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With GAWDAwiki, an industry’s worth of information is at your fingertips.

Customer relationships are forged on the basis of superior service and an in-depth understanding of the products and applications a distributor has to offer. With increasing frequency, customers are looking to the Internet instead of their local distributor for answers and second opinions when it comes to new products and technologies. As younger generations of welders and end-users enter the field, they will gravitate to the familiarity of online resources to answer their questions. With more than 1600 industry-specific definitions and over 37,000 page views every week, GAWDAwiki has proven itself as the go-to resource for customers and end-users looking to the Internet for a reliable source of information.

Your GAWDAwiki
Think of all the products you carry. Now think of all the processes your customers use. Between them, there must be at least a hundred industry-specific topics on which you have in-house expertise. Why not share that expertise with potential customers through the Internet? The terms and descriptions in GAWDAwiki do not come from a dictionary—they were contributed by those distributors and suppliers in the gases and welding industry who know the products and applications best. When you add to a definition, your name and website can be displayed under the definition, letting end-users know who provided the information. Can you think of an industry term that does not appear in the wiki? Add a new term and become the go-to distributor for that term. With no limit to how many terms you can add or edit, you can easily generate hundreds of traffic-building links back to your company’s website from a reputable source.

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Going Mobile
Recently launched is a version of for use on smart phones. When you access the site on your phone, you will be automatically redirected to our mobile site, or you can bookmark With the fast-loading mobile site, customers, end-users and even salespeople can access the wiki’s resources instantly without the need for a computer. When you demonstrate the wiki from your phone, your customers will see your dedication to next-generation technology.

When you add to a definition, your name and website can be displayed under the definition, letting end-users know who provided the information.

Location, Location, Location
GAWDAwiki’s Buyers Directory helps connect end-users with GAWDA distributors. Customers can find distributor branches by geographical location and manufacturer product lines. All you have to do is keep your information up-to-date. Use the contact page to let us know when you add product lines or new locations, and we will make sure it is reflected on the listings.

Dedication to Education
Adding a GAWDAwiki widget or banner to your website aligns your company with a mission of educating and helping end-users. You can even add a wiki search widget or daily gases and welding headlines directly to your site to provide valuable industry news to your visitors and improve your search engine rankings by providing keeping your content fresh and keyword-rich. Select “Add GAWDAwiki to your website” from the left navigation to learn how.

Be Visible
There’s a reason why end-users are visiting GAWDAwiki. In addition to the hundreds of distributors linking to GAWDAwiki, end-users are discovering the wiki through online industry links from, Oxygen Generating Systems International, The Fabricator Blog and Supply Chains Rock, among others. GAWDAwiki has thousands of followers and fans on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and YouTube. Add to your company’s visibility and reputation and by making GAWDAwiki your GAWDAwiki. In the wide open competition for customers online, those distributors that set themselves apart through their online presence will position themselves favorably to reach a new generation of users.

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