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If you thought it was hot in your city this summer, it was nothing like the heat generated by reading Welding & Gases Today’s blogs, website, Twitter feeds and LinkedIn connections. Activity was strong and members were using Social Media to comment and network about industry issues and events. Below are some of the many comments posted. You can read them all on the sites. Catch the pulse of the industry at and join in on the conversation!

Regional Dialect
GAWDA’s regional meetings are inexpensive tools for suppliers to get to know and develop those relationships that you discuss in your well-written blog (
Cheers! Let’s Network!by Abydee Butler, August 2 Young Professionals e-Dialogue). Business is still best done face-to-face, and people who are hiding from this due to the small upfront cost are the ones losing out.
     - Larry Cassesa, Superior ProductsI really enjoyed the multi-generational panel discussion. This was the perfect forum for our new sales and marketing team to put faces with names, meet other vendors and develop those important relationships for future growth.
     - Adam Strouse, Direct Wire and Cable
Mark Hunter speaks to group


Gases Timeline
What Shortage?
I think the key is we recycle/recover, re-learn and adapt. It is often when we face these types of issues (Predicting The Next Shortage,” July 22 WGT Online), where some may say the sky is falling, that we see more innovation. Great new ideas often come when we are forced to think of new and creative solutions.
     - Rachel, Environics

Liberty For All
Very cool. The gases & #welding industry inextricably linked to one of our nation’s greatest icons. Happy 4th. (Twitter response to Stars, Stripes & Inert Gas,” July 1 eDialogue)
     - Deanna Postlethwaite, Lincoln Electric


Family Foundations
I agree that working with family members (Family In The Workplace,” by Ryan Morton, June 24 Young Professionals e-Dialogue) is “a different experience.” I cannot pretend that my dad is strictly my boss, nor would I ever want to. I am lucky to spend so much time helping and learning from my family. You hit the nail right on the head: Many people in our industry and community know your family and appreciate the values that you stand for in how you run your business and the services your family does for the community.
     - Morgan West Ashworth, West Cryogenics 


Reserved for Small Bisuness

Big Ideas
Jim, very well written article (Under The Veil Of Small Business,” by Jim Earlbeck, June 10 WGT Online). Small business is not getting a fair chance to secure government business. Don’t stop fighting for what’s right for the independent small business.
     - Dave Fischer, General Welding Supply Co.

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