Meet A GAWDA Edger: David Austin Buell Jr.

While in college, I took a summer job with Strate Welding Supply on the advice of a friend’s father, who worked for Bohler Thyssen. After a couple of years working the stockroom, the sales manager asked me to give sales a try. I was reluctant, but he told me to try it out for a year, and he guaranteed it’d be a good match. He was right.

My job at Strate Welding Supply is to help customers find solutions. Recently, a customer who had clear and strong ideas of what he wanted pitted me against a competitor. He also wanted to negotiate price. I hung in and proved to the customer that my solution would serve him best. I beat the competitor and won the sale. I am a member of the Army National Guard, so I’m no stranger to combat. In November 2005, I returned from a 13- month deployment, the last six in Iraq serving as a Staff Sergeant with the 42nd Infantry Division. While my primary responsibilities were with critical infrastructur projects and protection plans, I found myself as the go-to-guy when soldiers had questions about compressed gases. I was surprised at some of their questions regarding explosives and the impact of specific gases on people.

I’m no stranger to tough sales. I know success comes from putting your head down, digging in your heels, and working hard to deliver the best solution.

Gases and Welding Distributors Association