What Makes A Good Relationship

What Makes A Good Relationship
GAWDA distributors and suppliers were asked to name the qualities that make for a supportive, helpful and productive relationship.  Each side was also asked to identify how they determine effectiveness of that relationship. The results of that survey are below.

Distributors Want Their Suppliers To…

  •  Have fast, accurate and complete delivery
  • Offer financial incentives
  • Provide good sales support
  • Be fair with competitive pricing
  • Make a quality product
  • Provide flexible return policies
  • Train knowledgeable sales reps
  • Communicate well
  • Be easy to do business with
  • Not sell direct


Suppliers Measure Effectiveness With
Distributors By…

  • Growth of Sales
  • Quality of communication
  • Commitment to the product line
  • Quality leads
  • Personal relationship
  • Longevity of relationship
  • Mutual action plans


Suppliers Want Their Distributors To…

  • Stock adequate inventory
  • Market our products well
  • Refuse competing lines
  • Train sales force
  • Allow us to work together on sales calls
  • Generate leads
  • Provide market feedback on pricing issues
  • Maintain a good relationship
  • Develop new and better ways to do business
  • Tell us how we can improve


Distributors Measure Effectiveness With
Suppliers By…

  • Profitability and sales volume
  • Objective criteria and evaluations
  • On-time delivery
  • How well field reps and sales staff work together
  • Sales support
  • Ability to work out customer problems
  • Objective criteria and evaluations
  • Quality of the relationship
  • Communication



The Partnership Principle

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