Risk! I don’t have to explain the concept of risk to any of GAWDA’s member company owners; they deal with it everyday because they are in business. What I do need to talk about is how to reduce that risk in the area that I deal with, DOT & Homeland Security.

We have conducted consultant seminars for many years now and many of our members have put their owners, compliance personnel and operations managers through them. We do these every year in the spring and fall so just watch for the announcements. This is a way to help a company manage their compliance risk and get someone trained and involved in the different compliance issues facing a company today.

GAWDA has a lot of ways to help members with compliance. The best way is to contact the appropriate GAWDA Consultant. Your membership gives you free access by phone or email to ask any questions that you may have. Once we are contacted, we can quickly give you an answer and provide you with many materials on just about any subject you can think of. The GAWDA website is another great place to get help. We have archived many years’ worth of compliance materials on the Consultant pages. Just go to www.gawda.org and log onto your account. You will need an ID and password to access the secure area, but that is available by just asking headquarters via email or by calling them at 877-382-6440. After logging in, you will find the resources under the “Members Only Document” in the lower left corner of your account page. While you are asking for your ID and password, be sure to ask to be placed on the Safety Organizer mailing list which will have all the monthly consultant articles coming right to your email in-basket each month. Also, Welding & Gases Today Online at www.WeldingAndGasesToday.org contains an archive of Consultant columns that appeared in this magazine dating back several years.

I also have an excellent GAWDA Driver Training Manual that makes an excellent driver safety meeting training tool. If you do one of the six chapters every two months, you will have your drivers trained in one year with simple safety meetings. The manual has a test with each chapter. I’ll be happy to send you the manual by simply asking for it via email.

Are you ready for an audit? Don’t keep putting your head in the sand hoping that it will go away. It won’t. Still hoping that you won’t be noticed? You will. Remember, you are carrying hazardous materials which are high profile items. Have a serious accident and you will be investigated. I have an audit checklist and a suggested recordkeeping checklist for you by simply asking for it via email.

Sleep factor, you know what that is. Everyone wants to sleep better at night knowing that they are properly managing their company risks. No matter how much out of compliance you may be, getting back on track is really a lot easier than you think. Call your consultants for help and get started.

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Meet the Author
GAWDA’s DOT, Security, OSHA &EPA Consultant Michael Dodd is president of MLD Safety Associates in Poplar Bluff, Missouri. Members can reach him at 573-718-2887 and MLDSafety@hotmail.com.