Introducing CVENT: GAWDA’s New Registration System

Here’s How to Get Utmost Benefit from this Online Program

As you may already know, GAWDA has launched a new registration system for this year’s Annual Convention. Having a new, streamlined system was identified by President Bill Visintainer as one of his main goals for his year as GAWDA president.

GAWDA staff researched a number of software programs to find one that is scalable, can meet future association needs, is very user-friendly, and provides our members real value. Here are its features, and ways to get the utmost benefit from the new CVENT system.

Lists of all sessions – When you register, you get a listing of all the events included in your registration fee. (Registered spouses and children also get detailed event reports.)

Badge preview – You control what your badge looks like – and you can easily preview it.

Pay with a few mouse clicks – You can add optional items (such as golf), pay for other events, and even make a donation to the GAWDA Gives Back program with a simple click.

Registering multiple people – If you’re registering other group members from your company, you can click on “Add Another Delegate” at the bottom of the page and register them. At the end of the process, all registered delegates receive email confirmations. These can be used as receipts for expense reports.

Who’s registered? What’s my booth number? Once your registration is completed, the system adds you and your group to the online attendee list. To access the list, login with your confirmation number and click on the “Attendee List” tab. Booth assignments are also available online and are updated daily. You can access that via the “Contact Booth Information” tab.

Errors? Easy fix! If you find an error in information entered or you want to add additional items, log back in with your confirmation number and simply modify the record.

New Networking Capabilities

There’s now a larger (4-inch-by-6-inch) convention badge, and it contains an information-rich QR code (a machine-readable optical label). The code carries contact information of each attendee. Before attending the convention, you ‘ll want to download a free QR code reader so your smartphone can take advantage of this feature.

With a QR code reader, you can scan the information from badges of convention attendees you meet. The collected information can be downloaded like a digital “Rolodex” data file.

“GAWDA’s Helpful Hints”

GAWDA will be publishing “Helpful Hints” about ways to fully utilize the new registration system to collect information and network with other attendees.

For best results, attendees should register online and access the information online. Off-line registration options include mail-in or fax-in forms – and these are still available on the GAWDA Annual Convention web page. However, we recommend that attendees get accustomed to using the online features, since more options will be added in the future.

As always, thank you for your continued support of GAWDA and our industry.

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John Ospina is GAWDA’s executive director. He can be reached at GAWDA Headquarters in Hollywood, Florida, via telephone at 844-251-3219 or via email at