Super Sales In A Super City

I admit it. I own a pair of vagabond shoes. You know, the kind that Sinatra and Liza made famous: “These vagabond shoes, are longing to stray…right through the very heart of it. New York. New York.” What a magnificent time to be straying through the city where GAWDA’s convention is being held in October, in a hotel literally in the very heart of Manhattan. This issue previews the speakers, the events and the details of what Exhibitors will be showing at the Contact Booth Program. Don’t miss the October 8 newsletter, GAWDA Connection. Local GAWDA members are sharing “Insider Tips” for enjoying the greatest city on earth.

Putting this issue together reminded me of how much I love talking to salespeople. Real salespeople, not the kind who care only about the quick sale or money in their pockets, but those who have made a career in sales into a passionate, fun and exciting part of their lives, and really enjoy finding a solution to help their customers save money and make money.

Welding & Gases Today enlisted the help of suppliers to find such “super star salespeople,” individuals who stand above the rest, committed to helping their customers, to working with their suppliers, to getting it right.

Starting on page 68, you will meet 17 sales representatives and sales managers who are so good at what they do they’ve earned status in the GAWDA Sales Hall of Fame. They share how they’ve gotten to the top, and they offer advice to those just starting a sales career in the gases and welding business.

Guy Marlin, president of Lampton Welding Supply in Wichita, Kansas, is a consummate salesman. I recently asked Guy what he thought made a salesperson a super star salesperson, someone worthy of Hall of Fame status. He told me that Lampton Welding Supply does not hire “salespeople.” They hire “field engineers” whose job is to engineer a solution to a customer’s challenge. They are constantly looking to reduce the customer’s costs of doing business. Guy reminded me that there are many people who are great at selling, and he described the traits they all shared in common. But for every superstar out on the road, there are two people behind, quiet and hard working to help the super star succeed. Thank you, Guy, for making that distinction. Welding & Gases Today will be honoring them in the Winter issue.

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