Industry Partnering Committee Gets Down To Business

Committee provides forum for distributors and suppliers

GAWDA’s Industry Partnering (IP) Committee is committed to building stronger relationships between manufacturers and distributors. In 2011, the committee is working to build on new and existing partnerships to provide forums for adding value—and ultimately profits—to GAWDA members’ businesses.

GAWDA events, from the Regional Meetings to the Spring Management Conference and Annual Convention, provide valuable opportunities for manufactures and suppliers to connect. The IP Committee is identifying qualified speakers for these events while maximizing the available opportunities for sharing technical knowledge specific to applications and market segments at these meetings.

Members of the IP Committee are reviewing issues unique to the supplier-distributor-end-user relationship, focusing on channel conflicts, trust and combined technical strengths that can be leveraged by working together. Working closely with sister associations and committees such as WEMCO and CGA, the committee is keeping an eye on industry trends, including the issue of workforce development, and communicating the relevant concerns and opportunities to the GAWDA membership.

Fourteen suppliers and nine distributors are members of the Industry Partnering Committee.  Meet them at under the “Committees” tab.

The IP Committee is working to build new partnerships with industry associations. Through these relationships, the committee is working to grow the value of online tools such as GAWDAwiki and’s industry calendar. An online technical forum is in the works to provide a non-threatening venue for distributors and suppliers to post anonymous questions and answers in order to provide the best value to end-users.

Through a variety of online and in-person venues, the Industry Partnering Committee looks to maximize the opportunities for sharing knowledge across the industry in 2011. When industry members work together and build partnerships, the benefits for both sides are multiplied exponentially.

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