The Energy Exporting Capital Of The World

What markets hold the key to the future, and which ones have no future at all?

Energy is a major market for gases and welding products. High purity gases, spec gases and nitrogen are used in solar photovoltaic production. Wind turbine production relies on plasma cutting and seam and submerged arc welding processes. Hydrogen and other cryogenic and compressed gases are used as fuels. Oxygen is used in coal gasification and enhancement of conventional coal burning. Meanwhile, welding and cutting play a major role in building energy infrastructure and pipelines.

Among the major areas of investment are shale gas fields. In Welding & Gases Today’s 2011 Business Forecast, several distributors said that natural gas fields would drive an increase in sales. “Gas deposits in the Marcellus Shale will provide a major source of growth, and we’re adding industrial supply products for the pipeline work,” says Donald Rosenthal, president of Economy Welding & Industrial Supply (Pittsburgh, PA).

Red Ball Oxygen (Shreveport, LA) also saw opportunities at the nearby Haynesville Shale, the nation’s largest natural gas field. Says CEO Gary Kennedy, “The good news is that wells are being drilled, and that requires pipelines.”

In the video below, Barry Asmus, Ph.D., senior economist with the National Center for Policy Analysis, addresses the nation’s future in energy. What markets hold the key to the future, and which ones have no future at all? The news is rather surprising. Do you agree with Dr. Asmus?

After watching the video, let us know what markets are generating the most activity in your area by leaving a comment below.

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