Distributors Primed For Growth In 2012

GAWDA distributors are optimistic about opportunities in store for 2012, as reflected in their comments in Welding & Gases Today’s 2012 Distributor Forecast. Belts have been tightened, efficiencies uncovered, improvements made, and new ideas are abundant.

Sales Increase in 2012In the Central region, distributors are seeing movement in the automotive sector, but concerns linger over the lack of money being spent on new equipment. Western distributors are remodeling fill plants, adding labs, building new stores or upgrading old ones in anticipation of sales growth. In the East, new markets, activity in the Marcellus Shale, and an upsurge in new technologies will help distributors get to customers faster and more efficiently. The oil and gas industry is driving growth in the Southwest, while some parts of the region are suffering from the worst drought in history. Distributors in the South remain cautious, with only two-thirds expecting growth; those who do are optimistic due to developing new markets and some unique new products.

The complete Distributor Forecast is included in the First Quarter issue of Welding & Gases Today.

Gases and Welding Distributors Association