How GAWDA Gave Back

A look at how our generosity to local charities was put to use.

In 2011, GAWDA members gave $202,750 to two charities in New York City.

Since the inception of GAWDA Gives Back in 2000, GAWDA members have donated almost $1.2 million to deserving charities in convention host cities. The recipients have applied GAWDA’s contributions to further a variety of noble causes, helping thousands of individuals in need. In its 12-year existence, GAWDA Gives Back has done more than touch lives, it has saved them—through the amazing groups who put GAWDA members’ gifts to good use. Welding & Gases Today reached out to all of the GAWDA Gives Back benefactors to find out exactly how the donations were used.

As we discovered, GAWDA’s presence left a lasting impact in every convention host city long after members returned home.

Select a year to view how GAWDA’s donations are being used:

12-Year Donation Summary Chart

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