Event Follow-Up Tips

Make sure to maximize your SMC or Convention experience.

The sun has set on Chicago, Illinois, and GAWDA’s SMC has come to an end. After three days of networking, education and more, GAWDA members have headed back to the office armed with heads full of new information and BlackBerrys full of fresh contacts. In October, GAWDA members will descend on Grand Wailea Resort & Spa in Maui, Hawaii, for more of the same at the association’s 66th Annual Convention. In fact, from regional meetings to SMCs to Convention, the GAWDA calendar is full of these out-of-office events and each one of them features unique opportunities for growth and education. However, to fully maximize your experience, it can’t end when you get on the plane home. Below you will find five tips for effectively following up on a GAWDA live event.

Review Literature/Organize Notes
Especially for those of you who make the trip to Hawaii, the plane ride back offers an ideal opportunity to review an event’s worth of seminar notes and product literature. For maximum retention, it is important to review these materials quickly, while they are still fresh in your mind. For those of you SMC attendees who haven’t reviewed your notes yet, what are you waiting for? Get them out today and start refreshing yourself so you will be able to perform our next step.

Present Your Findings to the Boss
This is the person who invested the company’s hardearned money to send you to the show in the first place. When you get back, it’s imperative to show that the money was well-spent. Meet with your boss and discuss what you learned and how it will help the company make money or save money. Not only is your initiative sure to be noticed, but if you follow the next step, it could save your company some serious coin.

Implement Something
With the breadth of knowledge and insight that is routinely distributed at GAWDA live events, you will undoubtedly come across a couple of good ideas. Did someone teach you a way to improve your company’s SEO? Did a speaker give you some quality customer service tips? Maybe you learned a lesson about social media? Whatever it was, act on it. You can be given all the advice in the world, but if you go back to the office and sit on it, it won’t do you or your company a bit of good.

Follow Up on Networking
It isn’t just the speakers that make GAWDA events valuable. Astute Edgers who attend these events will come home with several new contacts made through the various networking programs. Follow up on them. Getting fresh perspectives on a problem or issue can be invaluable, and networking with trusted industry peers affords you that opportunity. Interested in making even more contacts? Consider joining GAWDA’s LinkedIn group.

Keep on Learning
As cliché as it sounds, knowledge is and always will be power. A live event shouldn’t be the end of your education, it should serve as a launching pad for 365 days of continued growth. Stay up to date with GAWDA’s publications, take advantage of the association’s webinars and podcasts, know the ins and outs of the education calendar and watch as you separate yourself from the pack.

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