January 08, 2013, Member News

Wally Brant Named 2013 IOMA President

Wally Brant

Wally Brant, president and CEO of Indiana Oxygen Company, was named 2013 president of the International Oxygen Manufacturers Association (IOMA). Brant is only the third distributor in the organization’s history to become president. Brant notes that a distributor on the IOMA board brings a perspective of the impact major gas companies have on the local distributor. He adds, “There tends to be a perception that distributors really don’t bring anything to the table when it comes to manufacturing and innovation. The perspective of the smaller manufacturer should not be avoided.”

Brant served on GAWDA’s Board of Directors and was president of GAWDA in 2003-04.

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Maine Oxy Acquires Connecticut Business

Maine Oxy, headquartered in Auburn, Maine, acquired Industrial Gas and Supply (IGS) located in Naugatuck, Connecticut. This is now Maine Oxy’s third location in Connecticut, with other stores in Waterford and South Windsor. Maine Oxy now has 14 locations throughout Maine, New Hampshire and Massachusetts.

The Naugatuck Store will be staffed by Jerry Hlava, store manager; Doug Hebb, inside sales; and Bob Baribault, driver.

On December 15, Maine Oxy launched its first online store at www.maineoxyshop.com.

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Airgas Adds Four Industrial Gas and Welding Supply Distributors

Airgas, Inc. acquired the assets and operations of four distributors with combined annual revenues of approximately $20 million. The companies are:

  • U.S. Welding & Safety Supply Co., with operations in Miami, Florida
  • Rebel Welding & Industrial Supply, with operations in Vicksburg, Mississippi; and Tallulah, Louisiana
  • Sadler Welding Products, with operations in Dothan, Eufaula and Troy, Alabama; and Panama City, Florida
  • Rochester Welding Supply Corp., with operations in Rochester and Manchester, New York

Since the beginning of its fiscal year, Airgas has acquired 12 businesses with aggregate annual revenues of approximately $39 million.

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Red-D-Arc Purchases D&D Power

Red-D-Arc has acquired D&D Power, a Texas-based equipment rental and services business which provides mobile power generation and light towers, as well as preventative maintenance and other services, to the oil and gas exploration and production industry. D&D Power generated annualized revenues of approximately $25 million in calendar year 2012.

Red-D-Arc is owned by Airgas, whose president and CEO says, “When combined with Red-D-Arc’s rental welder business and Airgas On- Site Safety Services, and complemented by the full breadth of Airgas’ gases and hardgoods products, services, and expertise, our value proposition to customers in oilfield services, construction and other energy-related markets has never been stronger.”

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Miller Electric Expands Packers

Miller Electric Mfg. Co., along with Hobart Brothers, have been named the “Official Welding Equipment Provider of the Lambeau Field Expansion.” Lambeau Field is home to the Green Bay Packers.

Lambeau Field

Lambeau Field’s $140 million expansion will be complete in 2013.

Miller has partnered with Neenah, Wisconsin-based Miron Construction to provide the construction team and ironworkers with the latest in welding and heating technologies, consumables, weld fume extraction equipment and welding safety gear for the $140 million expansion project of Lambeau Field.

The expansion will be completed in 2013 and involves substantial new construction to both end zones, including 6,600 new seats in the south end zone and new high-definition video boards in both end zones.

“People in our community, and all throughout the state of Wisconsin, take great pride in their work and in Green Bay Packers football,” says Mike Weller, president, Miller. “Working with other local companies to further build and shape one of Wisconsin’s greatest landmarks is something we do with honor. We’re proud to be working with the Packers, Miron Construction, the ironworkers, and all of the partners involved in the Lambeau Field expansion. As fans, we’re undeniably excited to see the new features added to the best stadium in the National Football League.”

Pete Klosterman

Pete Klosterman of Miron Construction Co. talks about the fill welds on the support beams for the south end zone scoreboard.

Miller and Hobart Brothers have worked extensively with Miron Construction throughout the project to use both new and proven welding technologies for the construction industry. The companies worked together to convert traditional processes over to new methods of improving weld quality, productivity and safety, such as using flux-cored welding and induction heating technology in structural steel applications. “Welding isn’t often the first thing people think of when they think of the construction industry,” says Weller, “but it is one of the most critical elements of a heavy structural job like this and provides us with the perfect opportunity to showcase these technologies—and to do so on a local stage with other Wisconsin-based companies. The Green Bay Packers, Miller and Miron Construction all represent core Wisconsin values of hard work and integrity, and we think it’s a winning combination both on the field and off.”

“Many of us dreamed of playing on this field as kids, and having the ability to help extend this stadium’s legacy is, in many ways, the fulfillment of that dream,” says David G. Voss, Jr., president and CEO of Miron Construction. “And we’re proud to do so in partnership with other great Wisconsin companies, showcasing the true strength of the region’s construction and fabrication industries.”

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