Service Technician Honor Roll

Service Technician Honor RollDo you know a great service technician? You can help GAWDA Celebrate the top service technicians in the industry by adding your service technicians’ names and photos to Welding & Gases Today’s Service Technician Honor Roll. Check back often to see who is the best in our industry and why.

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The following service technicians have been submitted by GAWDA members as the best in the industry. If you have something to add about one of the service techs on our honor roll and what makes them great, add your thoughts using the comment box at the bottom.

George Bradychok
Metro Welding Supply Corp. (Detroit, MI)

George Bradychok “George Bradychok is a reliable source of information and technical help to our customers and to our sales force. Like most service techs in the industry, George is what’s known as a jack of all trades. When it comes to making repairs and preparing equipment, George has the knowledge to perform the most detailed tasks as needed in this industry. George has helped hundreds of customers, and he’s always there at a moment’s notice. George exemplifies the true art of his profession. He has a good, sharp mind to keep up on equipment and the preventative maintenance programs needed to keep our systems healthy. Having been in the industry for over 25 years, I have seen a lot of good maintenance workers, but few have the desire and will that George has when completing a project perfectly. Geroge also has an engineering sense when he approaches a project. He is good at planning, preparing and executing our customers, sales, and in house needs. George Bradychok works well with his peers and they can, and do, always call on him when he is needed.”

- Frank Doran, Operations Manager, Metro Welding Supply Corp.

Service Tech Honor Roll

Harvey Cox
Cross Texas Supply (San Angelo, TX)

Harvey Cox “Harvey’s attention to detail and his care for customer service is second to none. He has the knowledge and the ability to service equipment. Customers talk to him all the time. He has the ability to handle customer service details.”

– Jay Dyches, Chief Operating Officer, Cross Texas Supply

Service Tech Honor Roll

Rod Forsness
Oxarc (Spokane, WA)

Rod Forsness “Rod does world-class work all of the time and never takes short cuts. You can be assured that the job will be done correctly the first time and will not leak. I have several letters from our customers in my file expressing their appreciation for work that Rod performed for them. Rod will work long hours on short notice in emergency situations in order to keep our plant or a customer’s in operation. He is getting older and can not do very many 20 hour days in a row any more, but he does throw one in from time to time! Rod is always upbeat with customers and co-workers. He is a great ambassador for Oxarc and we are lucky to have him on our team.”

- Rod Wolf, Sales Manager, Oxarc

Service Tech Honor Roll

Brian Hamilton
Norco (Boise, ID)

Brian Hamilton “Brian has been with us for 14 years. His work is always complete and thought out. When he does a repair, you know it will be done right. He listens to what the customers are telling him so he can determine the root cause of the problem, thus fixing it right the first time. We rarely have a machine come back after a service and typically if you do it is due to an intermittent problem that does not always show up when he has the machine in our shop. He also travels to customer sites to service equipment and do P/M’s for them. His services are requested so much that he always has something scheduled and ready to do. When he does a Lincoln or Miller service school he typically will have the best scores in the class at testing time and usually will not miss any questions on their tests.”

- Bill Knickerbocker, Manager, Norco Inc.

Service Tech Honor Roll

Rod “Harv” Harvey
Mississippi Welders Supply (Winona, MN)

Rod Harvey “Rod Harvey is great because of his knowledge and customer service. He takes great pride in turning out quality work that is done promptly and correctly. He saves our customers a lot of time and money and keeps their shops running smoothly. Rod also advises customers when its time to replace instead of fix. He is honest and well respected by our customers and employees.”

- Bruce Nuttall, Sales Manager, Mississippi Welders Supply

Service Tech Honor Roll

Kyle Haun
Haun Welding Supply (Syracuse, NY)

Kyle Haun “Kyle truly and deeply cares about employees and customers. He always makes sure that things are right.”

– Mike Storie, Vice Presdient-Sales, Haun Welding Supply

Service Tech Honor Roll

John Leonard
A-OX Welding Supply (Sioux Falls, SD)

John Leonard “John Leonard has been a great person to have on our team. He takes pride in every job he does, and the end results always demonstrate his care for all the details. John is responsible with everything from medical and industrial bulk tank installs to fill plant maintenance, and will even repair a welder if I need him to. He has been one of those employees that you don’t need to ask, it’s just done right!”

- Kelly Kleinwolterink, General Manager, A-OX Welding Supply

Service Tech Honor Roll

Paul Martin
Cee Kay Supply (St. Louis, MO)

Paul Martin “Paul has a wide range of expertise and can solve problems with engine-driven welders of very vintage condition.”

- Steve Gianino, Director of Operations, Cee Kay Supply

Service Tech Honor Roll

Jeff Pflasterer
Cee Kay Supply (St. Louis, MO)

Jeff Pflasterer “Jeff works very hard to solve customer issues.”

- Steve Gianino, Director of Operations, Cee Kay Supply

Service Tech Honor Roll

Nick Stiller
Oxygen Service Company (Saint Paul, MN)

Service Tech - No Photo “The level of expertise and professionalism that Nick brings to our customers is what makes him so great. He has the ability to fix a simple stick machine as well as sophisticated robotic and cutting systems. I have always said that if I could take one of his toes and grow another Nick, I would have already done it!”

- Mike Nelson, Sales Manager, Oxygen Service Company

“Nick has been with Oxygen Service for 9 years. We hired him straight out of technical college. When Nick started, he did not know the first thing about the welding industry, repairing welders, cutting tables or robotics. Nick has become a true star at OSC. He is a very intelligent guy, has a tremendous thirst for knowledge, a positive attitude and is a very dedicated employee. Nick is a valued member of the Oxygen Service team and we feel that he has a very bright future.”

- Ryan Diekow, Vice President, Oxygen Service Company

Service Tech Honor Roll

Clark Tufte
Oxygen Service Company (Saint Paul, MN)

Clarke Tufte “Besides knowing what he is doing, he just gets it! He understands what customer service is all about. He gains the respect and trust from the customers that he services and knows that the customer is who pays our bills. Clark is a salesperson as much as he is a service tech.”

- Randy Anderson, Vice President of Sales, Oxygen Service Company

Service Tech Honor Roll

Karl Weber
Alliance Welding Supplies (Oakland, CA)

Karl Weber “Karl is known throughout the Bay Area as a skilled technician who is sought after for his knowledge and abilities. He’s passionate about his work and knows the importance of staying ahead of new technologies. He works hard with the sales staff and takes care of our customers.”

– Marvin Rodgers III, President, Alliance Welding Supplies

Service Tech Honor Roll

Rick Wilson
Cee Kay Supply (St. Louis, MO)

Rick Wilson “Rick has expertise in all areas of welder repair including cutting tables. He always thinks out of the box to solve the customers’ needs. He has knowledge few technicians have and knows how to apply it.”

- Steve Gianino, Director of Operations, Cee Kay Supply

Service Tech Honor Roll

Jimmy Young
WESCO (Prichard, AL)

Jimmy Young “Jimmy always makes sure the job is done right. He stays on top of new techniques and new processes and makes sure that customers are always satisfied.”

– Candice Swiger, Human Resources Manager, WESCO

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