August 15, 2015 – Member News

Lincoln Electric Acquires Integrator & Robotic Systems Manufacturer

Lincoln Electric Holdings acquired Rimrock Holdings Corporation, a privately held manufacturer and integrator of industrial automation products and robotic systems with two divisions, Wolf Robotics and Rimrock Corporation.

Wolf Robotics integrates robotic welding and cutting systems predominately for heavy fabrication and transportation OEMs and suppliers. Rimrock Corporation designs and manufactures automated spray systems and turnkey robotic systems for the die casting, foundry and forging markets. “Our investment in Wolf Robotics extends our leadership position in automated welding and cutting,” says Christopher L. Mapes, chairman, president & CEO. “We are excited to combine their expertise and capabilities as a leading automation integrator in the North American heavy fabrication sector with our existing portfolio to better serve customers and accelerate growth.” Rimrock Holdings Corporation is headquartered in Columbus, OH, and has operations in Columbus, OH, and Fort Collins, CO. Annual sales are approximately $40 million.

Praxair Plans to Relocate Headquarters

After purchasing the former GE Capital building in Danbury, CT, Praxair will move its global headquarters to 10 Riverview Drive in Danbury. Praxair purchased the 179,000 sq. ft. building for about $20 million. The company originally planned to build its own headquarters in Danbury at a cost of at least $65 million, but canceled those plans earlier this year after it became too expensive. The move will be completed by the end of 2016. Praxair currently leases space for its approximately 400 employees working at the headquarters.

Gas Innovations Increases Ethylene Storage Capacity

Gas Innovations has expanded its capability to supply refrigerant gases to LNG and FLNG liquefaction plants worldwide. A third bulk storage tank has been added at its Texas facility, increasing storage capacity from 12,000 to more than 27,000 gallons. This increased inventory, which allows the company to fill six ocean-going ISO containers with on-site volume, is being utilized to address large-scale needs. Gas Innovations is currently in the midst of a project to load twenty-five 5,000-gallon liquid ISOs of ethylene to ship to Africa, where an effort is underway to restart an LNG plant, in addition to supplying sufficient quantities of ethane to start up a plant in Australia that will liquefy and ready for transport the significant stores of native natural gas. This project, in turn, will make shipment of LNG to Japan–as one answer to that country’s energy woes–more economically viable. “With companies building more plants and LNG increasingly recognized as a viable power source, our expanded capabilities to store and package hydrocarbon refrigerants mean that these projects can, in turn, expand,” says Ashley Madray, vice president. “With this security of supply, the sky’s the limit. There are numerous applications for our mixed refrigerants locally, but we can also now take this product and this service to developing downstream oil and gas markets across the world. So our local expertise is also exportable.”

Cole Butler

Cole Butler

Osborn Adds Territory Sales Managers

Vincent Boshar and Cole Butler were hired by Osborn as territory sales managers. Their responsibilities include delivering high-quality sales, providing leadership for the company, and growing Osborn’s presence in their respective territories. Prior to working for Osborn, Boshar was the eastern regional sales manager for Pferd USA and a national sales manager for Bullard Abrasives. He also worked for Anderson Products (Anderson Brush Co.) and Weiler Brush Co. Butler had held the same position at Osborn from 2011 to 2013. Before returning to Osborn, he worked for Riverside Manufacturing Company and Moldex-Metric, Inc. He also worked as a general manager for Fastenal for five years. Butler’s position has expanded to include the northern part of Texas, in addition to Oklahoma, Arkansas and Kansas.

Patrick Pierson

Patrick Pierson

Kaplan Hires Western Regional Sales Manager

Kaplan Industries appointed Patrick Pierson as their new western regional sales manager. Pierson most recently served as North American sales manager for Engineered Controls International.

Airgas Election Results

Based upon certified results following Airgas’ Annual Meeting of Stockholders held on August 4, all four Airgas nominees, James W. Hovey, Michael L. Molinini, Paula A. Sneed and David M. Stout, have been elected to the Airgas Board of Directors. “While all directors received the vote necessary for election, only President and CEO Michael Molinini received a majority of votes cast. As a result of the vote, the Airgas Board of Directors will evaluate the advisability of maintaining a staggered board,” says Airgas Executive Chairman Peter McCausland.