Completing The Journey

Amber ChisamoreEver since I can remember, Four Corners Welding & Gas Supply (Gallup, NM) has been a huge part of my life. I couldn’t have been more than 4 years old when my mom started bringing me by the office. By age 14, I took my first job with the company in the administrative department. I did mainly filing along with handling some accounts receivable and accounts payable duties. Now I’m the vice president of the company, my father is president and chairman, my mother is CFO, my husband is a senior manager and I’m the one bringing my own daughter to the office every day. It’s hard to imagine being more personally invested in the business.

Gaining Perspective

I’ve always known that working for the company was what I wanted to do with my life, but as I finished high school, I realized that to bring fresh perspective to the business I would need to step away for a while. I enrolled at Baylor University, where I earned a degree in business management. I then went to San Diego and completed an internship with WestAir Gases & Equipment. They put me in a program where I rotated through several different positions over the course of a year. This experience gave me the confidence to return home, where my father and I began a transition plan that will end with me taking over the company.

As vice president, I have a great deal of responsibility. I have a team of senior managers that reports directly to me, and together we run the day-to-day operations of the business. Depending on the day, that might mean making decisions about anything from personnel to sales to contracts to building maintenance. I am also deeply involved in big-picture issues like forecasting and strategic planning.

A Great Responsibility

I keep very busy and enjoy every minute of it. It’s still fun to go to work every day, but it’s also a challenge because it’s not just my family that depends on the decisions that I make—It’s also the families of the 45 other people who work for us. It is a sobering responsibility and one that I take very seriously. That’s why every decision I make is not just about what is best for my family; it’s about what is best for the company. Fortunately, my parents are always there to help out with the tough decisions. It’s important that the knowledge of their generation is not lost. The lessons they learned are going to help the next generation of leaders continue to grow their companies and the gases and welding industry as a whole.

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Amber Chisamore Meet the Author
Amber Chisamore is vice president for Gallup, NM-based Four Corners Welding & Gas Supply. She represents the second generation of her family to work at the company which can be found on the Web at