Meet A GAWDA Edger: David Hanchette

I joined Kirk Welding Supply after earning my MBA, and I will be the first to tell you that anyone who keeps their eyes and ears open will learn a lot the first few years on the job. I took advantage of those learning opportunities growing up in the business, and again when I joined the company full time. I worked in the marketing department and a year later moved into bulk gas. We incorporated our microbulk and needed someone to kick it off. I got the assignment, but I was pretty green in the whole area, trying to learn the lingo and all that was involved. For three months, I was unable to sign any new business. One afternoon, I went on sales calls with our VP of sales, Brent Evans, to prospects I had been calling on. I just kept following up and following up, and not getting discouraged when things were going slowly. That afternoon, I signed contracts with three new accounts. My persistence paid off when it all fell into place  that one afternoon.

And that persistence continues to pay dividends. In 2005 alone, Kirk Welding Supply’s bulk business grew by 32 percent. We’re always looking for new applications coming into the region and we make sure we’re the first ones in the hat.

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