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New York, New York

Good news! I am indeed alive and well.

It has been quite some time since my last blog post, and I’m happy to be back posting. I plan on posting regularly again once we get into the fall as the craziness of life slows down a bit. I hope all my fellow bloggers and our illustrious readers have had a great summer.

I am thrilled to be leaving for GAWDA in two days in New York. I’m excited to reconnect with many of the people who will be there that I have had the pleasure to meet over the past year. It really is a great opportunity to stay connected with people in the industry and meet new faces. Although social networking is prevalent in the business world too in the form of Linkedin, nothing beats face time with another human being, and I consider it vital to our industry. I will always choose meeting in person or talking over the phone in lieu of email or texting in an effort to prolong the world from losing all personality in general. That in a round-about way of a nutshell, is part of why I am excited for GAWDA.

Duties call however, and I must return to work. Expect more posts from me in the coming weeks, and I will see everyone at GAWDA NYC!

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