Meet An Office Manager

One of Beth Frey’s proudest moments on the job was when she was named Office Manager at Metro Welding Supply Corp. several years ago. She joined the company in 1992 as a billing clerk, and quickly learned that the daily responsibilities of operating a successful company don’t necessarily end at the limits of one’s job description. In her first month on the job, President Neil Stoneback asked Frey to type up a customer contract— something she wasn’t prepared to do. “I got a little frazzled and said, ‘I can’t do this!’” she recalls. “He said, ‘Yes, you can, because if I didn’t think you could, I wouldn’t have hired you.’ That’s the motto here; there’s no ‘I can’t.’ If I don’t know how to do something, I find out how, and I do it.”

Frey’s position as office manager requires her to be everything from IT person to travel agent to event coordinator, and that early advice has stood her in good stead. She’s not afraid to ask questions to find the right answer. “There have been times when the key players in the company have been out of town, and it’s left up to me to get the job done if there’s a problem,” says Frey. “I work closely with the people here, listen to them and watch how they handle different scenarios, and I’ve been able to take those lessons and apply them in a crunch-time situation so that I can take care of the customer. If something needs to be done, I get it done.”

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