What Does Peak Performance Really Mean?

GAWDA 68th Annual ConventionThe theme of GAWDA’s 68th Annual Convention in Colorado Springs is Positioning for Peak Performance, and the speaker lineup will certainly provide some great insight on the subject. Be sure to read the articles in this issue and in Welding And Gases Today Online by each of our featured speakers:  Bill Taylor, the founder of Fast Company magazine, James “Murph” Murphy from Afterburners, Brent Grover from Evergreen Consulting, and our industry speaker Dick Couch from Hypertherm.

You can read a preview of the Contact Booth Program exhibitors as well as the rest of the events taking place during the convention.

This issue’s cover story features a number of notable service technicians in our industry who exemplify the notion of peak performance. They share their thoughts on what makes a good technician, how their jobs have changed over the past few years from both a service standpoint as well as a technical standpoint, and how their jobs will continue to evolve moving forward.

The idea of positioning yourself and your organization for peak performance can also be applied to the GAWDA experience. It begins with active participation in meetings such as the Spring Management Conference, the Annual Convention and the Regional Meeetings. It also means the active utilization of the services that GAWDA offers by the right people in your organization.

One such example is our monthly Safety Organizer, which is now being emailed to key contacts within each member company. This newsletter brings you the most up-to-date safety information from our consultants and should be read by any person involved in safety and compliance issues. If that email is not reaching the correct person in your company, or if you are not sure who the key contact on record is, please call us. We’ll be happy to make sure the email gets to the appropriate person(s) so that you can get the most out of the information. The Safety Organizer will continue to be promoted in the GAWDA Connection and archived in the Members Only section of our website for anyone interested in past issues.

Committee participation is another area where individuals who actively participate can get the most out of the experience. The Safety Committee actively develops documents that can be used by members for training purposes. The Management Information Committee has been involved in developing workshops during the past two SMCs and continues to explore new projects to help members. The Member Services Committee has been active in communicating GAWDA benefits to prospective members at national events and to targeted groups. Their efforts have identified new benefits that will be offered to existing members.

If you are not able to participate in any GAWDA committees, but you have ideas that could benefit GAWDA members, let us know and we would be happy to communicate them to the appropriate committee.

Your continuous participation in GAWDA benefits all of us.

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John Ospina Meet the Author
John Ospina is executive director of the Gases and Welding Distributors Association, headquartered in Miami, Florida, and at www.gawda.org. He can be reached at 877-382-6440 or jospina@gawda.org.