Ten Reasons Why GAWDA Membership Is A Home Run

Recently, GAWDA asked members why welding distributors should belong to the association from a safety perspective. We realized that the word “safety” has a lot to do with why people belong to GAWDA, but it is not the only reason. Other reasons include: purchasing power; informative regional meetings; having the litigation power of a national organization behind you; but when it boils down to it, the tools to help you stay in business.

The business world is changing every day, and the rules seem to change at the same rate. GAWDA helps you manage things with a broad-based group of knowledgeable businesspeople, like yourselves. We all want the greatest return we can get on an investment and GAWDA intends to provide that.

Here are ten ways GAWDA helps you, the business owner, get the maximum return:

  1. The FDA, OSHA and DOT manuals are updated periodically to keep the membership informed of changes that affect the industry. There is countless information being processed daily concerning rules and regulations. The Safety Committee is the group that digests all that information and lets GAWDA members know which parts pertain to this industry.
  2. Incident sharing is a way of taking events that happen elsewhere and assimilating what was learned into the membership. Then they have the preventative knowledge without ever having experienced the incident themselves.
  3. Help to handle DOT and prevent major fines when your vehicle has been stopped.
  4. Help to handle OSHA when they realize your OSHA 300 form has too many missed days and you’re scheduled to get a friendly visit replete with fines.
  5. Help to handle the FDA on proper labeling of oxygen cylinders and other pertinent information under the auspices of drug and food safety.
  6. Don’t Miss These Safety Resources

    The Safety Committee has many resources available
    for members at www.gawda.org, including,
    Safety & Compliance Manuals, Safety Organizers, Accident/Incident Sharing Reports, Safety Advisories, Sample Safety Practices and more.

    Sign in with your Member ID and take advantage of this great benefit of GAWDA membership.

  7. Help to prevent accidents from occurring because you now have a tool that allows you to navigate your business through such issues.
  8. Provision of a “check-off tool” on how to prepare for the unexpected.
  9. Help with the proper labeling of cylinders and delivery vehicles.
  10. Details on whom to notify in the event of an accident concerning certain gases.
  11. Help to inform how to properly investigate accidents, whether they are highway, property or Workers Comp.

When it comes to Safety, it is everyone’s responsibility—from the president/business owner to the newest employee on the team—to “Promote a Culture of Safety.” Safety is not something we do when it is convenient; it is something we do as a part of everyday working conditions. It takes a team effort to run a safe and efficient business.

Gases and Welding Distributors Association
Jim Herring Meet the Author
Jim Herring, vice president of marketing & procurement at Saf T Cart, and Kelly Bladow, safety & compliance manager at OXARC, are members of GAWDA’s Safety Committee. Kelly Bladow serves as chairman.
Kelly Bladow