Meet A GAWDA Edger: Heather Ferrand

I love that the customer challenges us every day. I’ve worked at Butler Gas Products for more than 16 years, and my first job was in the back office collecting receivables. One of our largest customers stopped paying their bills due to some difficulty with cylinders. I decided to take matters into my own hands. I went to visit the customer, and by the time I returned to the office, the cylinder balance was correct and the bill was paid. They’ve been with us ever since. After a few more of those visits, I was moved into sales.

Eight years ago, I started selling specialty gases. At the time, all salespeople sold both specialty and industrial gases. But I was assigned only specialty gases—they decided to make me the expert. I became completely focused on that market, learned it through and through.

My passion for selling specialty gases and for meeting customer challenges has been one of the hallmarks of my success. The specialty gas side of our company has grown exponentially and exceeded all expectations.

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