Suppliers Showcase Solutions

GAWDA’s Contact Booth Program provides an opportunity for face-to-face communication between distributors and their suppliers. At GAWDA’s Spring Management Conference, member suppliers will be offering information on new products and programs and, as always, will roll up their sleeves in an effort to provide distributor attendees with the solutions that will meet their customers’ needs. These are just some of the exhibitors who are ready, willing and able to provide you with their best!

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Abicor Binzel Adds Value to Distributor Partnerships
Frederick, MD — Visit Abicor Binzel to discuss the Binzel Best Partner Program. This program is exclusively for their best distributors and offers great benefits like price advantages and product education, among other great program features. The Binzel Best Partner Program is just one more way Abicor Binzel adds value to distributor partnerships.

Acme Cryogenics Low-Cost Microbulk Delivery
Allentown, PA — CryoMaxx Liquid Delivery Vehicles are designed as high-quality, low-cost microbulk delivery systems. These units offer ease of maintenance along with “off the shelf” components to keep your vehicles on the road and out of the shop. Simplicity and ease of use were incorporated when these units were designed.

ALM Materials Handling Offers Increased Productivity
Streator, IL — The 2 Axis Single Column Positioner (ALM Model MHL1P) is designed with quality, safety and increased productivity in mind and has a 3,000 lbs. capacity. The horizontal rotator is 180° standard (360° rotation optional). Vertical rotator is a full 360°. Programmable rotation and all pendant controls ensure safe operation.

American Standard Manufacturing
Central Bridge, NY — American Standard Manufacturing manufactures high-pressure and propane cylinder storage and merchandising cabinets for both industrial and commercial use as well as ergonomic cylinder handling devices such as the Pit Stop Propane Fuel Depot, the Forklift Cylinder Handler, the Wall Hugger Cylinder Vise and the Little Giant Cylinder Inverter.

Don’t Just Replace – Upgrade with American Torch Tip
Bradenton, FL — The PHD™ 260 Plasma Conversion Kit allows the user to reduce costs while maintaining productivity. No adaptation needed, simply install the PHD torch into a system and cut. Installation of the PHD cutting torch is easy and everything needed is included in the conversion kit.

AmWINS No Risk Assessment
Charlotte, NC — In today’s competitive landscape you cannot afford to trust the protection of your assets to just anyone. AmWINS Program Underwriters insures more welding distributors than any other insurer. Why not have your insurance professional contact AmWINS today for a no obligation risk assessment? You will be glad you did.

Anthony’s Load -N-Roll Series Carts
Delano, CA — These patented four-wheel cart designs feature two strategically placed heavy-duty locking front casters that allow the operator two ways to move the cylinder load: Simply push the cart upright using all four wheels or tilt the cart back and move it the traditional way over rough and cluttered surfaces.

ArcOne Introduces AirPlus
Taunton, MA — ArcOne’s AirPlus air purifying respirator system provides a constant supply of fresh, filtered air eliminating contaminants via the single P-3 filtration system. AirPlus is available in the Vision series of helmets at a price that is one-third less than other competitive models.

Arcos Showcases Line
Mount Carmel, PA — Arcos Industries manufactures a comprehensive line of superior quality bare wire, covered and tubular welding electrode products. Their wide range of consumables includes high alloy, stainless steel and nickel alloy electrodes. Arcos electrodes meet or exceed demanding military and nuclear application specifications.


Bug-O Systems Presents New K-Bug
Canonsburg, PA — Bug-O Systems will be presenting their new K-Bug 1200. This trackless, digital compact fillet welder runs directly on the workpiece and is capable of traveling up to a 75° incline. This rugged, reliable gear-driven fillet welder includes Bug-O’s 3-year warranty. Stop by Bug-O’s booth to learn more.


Carbide Execs to Talk with Distributors
Louisville, KY — Carbide Industries manufactures calcium carbide products and acetylene used in the industrial gas, chemical, primary steel and foundry markets. Manufacturing plants are located in Louisville and Calvert City, Kentucky.   NO PHOTO

Expanded Carborundum Abrasives Line
Worcester, MA — Carbo White flap discs are an exciting new addition to an expanding Carbo line of products for metalworking, targeting price-conscious customers. Made of high-quality zirconia alumina, it provides a good cut rate and durability, as well as a T27 red plastic plate for trimmability.

New Catalina Cylinders VIPR Unit
Hampton, VA — Catalina Cylinders is pleased to introduce to the medical market the new VIPR (Valve Integrated Pressure Regulator) Unit. This unit is very unique as it does not attach the handle to the Valve Unit, but attaches to the cylinder itself. This new design offers better protection of the VIPR unit.

Cavagna Offers All-In-One Product
Somerset, NJ — Viproxy 1 Touch is an all-in-one valve requiring just a simple touch to operate, yet it delivers with precision to meet the oxygen requirements of patients from infants to adults. Wherever portable medical oxygen is required, the Viproxy 1 Touch brings benefits to all parties in the healthcare chain.

Chart Industries Introduces Horizontal Perma-Cycl Storage System
New Prague, MN — The Horizontal Perma-Cyl 3000 Storage System has all stainless steel bottle construction. It comes standard with FlexFill Technology, top and bottom fill circuit for better tank pressure control and a ventless fill. The unit includes the auto shut-off feature for use with the Orca delivery unit and Chart’s Cyl-Tel Gauge.

Computers Unlimited Showcases Technology
Billings, MT — TIMS Software is the premium ERP software solution for specialty gas and welding supply distributors. Available features include fully integrated cylinder tracking/management, order processing for gases, hardgoods and rental equipment, inventory/warehouse management, truck routing/dispatching, electronic vendor price update, EDI, document imaging, point-of-delivery, eCommerce, mobile computing and powerful data analysis tools.   NO PHOTO

CryoVation Brings New Products to Chicago
Hainesport, NJ — CryoVation is a leading global producer of cylinder fill plants, automated systems, high flow, high purity, industrial or specialty gas applications for the large or small gas distributor. CryoVation is excited to launch several new specialty gas, helium control, purification and pump control systems.

Cyl-Tec Offers Answer to Cryogenic Cylinder Monitoring
Aurora, IL — The new Level-Eye Gauge is the answer to your cryogenic cylinder monitoring needs. Level-Eye uses capacitance to measure liquid level and is accurate to within ± 1%, and is compatible with every portable cryogenic cylinder in service with liquid O2, N2, Ar, N2O and CO2.


DataWeld Offers Industry-Specific Software Solutions
Bossier City, LA —DataWeld offers industry-specific software solutions for the welding supply distributor. Everything you need to run your welding supply business with an emphasis on cylinder control is available in one complete package. Additional options include: state-of-the-art cylinder tracking using iPhone or iPads, electronic bill payment and e-commerce.


ESAB Execs Will Discuss New Solutions
Florence, SC — ESAB Welding & Cutting Products is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of welding and cutting equipment and welding consumables, with more than 100 years of experience. ESAB’s product range includes ARC welding equipment, automated welding lines, plasma cutters, gas apparatus, welding consumables, mechanized cutting machines and more.

Evergreen Midwest Unveils New Connectors
Mentor, OH — New product offerings, both manufactured by FasTest, Inc., include a lightweight CGA 870 MediMate connector and brass and aluminum CGA 910 Medical Air Connectors. The brass model is just a few ounces more than the aluminum model, but with the advantage of brass wetted components.


FasTest’s Simple, No Twist, No Turn Approach to Gas Filling
Roseville, MN — FasTest’s compressed gas connectors for conventional and residual pressure valves are designed to meet CGA 346, 540, 580, 590 and 870 specifications and save time and improve productivity with a quick, temporary connection to industry-standard valves common in medical oxygen and industrial filling applications.

FIBA Technologies Will Discuss Latest in Product News
Millbury, MA — FIBA manufactures and repairs transport, storage and filling equipment, including DOT, ISO and ASME pressure vessels, tube trailers, ISO modules, ASME and DOT receivers, bulk transporters and tanks, oil field equipment and vaporizers. FIBA provides ultrasonic, acoustic emission and hydrostatic requalification of pressure vessels.

Forney Industries Offers New Options
Fort Collins, CO — Forney Industries brings over 80 years of welding experience to the industrial market. Their customer-centric approach introduces numerous flexible options to more effectively manage working capital and increase convenience. NO PHOTO


Gas Innovations Demonstrates Win-Win-Win Program
La Porte, TX — A business philosophy of Win-Win-Win makes growth and success for distributors, their customers and Gas Innovations. Non-traditional products, packages and services yield sales growth for distributors. Stop by their booth and ask about the distributors’ successes resulting from this philosophy and Gas Innovations’ non-traditional lines.

Gullco International’s Oscillator Improves Weld Quality
Cleveland, OH — The portable, compact, modular design of this heavy-duty remote control oscillator makes it easy to handle and set up, increases productivity and improves weld quality by providing precise automation of welding applications. Mounted on a Kat travel carriage, the oscillator imparts pendulum, tangential or step motion to the welding gun.


Harris Makes Wide Variety of Industrial Grade Metalworking Outfits
Mason, OH — The newest offering is the Harris Products Group Ironworker Kits. All Ironworker Acetylene Kits include heavy-duty, high capacity components designed for professional use and are available with either stainless steel or neoprene diaphragm regulators, featuring an insulated cooler tool bag along with other useful accessories.

Hypertherm to Showcase New Offerings
Hanover, NH — HyperthermTwo Powermax Systems, two super long torches, and an attractive array of accessories round out the new offerings from Hypertherm. The all new Powermax30 XP and Powermax125 cutting and gouging system provide power and portability. Two- and four-foot-long hand torches expand Hypertherm’s already industry leading line of torches.


INOXCVA Showcases Micro Bulk Storage and Distribution Capabilities
Mont Belvieu, TX — The INOXCVA Portacryo combines all the features needed for cost-effective micro bulk storage and distribution capabilities. Their team will provide information needed to help the independent become more self-sufficient and more profitable. Discounts on all cryogenic and micro bulk storage equipment will be offered at the SMC.


Kaplan Industries Highlights Expanded Inventory
Maple Shade, NJ — No one inventories a more complete line of cylinders and valves for compressed gas applications. From the smallest lecture bottles to the largest storage vessels, from 240 PSI to 6,000 PSI working pressure, Kaplan Industries has the cylinder you need.

Kobelco Welding of America Expands L-XR Product Line
Houston, TX — Kobelco announces the addition of the LP-XR all-position flux cored stainless product to its reduced, hexavalent Cr product line. Along with the flat and horizontal wire, this completes the L-XR product group available in the 308L/309L/316L Series. This revolutionary product can reduce hexavalent Cr emissions from welding fumes by 70-80%.


The Lincoln Electric Company Will Network with Distributor Partners
Cleveland, OH — With almost 200 distributor liaison and technical representatives in the field, Lincoln strives to assist distributor partners as they meet end-user needs with application expertise, quality products and outstanding customer service.   NO PHOTO


Mathey Dearman Offers CNC for the Rest of Us
Tulsa, OK — Ultra-simple control, extreme portability and an attractive price equals the revolutionary Mathey Dearman CNC Saddle Machines. Mathey’s three models can set up and cut literally millions of shapes on pipe measuring 1.5² to 12². Every shop, small or large, can benefit from the speed and accuracy of CNC pipe profiling.

McDantim’s 50,000+ Draft Beer Systems Can’t Be Wrong
Helena, MT — Save your customers the expense of electricity and storage tanks without losing floor space when blending on-site with the Trumix Gas Blender. Accurate blends from 2 to 10,000+ scfh for beverage or industrial gases.

Mercer Industries Supports Distributors’ Increased Profits
Deer Park, NY — Producing a full line of the highest quality abrasives for the cut, grind and finishes needed in the welding industry for almost 50 years, Mercer is committed to providing quality products, competitive pricing, fast delivery and great customer service in order to support distributors’ increased profit margins and increased sales.

Mija Industries Eliminates Costly Empty Cylinders
Rockland, MA — Empty cylinders are expensive. Critical Alert provides notifications audibly and visually when a cylinder is empty, creating better gas management. An electronic LED light and optional sound eliminates potential down time for the customer. Critical Alert is a gas management tool for today’s market.


Nordco-Cyl-Sonic Systems Explains New Cylinder Inspection Systems
Ridgefield, CT — A complete line of Ultrasonic Examination (UE) cylinder inspection systems include the Micro, Industrial and Tonne & Tube (TnT) systems used to re-qualify and test newly manufactured cylinders. Detect potential flaws and measure cylinder wall thicknesses, while reducing the labor costs associated with hydrostatic testing methods.

Norton Abrasives Showcases New Abrasive Product
Worcester, MA — Norton NorZon Plus wheels utilize a new proprietary abrasive and high-performance bond system to  offer three industry leading choices:  Fast Cut (fastest cutting), All Purpose (lowest total cost) or Long Life (longest lasting), providing the optimum performance solution for all materials and applications. Made in the USA.


ORS Nasco Expands Distributor Sales Opportunities
Tulsa, OK — ORS Nasco adds value by helping the distributor expand sales opportunities with a market-leading product portfolio and increase profitability by reducing acquisition and ownership costs. Distributors’ working capital needs are supported by $120M of inventory, delivered within 24 hour s in the contiguous U.S.

Osborn Fills the Gap with Three Tiers of Finishing Solutions
Cleveland, OH — Osborn’s Standard brushes are designed for the DIYer and offer general-purpose performance for light-duty projects. Professional brushes tackle heavier corrosion and larger welds with improved component materials and tool construction. Premium brushes are gold-standard products constructed with the highest quality materials and construction for heavy-duty welding, pipeline and automotive applications.


Precision Specialty Gas Products Offers One-Stop Shopping
Aurora, IL — Precision Specialty Gas Products, a subsidiary of Weldcoa, can help you prepare a budget, design a facility, manufacture the equipment, install the fill systems, train your people and support your business long term with proper documentation and validation of your equipment.


Ray Murray Inc. Offering Improves Cylinder Fill Process
Lee, MA — The RMI and the Sherwood GRPV valve team will help you improve your cylinder fill process, increasing cylinder throughput by reducing internal moisture intrusion and eliminating contamination. Extend cylinder life span by keeping your cylinders in the field, not in maintenance.

Revco’s Industrial Umbrella with Fiberglass Ribs
Santa Fe Springs, CA — Don’t let summer heat drain productivity; stay cool with a Black Stallion FR industrial umbrella from Revco Industries. Constructed with flame-resistant and weather-resistant ripstop vinyl to maximize durability, it features fiberglass ribs that won’t warp, a wind vent to allow light wind to escape, and a jam-free tilt mechanism.

Rotarex Provides Gas Handling Process
Mount Pleasant, PA — Rotarex provides source-to-process solutions for the handling of gases, including specialty, semiconductor, corrosive, industrial and medical. Product offerings include cylinder and line valves, regulators and fittings in materials such as brass, ASB, stainless steel, nickel and Hastelloy, as well as polymers including PCTFE, PTFE, Vespel and PVDF for internal seals.


SafTCart Execs Discuss Latest Offerings
Clarksdale, MS — SafTCart representatives will discuss their latest offerings: Mag-2, 935-8B box cart, and the EZ Load-4L-EMEH. The Mag-2 incorporates magnets for ease of delivery; the 935-8B is a boxed, UPS-friendly cart; and the EZ Load-4L-EMEH, which incorporates a battery-operated lift for hands-free deployment of liquid cylinders.

Select-Arc Sets Standard
Fort Loramie, OH — Select-Arc manufactures a complete line of premium quality, flux cored and metal cored, carbon steel, low alloy, stainless steel, nickel alloy and hardsurfacing welding electrodes and backs them with outstanding service and the best value-added in the industry. Select-Arc sets the standard of excellence in tubular welding electrodes.

Sherwood Valve Offers Expanded Inventory
Washington, PA — Sherwood Valve continues to expand their system-critical compressed gas product offerings and has increased inventory to offer same-day shipments. Products such as the Cryogenic Valve pictured here support the growing and emerging market needs of the GAWDA distribution network. Sherwood provides American-made products and service you can trust.

Superior Products Demonstrates New CM System
Cleveland, OH — Superior Products designs and manufactures a complete line of compressed gas fittings, assemblies and gas management systems. The company will be demonstrating its state-of-the-art Customer Management System that gives distributors a new way to order parts and have more control over their supply chain.


Taylor-Wharton Maximizes Safety, Quality and Efficiency
Mechanicsburg, PA — Taylor-Wharton Cryogenics MicroBulk provides the advantages of onsite bulk storage without the high costs of usage minimums. Learn about cost-effective alternatives to cylinder storage supply that reduce deliveries, invoices, and administrative time. Their dedicated containers eliminate potential contamination and simplify inventory management providing an excellent return on investment.

Thermacut Offers New Replacement Products
Claremont, NH — Thermacut is a global provider for direct replacement consumables, accessories, lead packages and torch heads suitable for plasma, laser and oxy-fuel cutting applications and MIG / TIG welding processes. New replacement product offerings suitable for Powermax, HPR XD plasma torches systems and laser consumables will be displayed.


voestalpine Bohler Welding USA Updates Distribution Partners
Stafford, TX — voestalpine Bohler Welding USA will showcase their continued dedication to their distribution partners. In order to enhance their response to customer and distributor welding filler metal requirements, they condensed from six brands to three (Bohler, UTP, Fontargen), expanded their warehouse facilities, and realigned sales territories.


WDPG Business Insurance Offers Insurance Products Tailored to Industry
Nashville, TN — An accident or unforeseen disaster may dramatically undermine your company’s bottom line. WDPG and The Horton Group offer a premier insurance program combining risk management, safety and loss control, and claims advocacy to meet your needs.

WEH Technologies
Katy, TX — WEH is a worldwide pioneer, leading manufacturer of innovative connectors and a partner of the international gas-cylinder filling, automobile, hydraulic and manufacturing industries since 1973. Safety, ease-of-operation, the well-executed design of WEH products have led to widespread acceptance and customer satisfaction. WEH Gas Connector Solutions are for all CGA’s CGA540/580/510/320/870/600/200.

Aurora, IL — Due to overwhelming demand, Weldcoa has developed two new packages for filling ground storage tubes. The Tube Fill is perfect for any non-critical applications. The Tube Control System is PLC-controlled and is ideal for someone who requires constant uninterrupted gas or liquid supply.

Weldship Corporation Offers 12 Ft. ASME Tube Assemblies
Bethlehem, PA — Weldship Corporation continues to provide solutions for customers’ gas storage requirements by introducing a new 12 ft. ASME ground storage assembly. These units are stackable and can range from a single tube up to as many as desired and will offer customers a solution when faced with on-site space limitations.

Western Enterprises Industrial Regulators Make MIG and TIG Easier
Westlake, OH — Western will showcase regulators designed with a preset flow selector that replaces the need for flowmeters and delivery pressure gauges, new medical V.I.P.R.’s capable of handling 3,000 PSI, and units designed with pin-activated fill valves. Western is the first to comply with FDA-recognized CGA E-18 V.I.P.R specifications.