Keeping Relationships Strong

We have a lot to be proud of in this industry. The men and women who make up our workforce are a dedicated, tough and resilient group. Many have a keen understanding of what is needed to stay ahead. In this issue of Welding & Gases Today, we look at several of these individuals, their accomplishments and their formulas for success.

67th GAWDA Convention

Many factors contribute to any one success, but a critical component in every success is maintaining a strong relationship. And most successful relationships are strengthened by continuous contact. The success of GAWDA lies in its membership and their strong participation at many of the association’s meetings. The relationships formed at these gatherings take on many forms and flourish long after the meeting has ended. The distributor/supplier relationship is a great example. The two groups interact and bond at many a GAWDA gathering. The value derived from fun and fruitful interaction with peers, mentors, friends and competitors deepens an individual’s understanding of the industry as a whole.

For many of you, I’m just preaching to the choir, but if you’re a member who has not yet taken the opportunity to participate in these meetings, I strongly encourage you to join us for what will be an amazing GAWDA Annual Convention in New York City. The convention schedule is on page 27. You can read about the Contact Booth Exhibitors and what they will be showing, starting on page 36. Keynote speakers Peter McCausland, Rich Picciotto and James Upton are highlighted in articles throughout this issue. You can also visit our website to see the full program, speakers, up-to-date attendee and exhibitor lists, local activities and information on this year’s GAWDA Gives Back recipients. Be an active participant and realize the benefits.

Of course, none of these events would be possible without the GAWDA volunteers who donate their time and efforts to making GAWDA valuable to its members. Unfortunately, there is not enough space in this article to recognize all of the volunteers by name. Our volunteer groups include our regional chairmen who do a fantastic job of organizing and running all of the GAWDA regional meetings and the GAWDA committee members who work tirelessly to develop educational content and support services for GAWDA members. Let’s not forget the GAWDA Board of Directors and the Executive Committee who continue to provide the leadership and direction that keep our association moving forward. I also want to personally thank Lloyd Robinson for being an incredible mentor throughout his presidency. His commitment and attention to detail in all aspects of our business has been invaluable to me and the rest of the GAWDA staff.

Membership renewal forms will be sent to all GAWDA members during the month of October. Keep your relationship strong with your association, and act quickly when you receive your renewal form in October.

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