Evaluating GAWDA Member Benefits

You may have recently seen a member survey or two in your e-mail inbox. Headquarters’ staff is in the process of reviewing and evaluating all existing member benefit programs. We’ll be looking at how widely used these programs are by member companies and how satisfied or dissatisfied members are with the programs they are using.

Take some time to familiarize yourself with GAWDA’s member benefits. You may find untapped resources in the wide array of offerings.

If programs are not being used, we’re also interested in knowing why. Sometimes that question is more revealing than the usage data. As I look at the various member programs through fresh eyes, it makes sense to start with the most basic questions. How much do you know about GAWDA member benefits? Are they easy to find? Do you feel like all the basic information is readily available? Is it easy to participate? New programs that fail to cover these basic issues tend to never get off the ground. Even existing programs can suffer tremendous declines when they stray from these basics.

We’ll be evaluating promotional efforts used to make members aware of existing programs, as well as efforts to update members when programs change. In fact, the GAWDA leadership has created a task group whose mission is to evaluate the communication of benefits to GAWDA members. A key component to the evaluation process is member feedback. We’ll be asking you to rate and comment on the value of existing programs and the effectiveness of the communication efforts.

This process is not intended to be a one-shot deal. Nor do we expect to get everything right on our first go-around. It’s intended to be an ongoing process that will improve not only the value of the member programs we offer, but the communication efforts used to educate members.
If you’re not familiar with any of our existing programs, we encourage you to take some time to familiarize yourself with them. You may find untapped resources in the wide array of offerings available to you today.

Another major benefit to being a GAWDA member is the networking opportunities realized through participation in regional meetings, the Spring Management Conference and the annual meeting. Member satisfaction surveys are already a part of the evaluation process and will continue to drive changes and improvements to these events.

The annual GAWDA Members Directory and the GAWDA Buyers Guide are also valuable networking tools. These too will be evaluated based on feedback from members. In preparation for the production of the 2011 Member Directory, each member company has been sent a user code and password which allows them to update their company listing online. This is important because we rely on each of you to verify the accuracy of your listing. This year’s deadline for updating your member directory listing information is Friday, March 25.

Remember that only active members may participate in any of these programs, activities and publications, so if you haven’t renewed your membership for 2011, please do so as soon as possible.

As your GAWDA staff, Natasha, Cecilia and I are always available to answer any questions or concerns you have about member benefits. Thank you for being a member of GAWDA.

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John Ospina is GAWDA’s executive director. He can be reached via telephone at 1-877-382-6440 (extension 3) or by e-mail at jospina@gawda.org.