A Summer To Remember


The conversation about health care has heated up as businesses prepare for the full effect of the Affordable Care Act. On July 2, the White House announced that it is delaying implementation of the Employer Mandate until 2015. The reality is that most businesses are still not clear as to what the ACA will mean for them. Much has been written about the 10,000 page document and its clarity or lack thereof. But major changes are coming that will have an impact on your business. In the next few issues, Welding & Gases Today will be covering the bill from the perspective of a business owner, including suggestions from experts in the insurance industry and experience from HR executives employed by GAWDA companies. Following on the health care theme, this issue contains a story on Workplace Wellness Initiatives and tackles the question as to whether or not such initiatives can reduce the cost of insurance for your business.

The entire country has been impacted by severe weather over the last few months…floods, rains, fires, wind, even bugs (don’t you want to just squish those cicadas?). We are worried about you and your safety! Don’t miss the Emergency Response section starting on page 28 and be better prepared to fend off whatever nature tosses at you.

This issue celebrates the longevity of GAWDA’s distributor and supplier members. Starting on page 40, significant milestone anniversaries—in other words, a year divisible by the number 5—are acknowledged. Their stories are a veritable history of the gases and welding industry. And while they acknowledge the past, they look to the future, sharing what they believe is the key to a long life in our industry.

So grab yourself a cool one during these very hot days of summer and salute these companies whose mission is to serve customers, promote safe practices, and be the best at all they do.

Carole Jesiolowski

Carole Jesiolowski

Carole Jesiolowski is senior editor of GAWDA Media and executive vice president of Data Key Communications in Syracuse, New York. She can be reached at carole@weldingandgasestoday.org.