GAWDAwiki Sparks Industry

Launched at this year’s Chicago Spring Management Conference, is GAWDA’s newest member benefit.This September, GAWDAwiki has been live for nearly six months. The site has drawn more than a quarter million page views in this short period of time, a testament to GAWDAwiki’s versatility and value to gases and welding distributors, their customers and suppliers. If you have yet to experience GAWDAwiki, read on for a rundown of the site’s various offerings and reactions from GAWDAwiki users who know the value of GAWDA’s newest member benefit.

What Is GAWDAwiki?
GAWDAwiki is a 21st-century tool for the gases and welding industry. It is an interactive Web site that links suppliers to distributors and distributors to end-users. The site features product videos, specification sheets, white papers and news, as well as a virtual buyers directory, headlines updated daily, Monday through Friday, and a collaborative encyclopedia of industry information and terminology. Having trouble remembering what the difference is between olefins and paraffins? GAWDAwiki has you covered.Oxygen Service Company

Why “GAWDAwiki”?
A wiki is a collection of Web pages that can be edited by anyone. GAWDAwiki features an ever-expanding library of terms related to gases and welding that can be modified and expanded by registered users. That means it’s up to members of the industry to share their knowledge and help build the most comprehensive gases and welding resource on the Web. But GAWDAwiki is more than just an encyclopedia. The site includes an interactive buyers directory that allows users to look up detailed supplier and distributor information. A user can also search for a distributor based on location and products carried.

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Many Features
GAWDAwiki also offers essential industry news updated Monday through Friday, keeping users well-informed and up-to-date with current industry headlines. If it’s happening in the gases and welding industry, it’s happening on GAWDAwiki, so check back daily for breaking industry news and events.

Product videos, white papers and specification sheets are also available. All of the information is categorized by product type as well as company, so a user has the ability to search for a specific company’s products or the type of product that he or she needs.

GAWDAwiki offers members a new way to interact with customers using the power of the Internet. And in times like these, businesspeople can use all the help they can get. With GAWDAwiki, you have an industry’s worth of knowledge at your fingertips—but it’s up to you to click the mouse. Visit today.

Top 5 Terms Added in August

  1. Microwelding
  2. Heat exchanger
  3. Radiographic testing
  4. Magnetic particle inspection
  5. Natural gas liquids
Make your knowledge contribution to GAWDAwiki!
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