Meet A Territory Manager

I was living in Atlanta doing ironwork, welding and hanging steel for a living when I had an opportunity to move back home. My father and I purchased the inventory of a welding supply company that had been closed for a year due to lack of business. I started to sell the supplies locally and realized my welding background gave me an edge. I could put on a welding hood and weld with the customer to figure out a good solution. My customers taught me the greatest lesson early on: They could easily get a price, but they couldn’t get service. And what they needed, what they wanted, was service.

Five years later, another welding store opened in the area, and they had no success picking up my business. They asked if they could buy my father and me out, and we agreed. I then started working for Allied Gas and Welding Supplies, which was later acquired by Jones Welding & Industrial Supply.

My devotion to service is still paying off. When a customer needs something, and they need it today, I’ll get in my vehicle and drive it to them if I have to, even if it takes four or five hours. In just 18 months, my territory saw a 50 percent growth. But the people I work with contribute a lot to the growth of the business, too. They’re a hardworking bunch of guys. I go out and make the deals, and they follow through with them. They make them happen.

Gases and Welding Distributors Association