GAWDA Is Heating Up This Summer

Summer is finally here after a long cold winter. If you attended the Spring Management Conference, then you know from Alan Beaulieu’s (ITR Economics) presentation that this should be a good year for our industry. If you were not able to attend the Spring Management Conference, then you missed a number of insightful presentations with lots of take-home value. While you can’t go back and recapture the whole event, you can access the presentation slides from most of our presenters by visiting the Spring Management webpage at

Our regional meeting schedule is in full swing and all of these meetings are offering more content and useful advice than ever before. Let’s not forget all of the great networking opportunities. They range from the always popular golf outings to special activities that highlight the local flavor of each location. These meetings not only attract participants from the local region, but many attendees travel from other parts of the country to make new contacts and network with local counterparts. Visit our regional meeting page on the GAWDA website for the full schedule of events and see upcoming event info for a meeting near you.

As you plan the rest of your year, keep the GAWDA annual convention in mind. This year’s event is shaping up to be a real winner. Our speakers include Magic Johnson, Barry Asmus, Karen L. Kurek and many more. We’ll be hosting several offsite events, including the President’s welcome reception at the New Children’s Museum and the Farewell Gala at the Wave House on Mission Beach. Our golf outing will be at the world Famous Torrey Pines Golf Course. We hope to see you all there.

GAWDA Transition

Bruce Ellenbogen

Bruce Ellenbogen

As you know, GAWDA will be self-managed by the end of this year. This has been a busy time for the GAWDA staff and leadership. We are making final arrangements in preparation for our move to the new offices located in Hollywood, Florida. We’re breaking in a new database system, accounting software and GAWDA staff. We’re proud to welcome Bruce Ellenbogen to the GAWDA team. Bruce is our new accounting associate and will be managing our accounting and purchasing functions. He also will be assisting with registration for our various meetings.

I would like to thank the members of the Management Information (MI) committee for helping us determine the best options for our new headquarters’ IT needs. The MI committee is in the process of reinventing itself and will be looking for member input on what issues are important to our members so that they can produce member documents on best practices and general information to help clarify changes in technology that affect all of our businesses. In order to do this, they will be putting out a number of small surveys. Your input is extremely valuable, so please take the time to answer these surveys when you get them.

As always, thank you all for your continued support of our association and our industry.

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John Ospina is GAWDA’s executive director. He can be reached at GAWDA headquarters in Doral, Florida, via telephone at 1-877-382-6440 or email at