What GAWDA Insiders Love about NY

Looking for something to fill the downtime during the Annual Convention? We’ve got the inside scoop, straight from true New Yorkers. GAWDA President Lloyd Robinson and AWISCO employees share their favorite things to do in NYC.

GAWDA ConventionThings to do in NYC from GAWDA President Lloyd Robinson:

  1. Take a picture on the steps of the NY Public Library.
  2. Do not take a carriage ride in Central Park. It is smelly and expensive.
  3. Go to at least one museum. My favorite is the MET, but any museum will do.
  4. Take a ride on the subway, it is not scary.
  5. Take a walk on the high line.
  6. Take a walk in Central Park—during the day!!!
  7. Go to a jazz club, any jazz club.
  8. Go inside St. Patrick’s Cathedral.
President’s Picks—Food and Drink:

  1. Have a beer at McSorley’s pub.
  2. Have a cocktail at the Oak Bar at the Plaza.
  3. For late-night Chinese go to Wo Hop in Chinatown.
  4. Milos on W. 55th is the best fish restaurant in NYC.
  5. Best expense account restaurant is Del Frisco’s.
  6. Best Sushi is a tie between Morimoto and Nobu 57.
  7. Best Italian is Del Posto.
  8. Best Sunday brunch is Sylvia’s in Harlem.
  9. All the Indian restaurants on 6th St are great. Go to one of them.
  10. My all-time favorite is a late night slice of pizza at any of the 20 or more original Ray’s pizza.  Nothing tastes better after a night out than a slice at Ray’s.
Employees at AWISCO (Maspeth, NY) offered the following suggestions:

  1. TKTS at Duffy Square is a great way to score Broadway Tickets at a great price about 1 to 1½   hours before show time. The lines seem long, but they move really quickly.
  2. Don’t try your luck at winning on 3-card Monte—you’re better off buying a lottery scratch-off.
  3. Don’t think that because it is New York you are going to be able to buy a Rolex for $50.
  4. Restaurant Row in the Theatre District has some pretty good prices on their specials—and the Italian Greeters will make every Woman feel really special.
  5. Visit the incredible mall at Time Warner Center.
  6. See the United Nations headquarters on 1st Avenue.
  7. Visit the American Museum of Natural History and other attractions for less with a multi-museum pass like the CityPass, New York Pass or Explorer Pass.
  8. Visit Grand Central Terminal to take in the ceiling mural, then experience the Whispering Gallery by standing with a friend at the ends of the ramps at the Oyster Bar and whispering into the wall—you’ll be able to hear each other on the other side. Stop by the gourmet culinary market, then go up to the elevated passageways for an amazing view of the concourse.
Are you an insider?
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