Open Your Doors For Open Houses And Let Customers Know Your Gratitude

Open house events are a great way to show your customers how much you value them. In 2008, these four GAWDA distributors held open houses and demonstrated through various activities that one of the most important aspects of a business is the customer.

  At Phoenix Welding Supply’s open house in Phoenix, AZ, attendees were given a handson demonstration of welding techniques. Local TV station KTVK was there to cover the activity. With over 1,500 attendees, the two-day event was held on March 19-20. Phoenix Welding Supply used the open house to let its customers know that it had them to thank for its success throughout its 55 years in business.
Cee Kay Supply (St. Louis, MO) celebrated its 60th anniversary with customers on July 24. Customers participated in a timed contest requiring them to cut through a steel beam with a torch. Welder Shawn Crenshaw, with a time of 58.09 seconds, took home the contest prize of a Victor Torch outfit. But customers did not need to be the fastest to feel they were appreciated: All 250 attendees enjoyed lunch, ice cream samples and door prizes from Cee Kay.
Every three years, Oxygen Service Company (Saint Paul, MN), holds an open house as a way to say thank you to its customers for their patronage. This year’s open house, titled “The Welding Solutions Showcase,” took place on September 10-11. Around 1,500 attendees were provided with a BBQ lunch by the company and had the chance to view up-to-date welding technology.


AWISCO’s annual Vendor Days were created with the customer in mind. Held throughout October and November at AWISCO’s five branches in metro New York and New Jersey, Vendor Days are mini-open houses for customers who cannot attend the company’s annual trade show. The event allows for AWISCO employees to build their relationship with customers in addition to showing customers their thanks. In 2008, a total of over 150 customers attended the 13 Vendor Days held in October. 


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