinder delivery systems.

Select-Arc Sets The Standard Of Excellence In Tubular Welding Electrodes

Fort Loramie, Ohio — Select-Arc, Inc. manufactures a complete line of premium quality flux-cored and metal-cored welding electrodes: carbon steel, low alloy, stainless steel, nickel alloy and hard surfacing. The company backs its exceptional welding wire products with outstanding service and the best value-added in the industry. Select-Arc sets the standard of excellence in tubular welding electrodes.


Sherwood Valve Expands Product Offerings

Washington, Pennsylvania — Sherwood continues new product development of valves for medical gases, calibration gases and specialty gas applications to be released in 2017. Stop by the Sherwood booth to learn more about our current products and find out about our custom design capabilities. Sherwood provides American-made quality products and service you can trust.


Sumner Manufacturing Features User Friendly Products

Washington, Pennsylvania — The Max-Jax 2 stand has the unique capability of being either a low or high moveable jack stand for 4 – 36” (100-915 mm) pipe. By quickly removing the jack head and casters from the base can be rotated from a low high stand.

Superior SAM manifold pic

Superior Products

Cleveland, Ohio — Superior Products will showcase an expanded product offering of Semi-Automatic Manifolds and manifold systems, new quick connects for welding equipment, an all-purpose propane torch, test gauges with bleeder valves and more! Spend time with us to learn why more distributors are switching to the Superior brand of products.

Taylor-Wharton Celebrating 275th Anniversary

Taylor-Wharton produces a comprehensive range of cryogenic storage equipment for Industrial Gas, Life Science and LNG applications. Products include Atmospheric Bulk Tanks, MicroBulk Vessels, Liquid Cylinders, Beverage Carbonation, VJ C02 Tanks, Hydrogen Vessels and Mobile Delivery Units. Tracing its roots to 1742, TW is now celebrating its 275th Anniversary in 2017.


VMG’S Affordable Automatic Changeover Manifold

Cincinnati, Ohio — Vendor Managed Gas offers a new revolutionary affordable automatic switchover manifold system that helps eliminate beverage gas supply issues. Using VMG Telemetry with this automatic changeover manifold will allow you to run your day to day operations more efficiently and save money.

Voest Alpine Boehler image Q2

Voestalpine Bohler Welding Has Comprehensive Global Presence

Houston, Texas — Voestalpine Böhler Welding’s Böhler Welding and Fontargen Brazing divisions provide a range of soldering and welding filler metals in joint welding, welding for repair and maintenance, and brazing and soldering. Expertise is provided to the oil and gas, pipeline, chemical, power generation, transportation and automotive industries, and more.


Weiler Covers You Before, During And After The Weld

Cresco, Pennsylvania — As an industry leader and global manufacturer of surface conditioning solutions, Weiler Abrasives Group is dedicated to forging collaborative relationships with our customers in diverse markets — Welding & Fabrication; Industrial Production; and Maintenance, Repair & Operations — to tackle their toughest cleaning, grinding, cutting, de-burring, and finishing challenges.


Spending Too Much $$ On Cold Ends? See Pump Protection Options

Aurora, Illinois — Let Weldcoa’s WatchDog™ 2.0 Automatic Cryogenic Pump Protection System keeps an eye on your pump, watching for any potential pump problems and alerting you before any damage is done. The WatchDog™ 2.0 allows the operator to remotely cool down, start and stop a pump as well as monitor the pump to ensure effective performance and help reduce unnecessary wear and maintenance. The goal is to try to double the life of the pump between repairs, thus saving both money and downtime. Start using Weldcoa’s Watch Dog system, and stop worrying about pump failure.


New Weldship Super Max Jumbo Hydrogen Tube Trailer

Bethlehem, Pennsylvania — Weldship announces production of the Super Max Jumbo Hydrogen Tube Trailer fitted with nine 42-ft.UN/USA ISO11120, 178 bar (2580 psig) seamless steel tubes for embrittling gas service. This trailer will transport the largest hydrogen payload of any seamless steel tube trailer that meets US DOT weight regulations. Carries a 10-year retest period.


Western Enterprises Sets The Standard

Westlake, Ohio — Western Enterprises sets the standard in quality and safety for welding and gas distribution applications. With quality, reliable, made in USA gas fittings, quick connects, flash arrestors, regulators, pigtails, and manifolds. Western offers a full line of products for every gas management and control application!


Worthington Industries Leading With Expertise

Columbus, Ohio — Worthington Industries is the leading manufacturer of pressure cylinders and related products for industrial, alternative fuels, oil and gas, and consumer products markets. Our steel, aluminum and composite cylinders, cryogenic vessels, storage tanks and specialty components serve more than 4,000 customers in 70 countries.


Abicor Binzel – Welding As It Should Be.

Frederick, Maryland — Our line of MIG torches and accessories are designed with the welder in mind. Comfortable, durable and made of the highest-grade materials to ensure a superior welding performance. Whether handheld or robotics, welders look to BINZEL for total torch technology.

Harris Image

The Harris Products Group Offers Specialty Gas Equipment

Mason, Ohio —The Harris Products Group offers a full line of specialty gas equipment. We manufacture high purity bar stock regulators available in stainless steel, brass and chrome plated. In addition to regulators, Harris offers complete gas management products for flow control, gas purification, and cylinder storage.


Visit GAWDA’s New Booth!

GAWDA has invested in a new booth, with bold new graphics and components that are compartmentalized and transportable, allowing them to be taken to the SMC, the AC, regional GAWDA meetings and other industry trade shows. The booth features a sit-down conversation area, a multimedia display panel, pull-up information signage and tabletops for handouts and brochures. GAWDA Consultants and GAWDA Media representatives will be present there throughout the program.

Prizes, Prizes, Prizes!
GAWDA’s 2017 AC Prize Program
AC Prize Program
Get in on the possibility of winning some great gear and goodies during GAWDA’s Prize Program at the Annual Convention. Suppliers are sponsoring several dozen great offerings this fall. It’s GAWDA’s way of helping to generate interest in supplier booths and ensuring 100 percent attendance attendance by GAWDA distributors.

Yeti coolers. Google Homes. Visa gift cards. I pads. Five GAWDA SMC free registrations – and lots more!

The prizes are plentiful and they’re pretty slick! Make sure you get your badge scanned upon entry to the Contact Booth Prize Program and bring plenty of business cards to use to enter drawings.