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Jeff AndersonHaving grown up in Asheville, North Carolina, I’m used to seeing a lot of eyecatching natural landscapes. But that didn’t prepare me for the beauty I saw when I traveled to New Zealand (photo below) last year. Visiting exotic places like that and having an opportunity to experience a different culture and mingle with the locals is one of my favorite things to do when I’m not working.

Such experiences also come in handy in my job as vice president of finance at Andy Oxy Company (Asheville, NC). I oversee one employee in each of four departments within the company: accounts receivable, accounts payable, cylinder control and safety/HR. Each individual has a different personality, and I love to, again, “mingle with the locals”—get to know each person and figure out how to motivate each one.

My involvement in each department makes each day at work very different. I usually start around 8 a.m. by checking messages and preparing a spreadsheet that outlines each branch’s sales numbers from the previous day. We use those numbers for forecasting and budgeting. After that, each day takes its own path. I also spend a lot of time doing IT, ordering and maintaining the computers in the office. When I started 11 years ago after earning a business administration degree from UNC Charlotte and an MBA from Appalachian State, I never knew I would get so familiar with troubleshooting the remote connections to our server!

It really isn’t a surprise, though. I’ve been doing all sorts of odd jobs and projects at Andy Oxy ever since I was a kid working for my father, Bill Anderson. He’s still involved with the business, as are my brother-in-law, GAWDA President Britt Lovin, and my brother Doug, a branch manager. I am really grateful that I get to interact with my family on a daily basis. We have a common goal of success for the business, and we don’t ever run out of things to talk about.

Our involvement in GAWDA has been a great help to our business. It’s the best resource for staying abreast of regulatory and compliance issues in our industry. Plus, I enjoy the Young Executives programs. It’s good to know that other people face the same issues and can provide ways to solve problems. Though I won’t be traveling to attend GAWDA’s second Spring Management Conference of 2009, I look forward to welcoming you to my most favorite destination: Asheville!

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Jeff Anderson is vice president of finance for Andy Oxy Company (Asheville, NC). When not at work, he enjoys traveling to places such as New Zealand, Hawaii and the Philippines. “I’ve become very skilled at maximizing the value of frequent flier miles.”