Guide To Contact Booth Exhibitors

Ride the wave of the future at GAWDA’s Annual Convention in Maui, Hawaii. There is no better place in 2010 to strengthen the bond between distributors and suppliers than at the Contact Booth Program. As of press time, the exhibitors listed on the following pages indicated they will be participating in the Annual Convention’s Contact Booth Program at the Grand Wailea Resort Hotel and Spa in Maui, Hawaii. Hang Ten into the Exhibition Hall on Monday October 4, from 4:00 to 7:00 p.m. and get in on the action!

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3M Speedglas
St. Paul, MN — 3M Speedglas manufactures and markets a portfolio of auto-darkening filters (ADF) for welders and personal protection equipment (PPE) for protection against welding hazards. The combination of Speedglas welding shield ADFs and a wide product offering for PPE provides welders with a comprehensive set of product solutions for welding hazards.

Abicor Binzel
Frederick, MD — Abicor Binzel manufactures MIG and TIG torches, from semi-automatic to robotic and ancillary peripherals. A large R&D investment leads to a steady flow of innovation and new products. Binzel is “Technology for the Welder’s World.”

Acme Cryogenics
Allentown, PA — Acme Cryogenics provides complete solutions to meet customers’ total gas and liquid handling requirements, including CryoMaxx liquid delivery and MicroMaxx liquid storage systems (bulk and microbulk), cryogenic tanks and tank repair, field service and installation, manifolds, cylinder fill plant equipment, custom solutions and Quality Cryogenics vacuum-jacketed piping.

Advanced Specialty Gas Equipment
Middlesex, NJ — ASGE supplies a line of specialty gas handling equipment and UOP absorbents through an international network of distributors and representatives. ASCE’s inventory includes thousands of regulators, manifolds, flowmeters, valves, molecular sieves and accessories, allowing it to ship 95 percent of orders on the same day the order is received.

Air Liquide America Specialty Gases
Houston, TX — Air Liquide America Specialty Gases’ ALNET distributor network aims to provide dependable and reliable products and services with access to a wide range of gases, technology and individualized support to help meet the most demanding business and customer needs.

Air Products & Chemicals
Allentown, PA — In the industrial gas business for 70 years, Air Products is committed to the independent distributor. With supply capabilities spanning coast to coast, Air Products values safety and on-time delivery. Dedica-ted Account Managers David Patch, Susan Reiter, Mark Steiner, Tom Reynolds nd Business Manager Mike Reinhardt have a combined 100+ years of industry experience and can develop programs which support the GAWDA members’ business.

America Fortune Company
Houston, TX — America Fortune Company, an agent for Chinese high-pressure gas cylinder and acetylene cylinder manufacturers, will display its DOT and TC gas cylinders, acetylene cylinders and related welding supplies. Engineers and sales personnel will be on hand to answer questions.

American Standard Manufacturing
Central Bridge, NY — American Standard Manufacturing is a manufacturer of high-pressure and propane cylinder storage and merchandising cabinets for both industrial and commercial use. The company also manufactures ergonomic cylinder handling devices such as the Pit Stop Propane Fuel Depot, the Forklift Cylinder Handler, the Wall Hugger Cylinder Vise and the Little Giant Cylinder Inverter.

American Torch Tip
Bradenton, FL — American Torch Tip Company (ATTC) operates a 70,000 sq. ft. manufacturing facility and produces plasma, MIG, TIG, laser, oxy-fuel and multi-use oxy-fuel, and thermal spray consumable tips, torches and other parts, which are compatible with all major OEM products. ATTC also manufactures ATTC PHD plasma torch systems as well as Lightning brand MIG guns.

American Welding Society
Miami, FL — The American Welding Society is a nonprofit organization with a mission to advance the science, technology and application of welding and allied joining and cutting processes, including brazing, soldering and thermal spraying. AWS is supported by a staff of more than 100 professionals and serves more than 63,000 members worldwide.

AmWINS Program Underwriters
Charlotte, NC — AmWINS Program Underwriters are underwriters of property and casualty insurance for welding supply distributors and now provide fumes coverage. With the same underwriting team since 1992, AmWINS aims to provide not only industry expertise, but also stability in times of uncertainty. Product offerings include industry-specific property, general liability, automobile and umbrella coverage countrywide.

Taunton, MA — For 18 years, Arc-One has produced auto-darkening welding helmets, inverter power sources, respiratory protection and head and face protection products. ArcOne is committed to protecting the welder from the lungs up, with an array of hard hats, eyewear, goggles, visors, respiratory protection and price performance auto-darkening technology. Arc-One’s products demonstrate how “Quality Meets Affordability Without Compromise.”  

Arcos Industries
Mount Carmel, PA — Arcos Industries manufactures a comprehensive line of bare wire and covered welding electrode products. The range of consumables includes high alloy, stainless steel and nickel alloy electrodes. Arcos electrodes meet or exceed demanding military and nuclear application specifications, such as: ASME Nuclear Certificate #QSC448; ISO 9001: 2000 Certificate #GQC230; Mil-I 45208A Inspection and Navy QPL.

Bohler Welding Group USA
Houston, TX — Bohler Welding Group USA has manufactured welding consumables for over 80 years. The company produces a variety of consumables, from products for use with mild and stainless steel to special products for repair and maintenance purposes, hardfacing and brazing. The five brands sold in North America are: Bohler, TPUT, Soudokay, UTP and Avesta.

Bosch Power Tools and Accessories
Mount Prospect, IL — In addition to grinders and abrasives, Bosch, a division of the Robert Bosch Tool Corporation, provides a complete line of corded and cordless tools and accessories. New for 2010: a cordless band saw, cordless grinder and a large angle electric grinder.

Carbide Industries
Louisville, KY — Carbide Industries manufactures calcium carbide products and acetylene used in the industrial gas, chemical, primary steel and foundry markets. Manufacturing plants are located in Louisville and Calvert City, Kentucky.

Catalina Cylinders
Hampton, VA — Catalina Cylinders, with manufacturing facilities in Hampton, Virginia, and Garden Grove, California, produces aluminum alloy high-pressure, low-pressure and aerosol cylinders for the compressed gas industry. Catalina supplies the calibration and spec gas, medical oxygen, beverage, SCUBA, SCBA and
fire markets.

Mount Pleasant, PA — A manufacturer of valves, fittings and regulators for compressed gases, Ceodeux provides source-to-process solutions for the handling of gases, including specialty, semiconductor, corrosive, industrial and medical. Product offerings include cylinder valves, line valves, regulators and fittings in materials such as brass, ASB, stainless steel, nickel and Hastelloy, as well as polymers including PCTFE, PTFE, Vespel and PVDF for internal seals.  

CGW-Camel Grinding Wheels
Niles, IL — CGW-Camel Grinding Wheels has supplied abrasive products (resin-bonded, coated and surface conditioning) since 1956. Look for the company’s new, versatile merchandising display and its new metal fabrication catalog. New products include trimmable flap discs, C3 (ceramic) quick change discs, 3-in-1 depressed center wheels and ultra-high-performance pipeline wheels.

Chart Industries
New Prague, MN — Chart supplies distribution, storage equipment and services to the worldwide industrial gas market. Chart manufactures a broad line of cryogenic products for the purification, liquefaction, distribution and storage of helium, nitrogen, argon, oxygen, carbon dioxide and natural gas for final use in a multitude of industrial, commercial and scientific applications.

Computers Unlimited
Billings, MT — TIMS software combines the ease and simplicity of Windows with the power of a Microsoft SQL database. The TIMS all-in-one solution for gases, hardgoods and rental equipment includes cylinder tracking, wireless warehouse, electronic updates, mobile delivery handheld solutions, document imaging and data analysis tools.

Fort Myers, FL — CryoVation is a custom manufacturer of manual and automated industrial, medical, beverage and specialty gas filling equipment, including manifolds, controls, pumps (cryogenic, vacuum, CO2/N2O), vaporizers, pump parts, valves, hoses, gauges, analyzers and Liquifill.

Aurora, IL — Cyl-Tec has served the compressed gas industry since 1991 and offers a full line of compressed gas cylinders, including steel, acetylene, cryogenic and aluminum cylinders. Cyl-Tec services include ultrasonic and hydrostatic cylinder testing, liquid cylinder repair and acetylene cylinder requalification. Parts and accessories for high-pressure and cryogenic cylinders are available, including the fast-drying, water-reducible cylinder paint “Acrylex.”

Bossier City, LA — For over 25 years, DataWeld has provided software, service and support to meet the specific needs of welding supply distributors. DataWeld offers accounting, cylinder tracking and Internet shopping carts either as an integrated package or as individual components.

Direct Wire and Cable
Denver, PA — Direct Wire and Cable is a supplier of power cords, ultra-flexible cable and welding cable that is stocked in five colors. All welding cable can be pre-assembled through the “Direct Connect” service, which provides ready-to-use whips, grounds and leads. All cables are made in the USA and packaged to specif-
ic needs.

Eleet Cryogenics
Bolivar, OH — Eleet Cryogenics provides complete cryogenic bulk tank rehab services in a modern state-of-the-art indoor facility. Eleet manufactures medical and industrial gas final line and specialty manifolds, sells fully rehabbed and new bulk tanks, offers Dura-Bulk cryogenic delivery vehicles, micro-bulk skid pak tanks, mobile bulk trailer rental, Trifecta/Auto-Fill laser pak rehab services, installation of tanks/equipment, on-site field services, an inventory of vaporizers/parts and on-site asset management.

ESAB Welding & Cutting
Florence, SC — ESAB, also featuring Alcotec premium aluminum wire, offers equipment and filler metals that provide complete solutions for all welding and cutting needs. ESAB’s 100 percent satisfaction guarantee allows risk-free buying on all arc, hand plasma, gas apparatus and filler metals. ESAB and Alcotec provide training, technical support and sales for their distributor partners.

Flame Technologies
Cedar Park, TX — Flame Technologies is a manufacturer of high-production, cost-efficient direct replacement cutting tips and gas apparatus, supplying the U.S. and international markets. Flame Tech’s philosophy and commitment to the fabricating industry is to provide high-quality products, excellent service and competitive pricing, and to be responsive to customers’ needs.

Flexovit USA
Angola, NY — Flexovit USA is a U.S.-based manufacturer of high-productivity abrasives for portable power tools. Flexovit operates a 100,000 sq. ft. ISO-certified factory and five distribution centers, and deploys technical sales representatives to provide support to abrasive users through a selective network of distributors in the United States, Canada and Mexico.

Hialeah, FL — Trafimet is a one-stop source for OEM quality MIG, TIG and plasma torches and consumables. Company executives will be on-hand to discuss a new MIG torch line, as well as a direct plug-in spool gun product line.

Gas and Air Systems
Hellertown, PA — Gas and Air Systems is a compressor distributor/packager of Howden/Burton Corblin diaphragm and piston compressors and other reciprocating compressor products. Howden/Burton Corblin factory-approved replacement parts are held in inventory. On-site service, in-house compressor assessment and rebuild capabilities are available, as well as pre-owned performance-tested units.

Gas Equipment Company
Houston, TX — Gas Equipment Company provides custom solutions with off-the-shelf inventory for the CO2, compressed gas, welding and cryogenic industries. Products include cryogenic extended stem globe valves, relief valves, check valves, ball valves, meters, CO2 pumps, hydraulic coolers, cryogenic regulators and gas regulators for in-process, transfer and control equipment.

Gas Innovations
La Porte, TX — Gas innovations is an independent wholesale provider, supplying propylene Kobelco’s line of welding wires, specialty gas grades of butane, carbon monoxide, ethane, ethylene, hydrogen chloride, isobutane, methane, propane and other gases and liquids. Services include tube trailer and cryogenic and cryogenic iso-container leasing, ultrasonic cylinder requalification, cylinder and valve sales and pack maintenance. Target marketing programs, innovative solutions and non-traditional services create the company’s competitive advantage.

Genstar Technologies Co.
Chino, CA — Genstar Technologies Co. will display products from the gas welding and cutting, HVAC brazing and soldering, specialty gases, medical, and welding and cutting automation major product groups. Certifications include QMS 9001-2000, ISO 13485, API, CE and UL. Genstar aims to offer quality and value.

The Harris Products Group
Mason, OH — The Harris Products Group, a Lincoln Electric Company, is a world leader in the design, development and manufacture of cutting, welding, brazing and soldering equipment, consumables and gas distribution systems. Harris Products Group products are sold and used in over 95 countries.

Hobart Brothers Company
Troy, OH — Hobart Brothers Company is a manufacturer of filler metals sold under the brand names Hobart, Trimark, McKay and Corex. The Hobart Brothers line of welding consumables includes mild steel and low alloy stick electrodes, solid wires, tubular wires, and stainless and hardsurfacing products.

Hanover, NH — Hypertherm designs and manufactures plasma cutting systems, including the HPR800XD. Hypertherm’s product line includes handheld and mechanized plasma systems and consumables, CNC motion and height controls, and MTC software products for computer-aided manufacturing of sheet and plate.

Mont Belvieu, TX — INOX/CVA manufactures a wide range of cryogenic equipment in the USA, including vertical and horizontal tanks, cryogenic transport trailers, truck/trailer mount containers, microbulk delivery trucks, intermodal containers and custom engineered products to fit particular needs and sizes. Technical as sistance, design review and repairs are available from all locations.

International Cryogenics
Indianapolis, IN — International Cryogenics designs and manufactures cryogenic equipment for research, laboratory, industrial, medical and private industry. Manufacturing capabilities include: liquid nitrogen laboratory storage Dewars, cryobiological containers for life science and agricultural applications, non-magnetic liquid helium storage containers, liquid helium or liquid nitrogen cryostats for research and magnet applications, as well as high-efficiency liquid helium and liquid nitrogen transfer lines.

Kaplan Industries
Maple Shade, NJ — For nearly 50 years, Kaplan Industries has serviced the welding, beverage and medical markets. The company inventories a complete line of cylinders, from lecture bottles to the largest storage vessels.

Kobelco Welding of America
Houston, TX — Kobelco Welding of America is a subsidiary company of Kobe Steel, Ltd., Japan. Distribution facilities are located in Cincinnati, Ohio; Salt Lake City, Utah; Chicago, Illinois; Birmingham, Alabama; and Lancaster, Pennsylvania. Kobelco supplies low-fume, low-spattering stainless steel, mild steel and low-alloy steel flux-cored wire and mild steel solid wire (ER70S-6).

LA-CO Industries
Elk Grove Village, IL — Family-owned and operated since 1934, LA-CO offers a comprehensive selection of marking products and precision temperature indicators for welding and fabrication applications.

The Lincoln Electric Company
Cleveland, OH — Celebrating a history of 115 years, Lincoln Electric provides the metal fabricating industry with welding equipment, consumables, fume control systems, cutting equipment and robotic solutions. The company provides its distributors with innovative products, advanced technology solutions and local sales and engineering support to meet the demands of fabricators of every size and industry.

Murray Hill, NJ — Linde has partnered with industrial gas and welding supply distributors for over 90 years as a major producer of oxygen, nitrogen, argon, helium, liquid helium, hydrogen, carbon dioxide, acetylene, industrial compressed and specialty gases. The distributor program includes ADA, dedicated distributor sales manager, world-class safety, training curriculum and small bulk programs.

Lucas-Milhaupt, a Handy & Harman Co.
Milwaukee, WI — For over 75 years, Lucas-Milhaupt has been a source for metal joining products and services. The company offers a broad spectrum of materials in a wide variety of forms and shapes, including wire, rod, strip, paste powder and preformed rings.

Luxfer Gas Cylinders
Riverside, CA — Luxfer Gas Cylinders, a manufacturer of high-pressure aluminum and composite cylinders for gas containment, was founded in 1897. The company has manufacturing facilities in the U.S., England, France, China and India and sales offices around the globe. Luxfer offers a broad range of cylinders for a wide variety of applications, including medical, beverage, industrial and specialty, as well as aluminum and steel spun products.

Manchester Tank & Equipment Company
Franklin, TN — Manchester Tank, a division of McWane Inc., manufactures low-pressure vessels for propane cylinders, compressed air, refrigerated cylinders and industrial applications in North America and Australia. Its mission is to continuously improve products, processes and service levels in order to meet or exceed customer expectations.

Basking Ridge, NJ — Matheson is a single-source provider of industrial, specialty, medical, electronic and bulk gases, gas handling equipment, high-performance gas detection and purification systems. Matheson’s ENABLE Distributor Development Program provides distributors with a complete line of products and services backed by Matheson’s 80+ years in the specialty gas business.

Helena, MT — The manufacturer of the Trumix Gas Blender, with over 100,000 systems worldwide, McDantim provides standard industrial models which blend two or three gases (Ar, CO2, H2, He, N2 and O2) with flow rates from 300–4,000 scfh and an accuracy of +/-10 percent of the minor component (never to exceed 2 percent of full scale). Product applications include draught beer dispensing, food packaging and shielding gases for welding.

Miller Electric Mfg. Co.
Appleton, WI — Miller Electric Mfg. Co. manufactures Miller brand arc welding equipment and is a wholly owned subsidiary of Illinois Tool Works.

MK Products
Irvine, CA — Established in 1966, MK Products is the original inventor of Cobramatic push-pull wire feed technology. The company manufactures aluminum GMA welding systems, as well as the Orbital Tube welding system for specialized tubing applications and the AirCrafter rotary positioner for all small piece, table-top welding jobs.

Norris Cylinder Company
Longview, TX — Norris Cylinder Company’s acquisition of Taylor Wharton International’s Huntsville, Alabama, facility supports its manufactured cylinders for the industrial market and its highly engineered specialty cylinder products. With synergistic operations, the acquisition provides more opportunities for Norris to serve an expanded customer base.

Norton Abrasives/Carborundum Abrasives
Worcester, MA — Norton Abrasives and Carborundum Abrasives supply the welding and metal fabrication marketplace with a full line of grinding and cut-off wheels, coated sanding products and surface finishing non-woven nylon fiber products. Strategically located, state-of-the-art distribution centers ensure customers get the right products right on time.

OKI Bering
Cincinnati, OH — OKI Bering is a single-source wholesaler providing welding, safety and industrial equipment to qualified distributors across the U.S. and the world. Company representatives will be on hand to discuss world-class customer service, next-day shipping and various online technologies, as well as the company’s more than 250 represented manufacturers.

ORS Nasco
Tulsa, OK — ORS Nasco, a pure wholesale supply company, sells exclusively to welding, industrial, safety and oilfield distributors throughout North America. ORS offers more than 160,000 SKUs of premium branded products used for industrial, welding, safety, MRO, oilfield, safety, electrical, construction, HVAC, PVF, plumbing, janitorial and rental markets. ORS has a network of fourteen strategically placed distribution centers to serve you.

Leominster, MA — PFERD is a subsidiary of the August Rueggeberg Company, a German company established in 1799 as a file manufacturer. Today, PFERD’s products include files, rotary burs, mounted points, grinding and cut-off wheels, wire brushes, flap wheels, non-woven abrasives, belts, quick change discs and the Polifan
flap disc.

PHPK Technologies
Columbus, OH — PHPK Technologies serves the industrial gas, food and beverage, automotive, alternative fuels, medical, semiconductor, research, aerospace, military and entertainment. PHPK’s broad inventory of products include vacuum-insulated piping, bayonet couplings and valves specifically designed for low-temperature cryogenic applications, including liquid helium services.

Danbury, CT — As a leading supplier of bulk and packaged gases, Praxair is committed to helping distributors grow their business in an effective, efficient, profitable and sustainable fashion. With extensive global resources, Praxair aims to provide the tools and strategies to help distributors compete successfully in today’s challenging marketplace.

Precision Specialty Gas Products
Aurora, IL — Precision Specialty Gas Products, a Weldcoa/AsteRisk partnership, provides equipment and services for the production of specialty gases, allowing distributors to implement, upgrade or add new capabilities.

Ratermann Manufacturing
Livermore, CA — Ratermann Manufacturing provides cryogenic and high-pressure industrial, medical and specialty gas equipment and supplies. The company’s nationwide locations provide quick delivery, coast to coast.

Clarksdale, MS — SafTCart will be discussing its line of completely assembled cylinder cradle banks, cylinder carts, medical series carts and the new 800 Series, which consolidates multiple lines of production while streamlining production and shipping. Company representatives will be available to discuss cylinder pallets, truck beds and more efficient ways to store cylinders.

Fort Loramie, OH — Select-Arc manufactures a complete line of flux-cored and metal-cored carbon steel, low-alloy, nickel alloy, hardsurfacing and stainless steel electrodes. Select-Arc is dedicated to providing high-quality products and value-added service.

Sellstrom Manufacturing
Palatine, IL — Family-owned, Sellstrom Manufacturing provides personal protective equipment that encompasses a full line of products. New product offerings include the lightweight Trident welding helmet line, the Talon 3 auto-darkening helmet, the new Cepro line of welding curtains and screens, and the MagSense filter, which guarantees 100 percent no flickering.

Superior Products
Cleveland, OH — Superior Products is a manufacturer of compressed gas fittings and gas management systems. The company will be promoting its High-Flow Mighty-Max Manifold System for laser applications and a Push 2 Fill quick connector for filling high-pressure cylinders.

Taylor-Wharton International
Mechanicsburg, PA — Taylor-Wharton International’s three business lines consist of: Taylor Wharton Cryogenics, a producer of liquid cylinders, bulk tanks, microbulk tanks, beverage carbonation pro-ducts, liquefied natural gas (LNG) fuel tanks and storage tanks, and cryo-science (cryo-bio) products for the industrial gas markets; Sherwood Valves, a manufacturer of industrial and medical valves for the industrial gas markets; and American Welding and Tank, a producer of propane.

Montreal, QC, Canada — TECSYS is a provider of distribution and logistics software solutions for the packaged gas and welding supplies industry. TECSYS software solutions aim to facilitate accurate and efficient management of sales inventory, distribution, transportation, finance and accounting activities for customers.

Claremont, NH — Thermacut is a worldwide provider of advanced cutting and welding consumables, offering a full line of plasma cutting, MIG and TIG welding consumables and torch heads. Thermacut is rapidly expanding its traditional lines of distribution throughout North America.

Thermadyne Industries
St. Louis, MO — Thermadyne, a global manufacturer and supplier of metal cutting and welding hardgoods, is proud to support the skilled professions of the welding, metalworking and fabrication trades. Victor, Thermal Dynamics, Thermal Arc, Arcair, Tweco, TurboTorch, Stoody and Cigweld are among the Thermadyne family of brands.

Titan Industries
Alexandria, PA — Titan Industries has been offering rehabbed cryogenic bulk tanks for over five years. Titan continues to supply the industry with quality nitrogen, oxygen and argon tanks. Titan CO2 is fast becoming an industry leader in the bulk CO2 tank rehab business. It offers its own rehabbed CO2 tanks and rehabs customer-owned vessels.

Tomco2 Equipment Company
Loganville, GA — A supplier of CO2 equipment to worldwide and regional gas companies, Tomco2 Equipment Company offers turnkey installation to welding distributors and end-users in the beverage, meat/poultry and fire protection industries. Tomco2 can also design and manufacture custom-made products for specific project requirements. Certified parts and service technicians are available 24/7.

Pittsburgh, PA — TrackAbout provides software-as-a-service for tracking and optimizing the use of portable physical assets. Web-based and mobile computing technologies meet the challenges of managing shared assets. Smart logic effectively filters and corrects data so only accurate tracking information is entered into enterprise business systems.

Trendex Information Systems
St. Laurent, QC, Canada — Trendex is a software developer and service organization that specializes in software for the welding supplies distributor. Gastrend software consists of accounting, order/invoice entry, cylinder rental/lease invoicing, inventory control, sales analysis, hazmat charge, counter sales, quotation, bar coding, e-mail/faxing module and mobile computers for route invoicing.

United Abrasives/SAIT
Willimantic, CT — United Abrasives manufactures grinding, cutting and cup wheels, cones, plugs and similar bonded products. Also manufactured are sanding sheets, belts, rolls, flap discs, fiber and PSA discs. Wire brushes, non-woven abrasives, precision diamond-cut Tungsten Carbide Burs, diamond wheels and a full line of accessories are also available. New offering: metal-cutting carbide blades.

Uniweld Products
Fort Lauderdale, FL — Uniweld produces American-made flame tools, gas control equipment and accessories for gas cutting, welding, heating and brazing applications, featuring designs suited for welding professionals, DIY, railroads, power plants, shipbuilding, M&R, jewelry, refrigeration, plumbing, HVAC or construction. For flame processes and industrial gases, Uniweld strives for “quality tools that go to work with you.”

US Tank & Cryogenic Equipment
Lewisburg, TN — US Tank & Cryogenic Equipment sells new and fully refurbished liquid cylinders and bulk tanks. Services include liquid and beverage cylinder rehab and bulk tank rehab for medical and industrial companies. US Tank, maintaining an inventory of parts for all brands of tanks, warranties its refurbished liquid cylinders.

Veite Cryogenic Equipment and Service
North Ridgeville, OH — Veite Cryogenic Equipment (VCE) designs, manufactures and installs cryogenic and high-pressure gas delivery systems. VCE installs turnkey compressed gas distributor fill plants for industrial and medical gas users, as well as high-purity specialty gas production plants for today’s high-tech research and laser applications. The company also has orbital welding capabilities.

Walter Surface Technologies
Windsor, CT — Walter Surface Technologies develops and provides solutions for professionals who work with metal components and surfaces in all industries worldwide. Its solutions range from surface conditioning, shaping and preparation to surface finishing, cleaning and protection. The technologies include abrasive systems, chemical cleaners, lubricants and biotechnology.

WDPG Business Insurance/ The Horton Group
Nashville, TN — Serving welding supply distributors since 1987, the company provides business insurance solutions in a long-term, stable environment. Now part of The Horton Group, WDPG/The Horton Group is one of the nation’s leading privately held independent insurance agencies.

Weiler Corporation
Cresco, PA — Weiler offers a complete line of power brushes, abrasives and maintenance products specifically designed for the welding industry. Also available are Roughneck weld cleaning power brushes, coated and bonded abrasives, including the Tiger Disc and Vortec Pro flap discs, flap wheels, RFDs, cut-off wheels and more.

Aurora, IL — Weldcoa manufactures gas cylinder handling and filling equipment. The largest independently owned manufacturer of palletized trucks, trailers and filling equipment in the world, most of Weldcoa’s products were developed through close association with customers and continue to evolve as the work environment and government regulations change.

Welding Material Sales
Geneva, IL — Welding Material Sales (WMS) is a wholesaler/manufacturer of welding filler metals and related consumables to the welding industry. In addition to a complete alloy line, WMS also sells value-adders such as customer service, private label at no charge, no order minimums, same-day shipments, spooling, cutting and flagtagging services.

Weldship Corporation
Bethlehem, PA — Weldship and Texas Trailer supply tube trailers, gas and liquid ISO containers, ground storage assemblies and CO2 transports to industrial gas manufacturers, their independent distributors and specialty chemical producers. Products are available for lease and sale. Complete retest and rehab capabilities are available at both locations.

Western International Gas & Cylinders
Bellville, TX — Western International Gas & Cylinders is a wholesale supplier of acetylene and other fuel gases. In addition to gases, Western maintains an inventory of high-pressure and acetylene cylinders, cylinder valves and accessories, and offers full cylinder testing and repair service at most locations.

WITT Gas Controls
Alpharetta, GA — For over 65 years, the name WITT has stood for quality, safety and customer commitment. WITT delivers high quality gas control and gas safety equipment to many industries, such as metal fabrication, food packaging and alternative energy. Product range includes gas mixers, gas analyzers, leak detection systems, flashback arrestors, safety relief valves, non-return valves, pressure regulators and equipment for the safe and efficient use of compressed gases.

Worthington Cylinder Corporation
Columbus, OH — Worthington Cylinder is a global supplier of pressure cylinders. Its line of pressure cylinders includes liquefied petroleum, refrigerant and industrial gas cylinders, air brake tanks and consumer products.

The following companies are also exhibiting:

American Gas Group

Label Solutions

Specialty Air Technologies

Weldcote Metals

Gases and Welding Distributors Association