Meet A GAWDA Edger: Doug Taylor

I spent four years in the U.S. Navy as a helicopter crewman, and I also did some repair work. While I wasn’t a welder, the repairs required metalwork, so I learned a few things. Seven years ago, I took a job as a store assistant at one of Middlesex Gases & Technologies’ four locations. In that position, I learned that there are two kinds of customers: those who really know welding, and those who don’t know anything at all. There aren’t too many in between. To work with both kinds of customers, I set out to learn all I could about the products and systems my store was offering.

Middlesex has a welding shop out back, and I took advantage of it during downtime. I got as much experience as I could out there, and whenever a vendor came through, I asked questions. Lots of questions. They taught me different tips of the trade that I wouldn’t learn just by going out back and welding by myself. One of my early goals was to learn how to lay down an awesome bead. When I did that, I learned how to do it vertically, horizontally, out of position. Then I moved on to different machines. I felt more capable at performing my job and helping my customers, because once I used the product well, I could tell them about my experience and how that would help them in their purchase.

I enjoy both educating customers who know little about welding and spending time with experienced customers. They challenge me with their questions, and I’m confident I can find a solution.

Gases and Welding Distributors Association