How GAWDA Gave Back

A look at how GAWDA member’s generosity to local charities was put to use.

Without WINGS and the Gives Back $161,985 donation, Danita (left) would never have known her grandchild and there would be no mother/daughter sporting events, like “Pink in the Rink” (right). (San Antonio Convention, 2009)

Since the inception of GAWDA Gives Back in 2000, GAWDA members have donated almost $1.5 million to deserving charities in Convention host cities. The recipients have applied GAWDA’s contributions to further a variety of noble causes, helping thousands of individuals in need. In its 13-year existence, GAWDA Gives Back has done more than touch lives, it has saved them—through the amazing groups who put GAWDA members’ gifts to good use.

Welding & Gases Today reached out to all of the GAWDA Gives Back benefactors to find out exactly how the donations were used. Visit to learn how all these organizations put their gift to use.

As we discovered, GAWDA’s presence left a lasting impact in every convention host city long after members returned home.

The Fire Family Transport Foundation used its $101,375 donation to add to its fleet of vehicles that transport injured firefighters and their families to medical appointments. (New York City Convention, 2011)

Community Vision used the $93,370 donation to provide free health clinics on the Mobile Medical Express for the uninsured across Osceola County, Florida. (Orlando Convention, 2006)

The PENCIL Fellows program used its $101, 375 donation to help underserved inner-city students advance their careers and education. (New York City Convention, 2011)

$193,162 bought a lot of diapers, clothing, school supplies and child care items for families in need on the island of Maui. (Maui Convention, 2010)

Hamilton Family Center used GAWDA’s $114,000 for a rental subsidy program that kept 20 families from being homeless. (San Francisco Convention, 2007)

2012 GAWDA President Bryan Keen with individuals served by the Peak Parent Center. Donation of $87,222 was used to provide services to individual and their families. (Colorado Springs Convention, 2012)

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