SMC Contact Booth Prize Program and Featured Exhibitor Guide

Did you sign up for the  Contact Booth program at the 2017 GAWDA SMC?  Here are some promotional options for you to consider:

The Prize Program

The Prize Program is an effort to help GAWDA Suppliers draw Distributors to visit their booths at the Contact Booth Program.  Prizes listings are on a first-come first-served basis, so get your materials submitted ASAP.

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The Featured Exhibitor Guide

The Featured Exhibitor Guide is an opportunity for current advertisers in the Q2 Issue of Welding & Gases Today to promote activities happening at their booths during the SMC Contact Booth Program. The featured exhibitors guide is printed in the magazine, put out digitally in newsletters, and we will post in our Facebook Event to make sure to visit the Witt Gas booth to check out what you’ll be exhibiting.

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